Nicholas Brody


He would’ve been a terrible father. I mean, you think I’m a terrible mom? I am, but he would’ve been even worse. He was happy to hear that you were on the way, though. He was. I think it was the last thing he was happy about. And I tried to hold on to that and feel it, too. Happy that you’re here. But with his being gone, I can’t remember why I had you. I loved him so much. When I close my eyes, I still see him there.

I’ m  s o  s o r r y.


I don’t think that sounds crazy. I think it sounds like the only sane fucking thing left to hold on to.


Homeland 3x12 || The Star

It was always about him. That’s what you care about. Maybe the only thing. Who Brody is, that’s for Allah to know. But was he did, there can be no debate. It was astonishing and undeniable. And what you wanted, which was for everyone to see in him what you see. That has happened. Everyone sees him through your eyes now. Saul, Lockhart, the President of the United States….even me.