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The 10 Times He Thought He Was Over Her

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and I thought Christmas Eve was the perfect day to give you guys a little glimpse into Niall’s mind! You also get a glimpse at Liam and Zayn! Hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Happy holidays!

Sugar on the Asphalt & Tennessee Teacakes

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December 3, 2016

Niall downed his fifth or sixth flute of champagne and was swaying heavily on his feet. It might have been his seventh or eighth, but he was mixing it with beer and everything was a little cloudy. Getting hammered at his best mate’s wedding probably wasn’t his brightest idea, but his life was quickly spiraling out of control and he thought it was best to just drown his problems in the open bar in hopes he’d forget that more than just the year was ending.

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You and Niall have been together for only two months. You’ve never had sex with him before but in the past few weeks; things are hotter than they ever were.

You started having more make out sessions on the couch - which the lads caught you guys doing all the time - and sometimes Niall would even start tugging at your shirt.

You keep telling him you’re not ready but you feel differently tonight. You’re watching a movie with him but not really watching it. Instead, you can’t help but stare at your hunky boyfriend. The way he leans in concentration when he’s really into something. The way his blue eyes make you shiver every time. The way his beautiful blond hair is always perfect.

That’s when you notice his hands … and where they are. They’re intertwined with each other and are resting on his dick. You can’t help but bite your lip and feel a little bit turned on by it.

Niall looks you and frowns.

“Babe, is everything okay?” he asks, his blue eyes looking deeply into yours.

You force a nod and force a weak smile.

“Of course.” You try not to look down at where his hands are but fail miserably. You notice something changes a few seconds later as you keep staring. His hands are raised a bit and you realize he has a boner!

You always thought it was a turn on when you saw his boner but never had the guts to admit it. You feel a little less shy tonight and talk about it.

“Horny much?” you smirk.

“Notice much?” he tries to do a good combat but fails miserably as his cheeks turn pink.

You giggle and move his hands so you can sit on his lap. The lights are already dimmed so it’s more romantic.

You wrap your arms around Niall’s neck and press your lips on his ear and whisper, “I want you Mr. Horan…”

He gulps nervously and looks deeply into your eyes.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to do this if you-”

You interrupt his blabbering with a passionate kiss and he forgets all about he was saying and kissed you back. His hands wrap around your waist and you run your fingers through his hair; knowing he loves it.

He moans softly and pulls you closer to him. You feel his erection pressing against your vagina through your jeans and are shocked when you hear a moan come out of your mouth.

He raises his eyebrows goofily at you and you shrug. You don’t care at that point; you just want him so badly.

You get off him and he whimpers. You smirk and turn off the TV as you grab his hand and bring him to his room. Once you’re both in the room; you close the door and push him gently on the bed.

You’re about to take control when out of nowhere; Niall flips you around and is hovering over your body, breathing deeply.

He looks down at your cleavage and you feel his boner get even bigger. He looks at you; giving you time to tell him to stop.

You simply smile at him in encouragement and he slowly lifts your top off. He’s never seen you in a bathing suit so when he sees your bra, his eyes grow huge.

You smile softly and take his shirt off as well. You can’t help but feel excited and take off his pants as well; leaving him only in his trousers.

He takes off your pants and starts rubbing you gently over your lacy underwear. You feel a tingly feeling between your legs and Niall smirks at you.

“Wet darling?” he teases you.

Before you can respond; he takes your bra off and starts massaging your nipples.

You feel so horny it’s unbelievable. He cups your right breast and starts sucking gently on it. You lay your head back and moan his name, barely over a whisper.

He pulls away after a minute and starts working on the other breast. As much as you love it, you push him away gently.

He gives you an odd look but you simply smirk in return.

“My turn,” you say and take off his trousers.

You see his beautiful erect cock and your mouth waters a bit. You grab it gently and start rubbing the head teasingly.

Niall groans and moans your name. You go on your knees and give him one last look before slowly kissing the tip of his dick.

He moans even louder and you smirk; knowing it’s only the beginning. You put the head in your mouth and begin to gently suck on it. You feel his hands go on either side of your head as he gently forces more inside your mouth.

You bob your head to the rhythm and find yourself sucking him fully. He moans even louder and screams out your name.

You taste a bit of pre cum and immediately take his dick out of your mouth; hoping he won’t cum yet.

He gives you the puppy eye and you almost give up instantly but decided you’ll both have more fun if you do it your way that you have in mind.

“Don’t cum yet,” you tell him.

“Yes darling,” he replies and looks at you.

“Do you have a condom?” you ask.

