A vida, entendeu, era bem parecida com uma música. No começo, há mistério, e no final, confirmação, mas é no meio que reside a emoção e faz com que a coisa toda valha a pena.
—  Nicholas Sparks.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Outfit with striped trousers by ferned featuring laced sandals

T By Alexander Wang triangle bralette top / Nicholas stripe pants, 640 AUD / Stuart Weitzman laced sandals, 520 AUD / Rebecca Minkoff leather tote purse / Jennifer Meyer Jewelry white gold jewellery, 390 AUD / Skagen bezel jewelry, 73 AUD / Apt 9 green ring, 12 AUD / Convertible necklace, 9.16 AUD / Christian Dior mirrored sunglasses, 530 AUD
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of-space-and-sound  asked:

It's my 18th birthday today (May 15th)!! and I was wondering if we could have a small snippet from Wayfarer. It could legit be 'he walked down the hallway' and I would probably flip my shit. Have a nice day xx

Happy birthday!!!

Here’s a little snippet to celebrate :) As always, this isn’t copyedited and will probably be tweaked by the last draft, so please excuse any rando typos, etc. 

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Voi avete ferite che non si sono mai chiuse, ci convivete da così tanto tempo che non vi accorgete più di averle.
Il dolore ha radici profonde;
l'unico modo per poterlo estirpare è perdonarlo, e perdonare te stessa.
—  Nicholas Sparks

It’s raining outside (again), hard and thick, and she lets her long curls spill down her back, redresses herself in warmer clothes, pulls her boots on and gathers what she’ll be needing to help him feel a little better (namely, a thermometer she hasn’t used since, like, second semester, as well as a collection of various things she’ll be needing, like herbal tea– he probably doesn’t even own a teapot, she thinks, rolling her eyes fondly– god, what is it with men and their universal aversion to actually taking medicine? What do they have against a good health? Seriously, what’s up with that? It’s a question for the ages. ) and leaves, itching to see him; to make sure he’s okay. It tugs at her heartstrings like crazy, knowing that he’s sick, and she wants to be there with him, do what she can to help him feel better; and, so, she makes a trip to the drugstore to buy painkillers and Tylenol before driving to his place, making something of a hurry to his apartment– which is unlike her because she never goes over the speed limit.

She appears at his doorstep with an assortment of supplies in her tote bag, a little breathless and flushed from the cold, peers at herself in the mirror that lines the back of the elevator to make sure she’s presentable; needless to say, she is both excited and nervous to see him, her heart racing a little while she raps on the door with her free hand.