Harley Quinn,                                                                                                                                             nice to meet ya!

Hi there! It’s Grace, nice to meet ya!

I’m currently a university student and I find that having a tablet or laptop proves to be immensely useful.

I received an iPad as a gift from my aunts and uncles who collectively pitched in to help purchase it! Although I am only in my second semester, I depend heavily on my iPad.

After receiving it, I did some research to find note-taking applications and other resourceful educational apps.

*****I hope this masterpost helps you out! Feel free to send me any questions you have regarding the apps that are bolded, as those are the ones I use and love! All apps listed are fre on the Apple App Store unless otherwise stated!*****

Please note that the apps linked below are found on the Apple App Store. If you would like the Android/Google Play version (if it is available) please let me know!

Learning + Studying

  • Duolingo (learn languages)
  • Khan Academy (clear and thorough tutorials)
  • TED (fascinating talks about almost everything. you learn awesome things as well as how to better your presentation skills if you’d like to imitate the styles of some speakers!)
  • Quizlet (digital flashcards–LOVE this app and site!)
  • Periodic Table (colorful and interactive and has fun facts about the elements!