He nods and goes to the bathroom to get one. You wait for him but find yourself getting slowly impatient. You start rubbing your clit while waiting and you find yourself getting even more horny.

“I got the c- oh … you naughty girl,” he smirks and props himself against the door with his arms crossed as he holds the condom.

You grin sheepishly and Niall comes back over.

“Babe,” he tells you, “you don’t need to do that. I’m here now.”

He takes your lacy underwear off and spreads your legs open, kissing up your thighs softly. He looks at you before he pecks your clit softly with his mouth.

“Niall,” you barely manage to say, wanting him so badly.

He nods at you and before you know it; his tongue’s flicking your clit. You close your eyes and lay your head back in pleasure as he shoves a finger inside of you. Soon enough there’s two fingers inside of you, hitting against your g-spot.

He soon changes it around and his tongue’s inside you while his fingers are rubbing your clit. You feel your knees go weak and you can’t handle it anymore.

“Niall, fuck me,” you beg.

He looks at you nervously and studies your face.

“Are you sure darling? I don’t want to rush any-”

“NIALL! Please?” you pant slowly.

He doesn’t waste any time and puts on the condom quickly. He places himself, holding your legs up as he presses his head against your clit.

You close your eyes and moan softly. What a fucking tease.

“This is going to hurt a bit but you tell me the moment it gets to be too much for you eh?” he asks.

You nod and you feel his head is being slowly shoved inside you. The pain is unbearable and you feel like screaming so loud but he silences you before you can even scream with a gently, passionate kiss.

He slowly enters more inside of you but his lips don’t come off yours once.

In the middle of making out, you realize he’s fully inside and is stopped so you can get used to it.

You pull your lips away from his and close your eyes as the pain goes away and is replaced with immense pleasure.

He realizes you’re used to it so he starts pumping in and out of you slowly; picking up speed with every new thrust.

"You’re so tight babe,” he says in between thrusts and moans softly.

You moan as well and can’t even reply because of all the pleasure.

“Harder!” You moan.

Niall follows orders and grips your legs tighter to get more stability as he thrusts in harder. You feel him press against your g-spot and you feel it coming.

“I’m going to cummm,” you say, panting loudly.

He sees all the pleasure you’re having and decides to go into full turbo mode. He grabs your legs and puts them higher and puts your bum at the edge of the bed so he can fuck you easier. He gets up and stands on the floor and starts thrusting in you very hard and quicker than ever before.


You scream out his name once more and orgasms. You feel his liquids fill inside of you and you groan softly. He pulls out and backs away. He looks at you and his eyes ask if you’re ready for the final thrust.

You nod; too weak to answer.

He pulls away a bit more and charges into you, hitting your g-spot as hard and fast as he can. You moan and surprisingly orgasm once more. He pulls out of you and throws out the condom.

You put your underwear and bra back on as he puts his trousers back on. You both fall back on the bed and you rest your head on his sweaty chest.

You look up at him and notice his hair’s all wet and sweaty and he’s panting … loudly.

You smile and Niall cups your jaw.

“That,” he breathes, “was amazing.”

“You’re amazing,” you say and smile.

He grins softly and presses his lips to yours. You spend the rest of the day kissing and making out.


“Always in my heart @Harry_Styles”


Nobody Compares to You

Okay Guys! Here is Chapter One! I am getting really into this, and I love writing it, so feedback is appreciated. 

Characters Names: Ayden Flynn, Julia Knight, Niall Horan, Harry Styles (These are going to be the main characters, there will be more to come into the storyline eventually!)

Chapter One:

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This Distance is Killing Us

It’s hard being in love with someone who is usually over 3,000 miles away from you constantly and it’s always hard trying to make it work. But somehow you and Niall made it work. You were still going strong after several months of him being away, but the only problem was that he barely had time to talk or skype you. And when he did have time, you were usually asleep or working. But on the rare occasions that your schedules lined up perfectly it would make your entire week better. Just talking to him or seeing him for a few hours made you crave for him to once again to be by your side, and it sometimes left you almost more sad than it did happy because once the conversation was over and you had said your goodnights you knew it would be a few weeks before you would get a chance to talk to him like that again.

But tonight was one of those special nights where you would get to talk to him for hours. You opened up your laptop and logged into your skype, it wasn’t long before you saw his face. Your smile stretched across your face just from being able to see him, he looked amazing. He was wearing his hair just the way you like it and he was dressed in a long black sleeved shirt like he was about to go somewhere important.

“Hey Y/N,” Niall said with a grin that made you melt inside, “you look so beautiful, how was your day?”

