Half the Sky Movement

Global education is the key for Human Sex Trafficking prevention.

  1. Prosecuting women and children as prostitutes as criminals diminishes their ability to get out of the cycle. What about the johns, brothel owners and anyone else involved? Why aren’t the men who buy sex criminalized? Why not put their mug on a billboard? SHAME GAME.
  2. In order to keep children out of the sex slavery circuit and used as a commodity in this capitalist context the supply and demand is diminished when opportunities for youth and the poor are increased. An illiterate, poor and vulnerable child is statistically at risk for abuse and neglect.
  3. Sexual business economics: make the supply chain corrupt, boggle the logistics, make it economically unfeasible to operate and reduce the profit margin. 
  4. Naming and shaming countries who harbor predators, sexual tourism and create atmospheres for these industries to prosper.
  5. Consent Education from day 1 with our children
  6. Socializing men and boys to never accept buying another human being for sex or pleasure is okay.