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Well, comrades… We’ve had our fun! Lived, laughed and loved! Friends of my youth, when shall we meet again?



I saw the Comet August 17th at 7 and I saw the OBC except Scott Stagland as Pierre and Courtney Basset as Mary. Here are some highlights (things that I found funny/ interesting)

✨In Moscow when Natasha greets Marya, she’s all smily and then when Sonya does she literally looks down at her lol
✨ Sonya and Natasha are so bouncy in this song and Marya seems just as excited.
✨Marya’s voice is so hard that when you listen to her, you would think she’s angry or something, but She’s literally so excited when she says they could read to her while she knits. It’s adorable
✨Bolkonsky is HILARIOUS– just listening to him isn’t enough. 99.9% of the time is tongue was not in his mouth and he’s very VERY shaky
✨Bolkonsky basically nibbles one of the audience members ears ✨Denee killed it during No One Else. Natasha is literally all smiles
✨Andre is actually on stage during part of No One Else surrounded by ‘snow’
✨Dolokhov is so flouncy and Helene is in love with holding onto her skirt because 98 percent of the time she’s twirling in it.
✨Dolokhov kisses an audience members hand, and he has her kiss his ✨When Anatole comes in he kisses a girl on the cheek and slaps the guy next to her on the back ✨ What the heck was the opera? Omg it’s gonna haunt me for ever.
✨It was so scary wow. Like my ears were filled with so many screeches and deer/ dolphin noises.
✨I was literally blinded when Anatole Came on stage. Not by his beauty, by the lights. The lights burned my eyes out and that wasn’t the only time that happened to me.
✨As you can probably tell, Anatole is so extra. He looks at himself in the mirror a loooot.
✨The whole thing where they were at the club was WILD. Like I temporarily lost my vision. Everything was moving in slow motion because the lights were flashing so fast.
✨I was not prepared for all the glow in the dark ensemble members.
✨The ensemble members need soo much more love. They’re all so talented and they don’t get enough credit. I was getting sweaty just watching them dance. The people on the violins and the girl on the accordion who ran down the isle screaming during the ‘Opera’ (or the abduction I can’t remember) were all so good. I wouldn’t be able to move like that with a FRICKING ACCORDION in my hands. ✨After Dolokhov takes his shot at Pierre in the duel, Pierre stands there dramatically not moving and then after a minute he’s like ‘oh my god, I’m actually okay’ and he’s holding his heart. ✨Helene and Anatole kiss on the lips multiple times
✨During charming Helene literally walks into Natasha’s room when she is half clothed
✨Anatole and Natasha have complete silence as they make out for at least two minutes lol.

✨During Letters, they hand out a bunch of letters to the audience. ✨Dolokhov hands the ‘letter which he composed’ to the members in the very first row. ✨he has them pass it along the isle until it got to Natasha who was sitting on the stage waiting for the letter. She made the last guy who had it (he was really old) get up and walk it to her onstage and everyone applauded him. ✨Brittain Ashfords voice as Sonya gives me chills. ✨Sonya takes the letter from out of her hand when Natasha when she is sleeping ✨during preparations Dolokhov grabs Anatole by the neck and throws him down the stairs ✨During the Danatole Balaga Moment™ Dolokhov grabs Anatole'a jacket lapels and pulls him in to whisper in his ear. Anatole pulls back but Dolokhov pulls him back in to kiss him and they they break into dance and singing the song. ✨ ✨During the abduction, I clinked glasses with Helene 😉 ✨Before he sings ‘here’s to… happiness freedom and life’ Pierre, is bent over trying to catch his breath. He starts to sing, but holds up his finger and wheezes some more. Then he sings ✨At the end of the Abduction when Anatole says ‘WAIT FIRST WE MUST SIT’ he pushed a women over in her seat and sat in the space he’d created. ✨The audience literally sat in silence for 30 seconds as Anatole sat with his head back and eyes closed (looking like he was having a frigging orgasm) ✨The he jumped up shrugged and was like 'okay’ ✨You can’t put Anatoles extraness into words it’s like wow ✨Dolokhov mentions the fur coat and Anatole takes a purple fur shawl off of one of the violin players before kissing her really hard ✨Anatole and Dolokhov are literally just atop the stairs when the whole room goes red and Marya blinds everyone with her voice (Grace was amazing) ✨ Pierre is literally all over the stage running and saying 'find Anatole’ ✨Natasha has a glass of water and she pours the arsenic into it before drinking it, screaming and running away ✨Sonya runs after her ✨Pierre and Natasha was so good, and Denee looked so fragile it was kinda sad ✨All the other cast members are sitting down while Pierre sings the Finale. ✨The comet is like a giant chandelier and it glows really brightly before the lights dim, marking the end of the show

greatcometbway: @NickChoksi explains why he accompanies @kittendonut on guitar every night for “Natasha Very Ill.”