“Today was like every other day without you, pretty much uneventful. I mean your brother called to see if I could babysit next week, but other than that it hasn’t been very exciting,”

“If you are getting excited over babysitting than you really are bored,” Niall laughed and you knew if he was here in person he would have poked you in the side until you laughed to, but you just rolled your eyes and smiled.

“Hey I love that kid, I actually love watching him, he is adorable,” you say. Someone in the background yelled for Niall and he turned around and shouted back.

“What was that about?” you ask still smiling because you were getting to see him.

“Oh nothing really some of the boys wanted to go to the pubs tonight and I told them I would go,” he said scratching his head. You looked at what he was wearing. It made sense, he never really dressed up for video chats usually he wouldn’t wearing a shirt at all.

“Oh,” your smile faded, “when are you guys going out?”

“like,” he looked at his watch, “ten minutes,”

“Are you serious?” you asked shocked. You didn’t get to see him that much and he was with these boys everyday for months on end. The fact that he was choosing to go out with them when you two barely got to talk made your insides churn in anger.

“I knew you would be upset, but I didn’t want to cancel our video chat, I figured ten minutes would be better than nothing,” he said ruffling his hair.

“Niall we barely get to see each other,” you sighed not really wanting to fight since you only had a few minutes to talk, “It’s just that it really sucks that you-”

“NIALL,” you heard ashton yell. He liked hanging out with the 5sos boys they made him feel like a teenager again, instead of an adult with responsibilities, “the car is here,” ashton came into view, “oh, hey Y/N!”

“Hey,” you gave a halfhearted wave and smile.

“I thought I had ten minutes,” Niall said looking at Ashton who was leaving the room sensing the tension between you and Niall.

“yeah they got here early,” Ashton said leaving the room quickly.

“Alright babe, I am so sorry, I thought we had more time tonight,” Niall said leaning in to the laptop.

“how ironic so did I,” you said looking over at your bedroom wall not wanting to look at him.

“Y/n don’t be like this,” Niall started to say but you interrupted him.

“No, Niall you don’t be like this! You are literally gone half of the year and we barely get to talk because of both our schedules and I get you want to have some time with the guys, but seriously?! I just want to see my boyfriend when I have a bad day and I can’t. I want to cuddle with my boyfriend at night and I can’t. I literally just want to talk to you and I fucking can’t,” you didn’t want to cry but you could feel the burning in your throat and eyes warning you it was about to happen.

“It’s just,” you paused and took a deep breath, “I get you want to party, I do too. But I am also committed to making this relationship work and I feel like you aren’t. Just because you disappear for half a year doesn’t mean my life here stops. Sometimes I wonder if,” you stopped yourself before you said something you would regret, “you know what never mind, go have fun. Call me whenever you feel like it,”

“Y/N” Niall said but you hung up the call not wanting to talk to him anymore. You closed your laptop and stared at the ceiling hoping that the fight you just had with Niall wasn’t real. You sighed and leaned against your pillow and let a tear fall, fighting with Niall was the worst feeling but when he wasn’t here you didn’t know how it was going to get any better.

The next few days passed and you still hadn’t heard from Niall, he hadn’t called or even texted a word to you. Your heart was slowly breaking because you wondered if he even wanted to be in a relationship anymore and then you started to panic that maybe something happened to him, but if something bad had happened to him then you would have heard by now. It would have surely been on the news.

You pulled out your phone and went on twitter to see if he had been on. Your stomach started getting anxious when you didn’t see any recent tweets. You decided maybe the fans had seen him so you would check their fan accounts that usually kept up with where they were. But they hadn’t posted anything about Niall in several days.

“Fuck,” you whispered under your breath. Whatever, you thought to yourself, If he didn’t care enough to call then it was his own problem and you didn’t need to talk to him when he was being a baby anyway. Plus if something was seriously wrong with him someone would have called you by now. They had a week off till their next show and they were only scheduled for interviews so he could have just been busy, but you doubted it.

You opened up your apartment door and the wonderful smell of pasta hit you immediately.

“Hello?” you shouted nervously. You hadn’t been expecting anyone and you don’t remember leaving any windows open to where that smell could be coming from outside.

“Wait one second,” you heard a familiar voice shout. Niall came around the corner in his sauce covered apron and a spoon in his hand, “it isn’t quite done yet,”

“Niall,” you breathed softly. The fact he was standing in your apartment instead of half way around the world right now shocked you. You followed him to the kitchen and you saw that he had made your favorite dinner. You felt tears prickling in your eyes.

