Limerick hairdresser cuts singer Taylor Swift’s hair
Gareth Bromell travelled to the superstar’s home to give her a ‘flirty’ new shag style

An Irish hair stylist is responsible for Taylor Swift’s new haircut. Gareth Bromell, who is originally from Co Limerick, travelled to the singer’s home last weekend to style her hair.

“Taylor wanted a bit of a change with her fringe … and the style of it. What’s really modern at the moment is the shag hairstyle, which is a really heavy fringe chopped into at the ends, with a bit of layering through it.

“That’s what Taylor and I talked about and that’s what I did for her,” he said.

The 34-year-old later uploaded to Instagram a photo of himself and Taylor Swift from a party they attended.

The photograph has since gone viral and appeared in Vogue magazine online.

The shag, he said, is extremely popular among his celebrity clients at the moment.

“Now girls are wanting to be a little more flirty with their hair so they’re cutting it shorter and choppier.

“The shag is even more playful because you don’t have to blowdry the hair that much because it’s meant to be soft and flicky,” he said.


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