What if we do it all out of order? What if we fall in love and break up and fall in love again and have a family and get married and yet do none of it the way we’re supposed to? What if you do it? What if I do it? What if we do it?

Quand “Les 1Γ¨res et Terminales ES auront l’honneur de rencontrer Monsieur Jean-Pierre Pernault Γ  la maison des lycΓ©ens Vendredi prochain”.

Woe… I actually get to call this girl mine. Who is she? She’s Nikita. My Nikita. On February 1st, 2015, at 10:38 AM I asked her to be mine. Her response was yes. That was the day where I didn’t feel alone and I felt loved again. You are my everything, my world, my queen, my girl, my baby, my she wolf, you are. Mine. And I am never letting go. You make me laugh to my last breath, smile so big, jump so high, you make me so damn fucking happy and feel loved. You are just my amazing, gorgeous, smart, perfect, hilarious, beautiful, special, wonderful, Maddie. As you said, we have been through our ups and downs. We might get into small fights, or disagree with one another, but at the end of the day we still love each other. I would do anything for you. I never felt so loved by anyone ever before. Without you I am nothing. Some people may not know this but. When I fall into love, I fall in very deep. My emotions are more sensitive than others. They are on a higher rate. I don’t know if it’s the Scorpio in me, or the person who I am deep down inside. But I know that my emotions are very deep. And you made me fall very deep in love with you. When I am with you my pain goes away. You bring me happiness and just everything I need. You know, it feels great when someone says that love you and they actually mean it. <3 We might be just two girls online but I know for a fact I am gonna see you in real life one day. And when I do I am gonna kiss you, and hug you, and hold you tight, never. Letting. Go. I’ll never let anyone hurt you and I will always protect you. You are locked in a special place in my heart. Deep in my heart. Nobody has ever gotten that place in my heart. NOBODY. I love talking to you. You make me laugh all the time. You are hilarious and absolutely adorable! You are perfect in my eyes, and in my heart. You are my one and only true love. I am fire, and you are ice~ You honestly are everything I ever wanted in someone. Strength, power, you don’t go down without a fight, brave, you are great at defending. You’re the alphess, my little Wolf Of Ice~ <333 I know when I come home I race on my laptop just to talk to you and see you. I think about you all the time and I wish I could express my love for you in a better way. But when I say I Love You. I hope you know I mean it. I don’t know what I would do without you. You have helped me though thick and thin. I have always had a thing for you dear. Something that will never go away. Just promise you aren’t gonna let me go, promise you won’t leave me in the darkness. Promise that you will love me forever. Because I know I will love you forever, and that I’ll never leave you in the darkness, or leave you in general. I know I get jealous, but hey? I am Artris. What do you expect? Heh. We have our depressing times, angry times, naughty times, funny times and all that. But in the end love. I will always love you. You’re once again my perfect little Wolf Of Ice. So. I love you Nikita, Kita, Nick, Maddie. I love you. Forever. We are infinity. nikita-draws


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Teaser Clip from Nick’s New Series “Make it Pop”