Niall took everything off the burners and took his apron off. He looked at you with an apologetic smile and came over to you and took you in his arms, “I am so sorry Y/N,” he said kissing the top of your head, “You were right, I should always make time for you and I took you for granted. You don’t have to wait around for me and yet you do. You deserve to have a boyfriend who is here for you 24/7 but I just cant do that. You deserve to have a guy who can surprise you when you are having a bad day and I cant do that. But I do love you more than any other man ever could and I really hope that you decide that I am worth all this trouble,” he said looking down into your eyes. You had tears running down your face and you nodded fast. You leaned up and pressed your lips against his, hungry for something you had been denied for months.

“You will always be worth the trouble,” You said after you broke away, “I love you so much Niall Horan,”

“God Y/N I love you too,” he said leaning back in for another kiss, glad he had been forgiven.

Long Days At The Office

I watched as she scurried across the room in her tight, black skirt. I watched the way her petite legs spread and closed, and the way her ass jiggled with every step. I sighed in frustration as I thought of all the wonderous things I could do to her.

This has been going on for the past two years: obsessing over my client. It had become a daily routine, watching her work, get water, file her nails…

I groaned at the feeling of my huge erection tightening the crotch of my trousers around it. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind and ignored my penis growing by the second. I continued on working on my paperwork before a flirtacious giggle rang through my ears. I switched my gaze upwards, to see [Y/N] talking with Harry. Anger coursed through my veins as I broke my pencil in half. I shot up from my desk and made my way to the double doors that entered my office.

“[Y/N]. My office. Now!” She stopped smiling and said her goodbyes to Harold before trudging her way to my office. I waited by the door until she waltzed past me to close the doors. I watched her as she sat her beautiful ass on the uncomfortable seat. I felt ashamed that such a nice ass had to sit on that bad quality of a chair.

“Tsk, tsk,” I stated once we were behind closed doors. Her gaze met mine as she watched me cross the room and sit on my desk in front of her.

She gasped and I followed her eyes to see her looking at my huge length, hid away in my uncomfortable pants. I chuckled and started unbuttoning them. I went slowly, trying to seduce her, and it seemed to have worked as I watched her shift in the seat. I slid them halfway down my thight before I went to remove my boxers.

“Sir, this isn’t right! What are you doing?” I put my fingers to her lips and shushed her. “I’ve been watching you, [Y/N]. Obsessing over the day I could finally get to touch you the way I do in my fantasies.” Her eyes widened and I removed my finger from her lips. She drew in a shaky breath before she looked at me.

“I-I’ve noticed you watching me. When you hold me after to finish ‘extra work’ I notice you watching me. And even if it’s wrong, I go home and pleasure myself to the things you could do to me.” She bit her lip as mine dropped. She touched my knees with her delicate fingers and spread them slowly. Her hands, numbly, went up my thigh and palmed me through my tight boxers. I moaned and dipped my head back in sexual frustration. She giggled.

I felt hot, moist lips on my neck and it made me moan even louder. “By the sounds of it, you’re even more sexually frutstrated than me.” I fixed my gaze back on her and combed my fingers through her hair. I fisted a few waves in my palm and brought her forward to attach my lips to hers. I forced my tongue through the gap of her plump lips. My tongue met hers in a battle and I could feel her tongue ring rubbing against mine.

She pulled away from my embrace to remove her tight, white shirt. Once the floor was dropped on the floor, I looked up to her voluptuous breats and I grabbed them. I felt them through the fabric of her black lace bra. I reached around her back and unhooked the seams. I watched as she discarded the piece of clothing and as her perky breasts stuck out to me. Her nipples were already hard and I leaned forward to connect my lips with her breasts. I swirled around the perky bud and heard her moan from above me.

I disconnected my mouth from her chest to look up to her gorgeous face. She kneeled down and took my shoes off, and helped me take my trousers off. 

She came back up and started taking down my red plaid boxers. My erection sprang free and hit my suit as soon as the fabric went missing. I bent my finger in a ‘come hither’ motion and she did as she was told.

She climbed on top of the glass desk and laid her body down. I crawled in between her already spread legs and let my hands wander: neck, valley of her breats, bellybutton, hips and finally in between her thighs. I found my way up to her crotch and stroked my finger over her soaked lace panties. I smiled down at her and tugged at the hem of them. “These have got to go,” I said as I ripped them off of her and threw them across the room.

“Please, Niall. No teasing,” she groaned. I smirked and kissed her delicate lips. “Anything for you, love.” I inched closer to her and rubbed my length up and down her most clit.

I did this a couple of times before I painfully, slowly entered her. I groaned at how tight she was and watched her facial features scrunch up from pain. Once I was fully in, I sat there for a couple of seconds before she nodded for me to continue.

