Word of caution, we still don’t have official readings for these names, so I just picked one of the possible options for a lot of them and went with it. You can see possible alternatives here. In other words…

The name readings are not 100% confirmed.

But yeah, check out how Murasame’s kanji got fixed to match Zero!

In case the text on Kodaka’s comment is too small to read, here it is again:

Kodaka’s Comment

I left the designs of the student council members to Raruke-san, but all of them fit the Dangan Ronpa style and are rich designs. I approved most of them all at once, but for Murasame Soushun, who appeared in Dangan Ronpa 0, I asked that he be redesigned to stand out a little more. As for where their names came from…well, they came about somehow. “Murasame Soushun” also had a nice ring to it.

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In case y’all haven’t figured it out, I have a new ship. 

I may or may not be uploading a Joecile cut from last night’s episode…

I hope Iris doesn’t hate her too much…