Cinnamon Roll Ratings: Leigh Goes to NYC Edition

Thayne Jasperson

20/10 best most greatest cinnamon roll, hugged me not once, but T WO times! A giggly adorable child

Jonathan Groff

17/10 heck yeah dude, super chill and shy and nice. What a babe??? anyways he liked my shirt and was a total sweetheart

Jeremy Jordan

10/10 He was a bit shy and quiet but nice dude!! He ( sortve ) liked my art ??? he thought the blue paint was dirt though lmao

Lucas Steele

16/10 kind dude, put my art backstage so he wouldn’t lose it, and pointed at the shirt after realizing it was a shirt he actually wore and was kinda like ???? But liked it none the less, also signed an egg shaker and took a pic with me

Nick Choksi

15/10 nICE so kinda and funny like a little scruffy dog tbh. Anyways told me his eyeliner was guy liner and apon telling him Preparations was my favorite he told me that he wouldn’t tell the other bc they would get “jealous”

Tommy Bracco

18/10 !!!!!! FUCK YEAH !!! We kept on saying thank you to eachother bc he would compliment my art and say thanks and I would say thanks for the compliment and that went on for a little while. Plus he trusted me and my shaky ass hands to hold his tea??? Like thanks???? And he liked my tweets and retweeted my art that one time!!

Adam Kaplan

12/10 super kind and patient, was genuinely concerned when I told him I was missing school, his face got all sad an was like “high school is important…..”

Aaron J Albano

11/10 super nice, didn’t talk to him much tho, I asked him what his favorite Disney movie was and he was like"I C AN T CHOOSE" ( he did choose, said it was Moana )

Tommy Martinez

11/10 super nice too, I asked him where he got his heels and I completely forgot what he said bc he was being so kind to

Jack Scott

12/10 Also super nice!! We told him about the Barney Peanuts fan page and he was so?? Happy???

David Guzman

13/10 so nice?? Tbh I thought he would be a total Bro but like he was so kind my man. Liked my insta photo and my tweet :,)

Brittain Ashford

16/10 LET ME TELL YOU SHE IS SO NICE AND FUCK like I told her her voice makes me cry and she was like “yeah I have that effect on people haha” ( like she was joking that she was bad ) so I was like “Wait! I mean in a good way! I messed up!” And she reached out and touched my shoulder while saying “Hey, it’s okay!” She smiles “You’re doing great” and I think my heart stopped

Gelsey Bell

12/10 smiley happy, genuinely kind my dudes

Blaine Krauss

13/10 okay I didn’t MEET him, but he did reply to my tweet and he seems like a goofy, kind guy, plus he’s from HOUSTON

Paul Pinto

15/10 so so super nice omg, I told him it must be exhausting to do the show bc he has to run around a ton and he was like “Yeah well after the 300 th show you got used to it ” and I DIED

Scott Stangland

12/10 I met him twice and he’s super kind and heckin awesome Pierre! He totally didn’t recognize me but I was like “I’m back!” And he said “Welcome Back!” So yep!

Sumayya Ali

14/10 I told her I loved her dress and she looked so fuckin happy and was like “Oh my god thank you so much!! ”

Gregory Haney

16/10 totally wasn’t expecting anyone to see him leave the stagedoor before the show got out, but I was there early and saw him and was like “!! Hey! I follow your Snapchat !! Can I get a pic?” And he was like ????????? “Sure!” So yeah kind and awesome dude

( okay these ratings are shit but I miss all these beautiful people someone please take me back to NYC )

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@TheCometMemesAnother contest! Tell us your funniest in-show cast interaction and our favorite will win a few pages of War and Peace from The Abduction!

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It makes me sad that I’ll never see Josh Groban perform as Pierre and I’ll probably never see Brittain Ashford perform as Sonya and Amber Gray as Helene and Gelsey Bell as Mary and Grace McLean as Marya and Lucas Steele as Anatole and Nick Choksi as Dolokhov and *names entire ensemble of the original Broadway cast recording*