I thrusted back and forth, slowly, before her arms reached behind my back and her nails dug into my skin. “Faster.” I followed her command and penetrated her faster, her walls tightening around my hard cock.

“You’re so tight. I don’t think I can last much longer.” I moaned in her ear. She moaned in response and dug her nails deeper in my back. I thrusted her as hard and deep as I could before both our moans, and skin slapping, were echoing off the walls.

“N-Niall, I’m cu-cum-” she yelled out as I felt her release on me. I thrusted a few more times before they became sloppy and I screamed out, her name and profanities, as I came inside of her. I rested my weight on top of her before a knock at the door interrupted us.

“Sir, [Y/N], are you okay?” It was Harry. I smirked and released myself from her. She caught her breath before her heels met the ground and she started picking up her shirt. I slapped her on the ass as she was bent over and she squealed in delight.

“Make sure you tell Harry you’re mine,” I winked at her. She buttoned up her shirt and smiled at me. She waited before I had my pants on before she opened the door to leave my office. I smirked at Harry before he dissapeared behind my double doors. I grabbed a rag and cleaned up my desk before I happily sat down in the chair.

I love these long days at the office.


“Babe are you okay?” Niall asked me over the phone. “Yeah I’m okay right now, but I’m so nervous about these tornado warnings on the news.” I sat in my bath tub and bit my nails as the wind rattled against the walls. “Okay sweetheart don’t worry I’m heading over to our house right now, now listen to me I want you to stay in the bathroom and don’t open the door for anyone, okay love?” “Okay Niall please hurry!” “I’m like ten minutes away. Don’t worry (Y/N) I love you.” “I love you too Niall.”

As I rested in the tub I couldn’t help but worry not only was a tornado heading our way but I found out I was pregnant today and I didn’t know how to tell Niall. I played with my wedding ring sliding it up and down my fingers, playing out scenarios in my head. I rocked back and forth in the bath tub rubbing my stomach waiting for Niall to walk through that door and comfort me, it felt like hours had gone by since we spoke on the phone.

Finally Niall opened the bathroom door and smiled at me. “I brought some stuff!” He opened his bag and pulled out a some candles, matches, water, a ton of junk food and lastly some blankets and pillows. I slowly got up and kissed him long and hard. “Woah (Y/N) someones happy to see me!” I held onto him and he nuzzled his head against my neck.

I stood and watched as he filled the tub with all the throw pillows we had and covered it in blankets, the shower radio said the tornado was heading right our way. He sat down and I followed him in and rested my back against his chest. “Niall, I umm have something to tell you…” I started to fiddle with my wedding ring again as he massaged my shoulders, “Whats the matter babe?”

“I’m pregnant…” I mumbled and stared at my toes. “Speak up babe, can’t hear you!” I got up from the tub and opened the drawer pulling out my positive pregnancy test, I handed it to him and stared at his face. “Wait, (Y/N) you’re pregnant?” I nodded. “Baby thats great!! Oh my god we’re going to have a baby! I’m going to be a daddy!” He jumped up from the tub and held me tightly in his arms. “God I love you (Y/N).” He whispered in my ear and kissed me on my cheek. “I’m so relieved Niall, I was worried you would be upset!” He grabbed my chin and lifted it to meet me in the eyes, “Sweetheart I could never be upset about a baby.” I kissed him again and he kissed me back gently.

The sirens stopped and he rubbed my stomach lovingly, “(Y/N) do you think we can make love?” I looked up at him and smiled, “I think we can, I called my doctor this morning and she said sexual activity is perfectly fine and won’t harm the baby.” He picked me up and gently laid me on our bed, kissing me lightly. He then lifted my sweater over me and softly kissed my collarbone and neck as his hands slid off my sweatpants. Then as he leaned in to give me another kiss his hand resting on my thigh, the power went out. We both started to laugh, “Wait right there love!” Niall kicked off his shoes and ran into the hallway.

He returned with all the candles in our house held clumsily in his arms. I started to get up to help him but he ordered me to lay back down. He quickly placed each of them around our bed and lit them causing a nice glow to surround us. “Ah thats better, now where were we?” He smiled cheekily and undressed in front of me. “Get over here now!” I wanted him so badly. He looked so cute, his hair was still windswept from outside.

Slowly he walked over to me and un did my bra kissing me all over my chest, holding my breast tenderly slowly massaging them as he kissed my nipples. “Are you ready?” he asked for my permission, something he had never done before. I nodded and led his fingers to my entrance he took off my panties, and started to massage my clit, soft and gently, “You look beautiful” my adoring husband whispered in my ear as he placed his erection inside of me.

