{Vash & Wolfwood|Trigun| 【腐向?】バイク二人乗りアニメGIF【かな】by  のの}

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“Hey, kid, are you okay?” Yes, Seto can see him now. It was a muzzle. “Are your parents anywhere here?” No answers. He walks a bit closer, dropping down to make himself seem smaller. “Why the hell do you have a muzzle on? Who put that on you?” Was he homeless? A homeless kid wandering the street who just stopped outside the store?

“Do… Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you need something?”

Reading “Trigun Maximum” again was a great decision! I just had to have some fun with my Vash and Wolfwood action figures. If you liked this vid, check out my other videos on YouTube / Mobilerafie.

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