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Hot Fuzz fic rec masterpost

Hello! As promised, here’s a list of my favourite Hot Fuzz fanfictions. About all of them can be found in AO3 and are mostly Angel/Danny centered. Note that the comments are my opinions on the fics more than actual fic info. I wasn’t sure how to categorize these but they’re now in general and nsfw sections for your preferences. Bolded ones are my personal favourites. Here’s also recs for aro/ace Angelbutter fics which can be found below here, too.

general content and teen audiences

First Date by KarlimeaghanThe cutest first date fic ever. Angel takes Danny on a proper date but not everything (nothing at all) goes according to his plan. English awkwardness and fluff. Rated T+. 4,371 words.

Reversed by sarahenany • What if Danny didn’t jump in front of Tom Weaver’s blunderbuss shot in time? Everything hurts. Safe from major character death, though, so not that bad. Rated G. 2,266 words.

Sunday In by anemptymargin • Domestic Angel/Danny and lazy Sundays. Life partners at their sweetest. Rated G. 727 words.

Christmas Number One by Phosfate • Nicholas’ and Danny’s first Christmas together. Domestic silliness and dreamy moments. Rated T+. 1,580 words.

Man of the House by mikes_grrl • Holiday ball at the stations wrecks havoc and Danny is the one to take the wheel next morning. I really love the badass and self confident mr. Butterman in this one. Rated T+. 1,157 words.

Partners, but not in crime by fizzyblogic • A bit uneven structure (the last 1/3 is just dialogue) but that doesn’t stop from this moving in together -fic from being cute as heck. Rated T+. 1,742 words.

A Boy’s Book of Practical Magic to Mystify, Baffle and Entertain by Phosfate • I love this fic so freaking much for several reasons: 1.the writing is super entertaining 2. it’s Danny’s pov 3. it follows a plot hole in the dvd extras (which I love) 4. the ending. is so lovely. rated G. 3,055 words.

Vodafone by majorenglishesquire • Angel tries to get over Janine. Luckily Danny is there, in everything. Cute ace stuff imo. Rated T+. 1,727 words.

Sandford: The Village that Cares! by mikes_grrl • I honestly don’t know why this fic is rated E because there’s nothing sexual or violent going on in it. Nicholas is just worried what everyone else thinks and Danny is delightfully caring. Rated E. 1,081 words. Part 2 of this (cute and rated G).

Staying here by sunnyrea • Janine wants Nicholas back and he’s got a lot to explain why exactly he doesn’t want to leave Sandford anymore. We all know the reason, though. Rated G. 1,356 words.

After The Explosion, the Days by Marie • Danny’s recovery from the explosion. Romantic but not too fluffy. Also note there’s scars involved (which I personally like), in case that’s triggering for you. Rated T+. 2,653 words.

Film Studies by Azarias • Incredibly adorable writing from Danny’s pov as he tries to figure out a way to ‘seduce’ Nicholas. It doesn’t go as planned but ends maybe even better. Also!! !!!Car chase!!! Love this fic a lot. Rated G. 3,947 words.

Preparation and Proposal by karlimeaghan • The one and only Angel/Danny proposal fic out there! This is so romantic and fluff-filled that it will melt your arteries. Rated G. 3,184 words.

Danny knows by anemptymargin • If hurt and comfort is your thing, this fic is too. Takes place after the explosion and Danny knowing what’s going on between the two of them. Nicholas is oblivious but the future and his heart are open. Rated T+, 2,006 words.

explicit content and mature audiences

What I See in You by irisbleufic • Study in the point of view of both Nicholas and Danny and how they see each other. Hint: it’s pure adoration. Rated E. 1,416 words.

Hot Chocolate by big_twinkie • This is personally my favourite read-smut-before-bedtime-with-a-cup-fo-tea-fic because even though there’s some clichéd tropes it works so well it can be read over and over again. Rated E. 3,736 words.