I moaned softly as he eased himself into me and then slowly moved back and forth. I kissed him and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. All his movements were gentle and I started to feel myself fall into a climax. I wanted him to go faster but he stayed the same speed, gentle and slow, kissing, and running his fingers through my hair, resting against my body. It started to build and finally I reached my orgasm and he followed right after me.

As he laid next to me I rested my head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat. The tornado had passed our city peacefully and the sun was setting outside our window. I looked up at Niall as he ran his fingers in circles around my belly, smiling.


Frat Boy Niall Part 3. 

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My mind was racing almost as fast as Niall’s Camaro was down the highway. I stared at him intently as my brain that was still fogged with my high tried to figure out what it was about Niall that Liam didn’t want me around him for. His soft, blonde hair was blowing from the window being down, and his eyes were locked on the road. I watched as his one hand on the wheel slightly moved with the steering wheel, causing his perfectly toned bicep to slightly flex. At first I had assumed that it was because Niall just used girls at parties, then never spoke to them again. It didn’t really bother me because after the party I didn’t expect Niall to even acknowledge my existence again, but after tonight I was even more intrigued with knowing. What did he mean by that I would never been in danger or be hurt? I questioned in my thoughts, remembering his stern voice back at the beach. I had been with guys who used me at parties before, and Liam never stopped that before. I don’t know what would make Niall any different. That was the only thing I had ever heard around campus about Niall though. Was that he used girls for one night stands and never even so much glanced at them again. That was it. Whatever Liam was hiding from me, others in the fraternity knew too. I also wondered why Harry told Liam where I was? I didn’t belong to Liam. My head was swimming with questions, and I was starting to get mad. I couldn’t figure out and grasp what it was that was so bad about him, and that alone was making my blood boil. I looked at the clock, and it only had been two hours since we left the bonfire.

