The NY Post thinks the ninth planet could crash into and destroy Earth. Uh, yeah. Nope.

A handful of conspiracy theorists believe newly discovered Planet Nine must be “Planet X,” a.ka.a “Nibiru” or "Nemesis,” a celestial object predicted to barrel into Earth sometime in the early 21st century and destroy us all. For some reason, the New York Post ran with the idea in a video this week, saying “scientists” think the planet could crash into Earth sometime this month.

There is no scientific evidence to back this up. One of the scientists who found planet 9 even tweeted to shut this shit down.

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An M-class planet, and the homeworld of the Nibirans, a primitive pre-warp species. While the planet resembled tropical regions of Earth, it possessed red instead of green flora. It was also the home of an unknown species of docile quadruped mammals and large fish. 

In 2259 it was discovered that a volcano was going to erupt and render all life on the planet extinct, although was rendered inert by the crew of the USS Enterprise; unfortunately, the previously technologically undeveloped Nibirans saw them and began worshiping the starship as a god.


According to the researchers at Rice University, a new study has surfaced stating that the Earth collided with another planet over 4.4 billion years ago which is what gave way to ‘Carbon based life’ on Earth.

In order for a planet to sustain life, like human beings, there needs to be carbon. Rice University researchers are suggesting that a collision with another planet, like Mercury 4.4 billion years ago, could have delivered the carbon necessary for life, only after the Earth had cooled off from its molten infancy. If this were true, it would explain how carbon was absorbed into the Earth’s core and how carbon existed on the Earth’s surface today.

In order for this to happen, Earth would have had to “eat” the smaller Mercury-like planet; the cores would of fused. This explains the carbon-to-sulphur ratio that is abundant here on Earth and is why researchers believe that a collision did indeed happen 4.4 billion years ago bringing life to our planet.