Handy Man by Random_Nexus • This fic struck (and Angel gets struck quite literally) with its hurt/comfort that leads to exactly what you expect. Rated E. 6,237 words.

Long Shot by Kass • Thinking some things are better untold is rarely a good idea. Luckily happily ever after isn’t that hard to obtain. Rated E. 3,272 words.

Words Unspoken by tawg • Such pretty writing but oh my poor heart watch out for the angst. Rated M. 1,729 words.

When to Stop by irisbleufic • It’s smut and it’s beautifully written. A short one but the same grand quality you can always expect from iris. Rated E. 720 words.

Danny’s Plan To Beat The Heat by Random_Nexus • Oh gosh I have such a weak spot for this fic. Danny and Nicholas spend a summer day alone together and get intimate when no one else is around. There’s also a lot of other sweet stuff but smut too. Rated E. 4,474 words.

Lie In by anemptymargin • It’s Sunday morning and these cute lazy bums can’t get out of bed. Might turn you into a marshmallow. Rated E. 1,803 words.

It’s in Your Jeans by tawg • Nicholas looks really hot in jeans. Maybe a bit too hot for his own good since he and Danny are basically in a public place. Only downside in this fic is the lack of appropriate use of lubrication. Rated E. 2,985 words.

At First Sight by irisbleufic • From the very start, Danny has his eyes on Nicholas – and the other way around too. Near perfect following of the film plot with the romance just waiting to raise its head. Rated E. 2,932 words.


“I would’ve followed you to the end. Hell, I fucking have!”

The first time Nicholas glances down at Danny’s mouth, licks his own lips, looks back up, smiles.

The first time Danny’s hand pats Nicholas on the back, between his shoulder blades, lingers there, strokes down, firm, before trailing off at the base of his spine.

The first time Nicholas laughs, leans in, bumps his shoulder against Danny’s, stays there a long moment, smiles into his beer when he goes to move away and Danny leans into him to keep the contact.

The first time Danny swipes his thumb against the corner of Nicholas’s mouth, steals the ice cream sitting there, licks it away from the digit, watches Nicholas watch him do it.

The first time Nicholas’s hand rests too high on Danny’s thigh, hears the intake of breath, feels the soft muscle jump, leans his weight on his hands as he pushes himself from the couch to get another beer.

The first time Danny finds himself watching Nicholas watch the DVD he’s put on for them, eyes darting down to Nicholas’s beer-slick mouth, the upturned curve of Nicholas’s nose, the incredulous raise of Nicholas’s eyebrows at the carnage on the screen.

The first time Nicholas runs the back of his fingers against Danny’s round cheek, lets them come to rest pressed lightly against the side of Danny’s face as the pad of his thumb catches a stray eyelash.

The first time Danny puts his hand to Nicholas’s waist, takes a step forward, pressed belly to belly, glances down at Nicholas’s mouth and back up to Nicholas’s wide blue-grey eyes, hesitates, nose to nose; smiles, relieved, when Nicholas closes the space between their lips.

These are the things that I need in my life.

karlimeaghan  asked:

I just wanted to tell you I adore your Hot Fuzz fics. I have read all of them more than once and I hope you write more in the future because they are soooo good. <3

First of all, thank you, and second of all, I’m pleased that you find they stand up to multiple readings!  Hot Fuzz is a very special film; it’s my go-to comfort movie when I’m feeling down.  It always, always cheers me up.  As for the possibility of more stories in future, I’d never rule that out.  My whims and writing cravings can be so unpredictable.

(For those just catching up, all of my Hot Fuzz content is now on AO3.  In fact, everything but the majority of my Sherlock and Good Omens stories are now uploaded there.  Those two fandoms are the final frontier, and what I really need is just a day with nothing else in order to complete the task of transferring the rest over from LJ.  Don’t worry, everything will remain posted on LJ as well!  Does anyone still prefer to read on LJ?)