We pulled up back to the beach by Sigma Phi’s house, and the bonfire was still going, and it looked as if even more people were there. I hadn’t replied to Liam, and I was almost terrified to see him, especially if he saw me walk over with Niall. As we walked up closer, Niall split from me and I saw him head to the drink table. I kept walking, trying to find Miranda to ask about Liam. The moon hung bright in the sky as the cold, bitter breeze bit at my exposed midriff, it only lasted seconds though as I walked past the fire, feeling the heat so hot I swear I could feel sweat start to form around my hairline. I saw Miranda, she was with Zayn sitting in the sand. I kept my eyes locked on my destination, the sand next to her, when suddenly I felt a strong grip around my wrist and spin me around. I flinched as I was spun around, my eyes meeting a very blood shot pair of dark brown eyes. I could barely see his pupils his eyes were so dark, and dilated. “Where have you been?!” He questioned, almost screaming along with his words slurring so bad and mixing with his already thick English accent I could barely make it out. He was definitely drunk, drunker than I had ever seen him before. His breath reeked of whiskey, and he appeared to be having a hard time standing. He also had a lit cigarette in between his fingers, that was in a hand holding a red solo cup, the liquid sloshing around in the cup from his stumbling. “Niall met up with me after you went to the house with Lauren, and we left for a bit.” I replied, my eyes searching his face for any sign of him being sober. There wasn’t. His eyes fluttered sloppily as he pursed his lips at me, then took a hit of the cigarette he was hand, then slowly blowing out the smoke that it was almost right in my face. “I told you about Niall,” He began, “I told you, you need to trust me on this one.” He said, this time almost pleading for me to listen to him and believe him. Which was hard to do when he was acting like a fool, and looked like he was about to cry. I was starting to get mad. If it was that bad, he needed to just tell me. Liam was never like this. We never kept secrets from each other, especially if it involved the other one getting their feelings hurt. “THEN WHAT IS IT LIAM. WHAT IS SO FUCKING BAD ABOUT NIALL THAT I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT HIM.” I almost shouted. I was still a little hazed and high, and I didn’t realize how loud I had screamed it until In the corner of my eye I saw Miranda and Zayn looking at me, Miranda’s eyes wide, and Zayn almost sneering at Liam & I, with a slight bit of amusement in his face. Liam cocked his head to the side at this, his glazed over eyes meeting mine, piercing straight through them so hard I was waiting for lasers to shoot from his pupils. He took a step closer to me, his eyes never leaving mine except to take a drink from his cup. He wiped his mouth, and a smirk grew across his face. He was so close to me that even with his mouth closed, I could smell his stench of whiskey even stronger, and feel his body heat rebounding off his skin to mine, and feel his hot breath on mine as he was right in my face. “Oh, I’ll tell you. I think you deserve to know yourself. Nia-“ Liam was cut off by Niall, who got between us. Niall I guess had gone to his car and gotten a jacket, because He was wearing a black zip up, with a white zipper. He had the hood hung slightly over his head. “You need to take your drunk ass home, Payne.” He growled, right in Liam’s face. “And stop feeding her your pity bullshit when you’re just jealous and don’t have a single idea what you’re talking about.” He finished. Liam laughed right in his face, and now in the corner of my eye I saw Zayn rise from the sand and pull Miranda with him. “What bullshit? The only thing I will tell her is the truth. I won’t let some stupid irish dumb ass fuck her over because of” Liam was once cut off again as Niall put his large hand under Liam’s chin. “You need to shut the fuck up, before I beat the fuck out of you so hard, that you can’t even remember your own name. Right in front of everyone here. And who’s side do you think they’ll take?” He said, his teeth gritted together so hard, along with his irish accent it was almost inaudible. Niall released Liam, sending Liam to the ground, hitting the sand with a loud plop. I gasped at Niall’s action, and looked over to Liam. “Fine, keep being around him, you’ll end up nothing except the bitch he occasionally fucks, and don’t come crawling back to me when he’s hurt you or you’re in trouble. I warned you. And I won’t be here anymore.” He said, words slurring a little less than before. He scrambled to his feet, dusted the sand off himself, and met my eyes. The look of disappointment in them was overwhelming, which quite worried me. Niall let out a ‘pfft.’ As he saw Liam walk away. Niall turned around back to me. His eyes were bright, especially against the fire. “Don’t listen to him. He’s full of shit.” He commented, nodding his head towards Liam. I suddenly realized that my eyes were really wide with shock, as he walked towards me and placed his left hand on my hip, and slowly grazing my burning cheeks with his right palm. “Do you want me to take you home, love?” He asked, kissing my forehead which sent electricity throughout my entire body. I nodded, still in shock of the scene that just went on right in front of me. We turned to walk to the car after I told Miranda I’d see her at home. On the walk back to the car my mind was so cluttered I couldn’t even think straight, especially now that my high was wearing off. We got to the car, and he began to drive the short not even five minute drive to my house, this time in silence with no music. I glanced at Niall, who looked relaxed, and not a ounce of worried in his expression. He pulled up to the house and got out. He went over, opened my door and led my by hand around the car, but stopping at the hood. “I’m sorry.” He said, looking down, as if he had never apologized to anyone in your life. I looked up, at him, after my eyes quickly scanned his body language. I didn’t have a response, so I just pressed my lips firmly against his. He cupped my face in his hands, and he slowly ran them down to my bum, where he proceeded to lift me up, and slide me onto the slick hood of his car, and laying me down, softly moving his lips against mine. He tasted of corona and a sour hint of lime. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him in closer to me. I felt him smile against my lips, as they slowly worked together. He then pulled me up, off the car, and planted one more kiss on my lips, leaving me hanging wanting more. “Goodnight love.” He whispered, his forehead pressed against mine. I walked up the front steps to the door, my head still spinning with all of the crazy things that had went on tonight. I didn’t know who to believe, or what at that. I couldn’t even form my own opinion on the situation.  As I got to the door, I slid my key in it, and turned it, hearing the soft ‘click’ of the unlock. I turned, to see the beautiful irish boy, leaned back against the shiny black paint of his car, watching my every move. I wondered if it was exactly too good to be true. Whatever it was, I definitely wanted more. 

The London Eye

I was out on a date with my boyfriend Niall in London and it was almost midnight when he suggested we go on the London Eye.  I jumped at the idea, how romantic to look over London with my gorgeous boyfriend in nothing but the moonlight and the lights of the city.  The London eye looked beautiful all lit up in the darkness of the night.  We lined up and Niall held me in a tight hug as we waited for a short period of time, because not many people were there so late.  Every once in awhile I would steal glances up at him and he would smirk down at me.  Fans would come and stand in line right behind us, so they would have an excuse to talk to him and I didn’t mind it, it felt like just yesterday I was one of them.  Niall was polite as always taking photos and signing anything they had on them.  We finally reached the front of the line and the fans had disappeared, so we got our own private ride, which never happened and it made it even more perfect.  We entered and I went straight to the window and I heard Niall giggle at me being so anxious like a child.  I stood at the banister looking out over the city and Niall stood behind me placing his hands right beside mine on either side of the banister. 

“It’s so beautiful,” I said looking out at London, a place I couldn’t believe I was now calling home. 

“Not as beautiful as you,” Niall said kissing me on the cheek. 

“You are so cheesy,” I said playfully smacking him on his right arm as I blushed.  We were just reaching the top and I turned around and I pulled Niall in for a kiss.  His hands fell to my hips and he pulled me closer to him and he deepened the kiss.  Our lips worked in sync together as they always did, every kiss we shared was absolute perfection, making my stomachs do flips. 

He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and I denied him, I pulled away biting on his bottom lip to drive him crazy, “Not here, when we get home,” I said winking at him and biting on my own lip now.  I turned back around expecting to see we were almost at the ground after our drawn out kiss, but we were still at the top. 

Then I realized that it was almost pitch black, and the Ferris wheel was not moving.  I looked back at Niall and I saw him swallow the lump that had formed in his throat in the mere seconds that I had turned around in.  I realized that all the lights in London had gone out, it was a blackout. 

“The power will be back on in a minute babe,” I said running my hands through my claustrophobic boyfriend’s hair to comfort him.  I knew that the small bubble started to feel a little smaller each second for him.  He sat down on the bench in the middle trying to keep his breathing steady, I stood against the banister just watching him not sure what to do.  Five minutes passed and I could see the sweat forming on his hairline.  I knew I needed to keep him calm because I had no idea how long we would be stuck up here and I didn’t need him having a panic attack up here.  I decided to calm him down the only way I knew, I would distract him.  I sat down next to him on the oval shaped bench, and I placed my hand on his thigh and started rubbing up and down. 

“Babe, please stop,” I could hear the aggravation in his voice and he ran his fingers through his hair and leaned back on the bench so his back was on it, I didn’t stop though.  I laid down next to him and kissed down his neck, I could feel him shaking under my touch. 

“Relax babe,” I whispered in his ear as I nibbled on his earlobe and then down his jaw line.  Our lips finally met and Niall let his hormones take over and he fought back hungrily.  I smiled when I heard his breathing change from shaky to heavy, meaning he was more focused on me then the seemingly small carriage we were in.  I crawled on top of him and his hands went straight for my ass, Niall’s nerves were making him aggressive and it made me wet just to think what he might do to me in this carriage even though someone below may see us somehow.  I let my hands find their way to his hair and I ran my fingers through it and pulled him closer to me.  He rolled us over so he was now lying on top of me and his hands were sliding up and down my sides, as I could feel his growing bulge in his pants up against my thigh. 

I pushed him off of me to tease him since he was calm now and I wanted to make him angry, “Well the power should be back on any minute,” repeating myself from before and walked over to my original position at the banister.  I heard Niall gasp behind me and walked over so he was once again behind me, but this time he wrapped his arms around my stomach to pull me towards him. 

I could feel his now full erection across my ass and I saw his other hand go behind me to unzip his pants, “Don’t make me fuck you right up against the glass,” he said between clenched teeth.  I just moaned at the thought, and I let my head roll back on to Niall’s shoulder. 

“I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you,” he asked knowing the answer. 

I chose the best night to wear a miniskirt and he flipped the flowy piece of material up so he could stare at my backside, “Quite a view I got,” he said with a chuckle, I didn’t have to turn around to know his eyes were boring into my butt.  He then gave my ass a rough grab and a slight spank as he pulled his hand away, and then slipped around the front of my skirt and pushed my thong to the side to rub circles around my clit.  I was grinding against his crotch with my basically bare ass now.  Niall removed his other hand from my stomach so it could wander down to his now throbbing member.  He then pushed me against the railing so my face was almost touching the glass.  I looked down and I couldn’t see anything because of the complete blackout in London, so I assumed no one could see us. 

“Hold on tight babe,” he said as he placed his member at my entrance and slowly slid in.  I grabbed a hold of the banister trying to lift myself up so Niall could fit more of himself in me, he held me by my hips trying to help me balance myself.  He was thrusting in an out of me agonizingly slow, so if anyone below by any chance could see us it would just seem like we were standing incredibly close together.  He was grunting between clench teeth and moaning directly into my ear as his chin rested right on my shoulder. 

“Niall, faster,” after many pleas, Niall pulled out of me, “Bench,” he ordered me. 

I was more than happy to oblige and scurried over to the bench.  I decided this time I wasn’t going to let Niall dominate me.  When he walked over to the bench and laid next to me I pounced on him not giving him a chance to take control as he always did.  He didn’t like this and fought to regain control, but I wouldn’t let him win this time.  I grabbed his shaft and placed it once again at my entrance and slid down on him.  I automatically began riding him at a steady pace needing it after the slow attack at the window.  Niall came up to meet me so we were in a sitting position and my legs wrapped around his back.  He kissed me roughly trying to find any way to gain some sort of control in the position he was in. 

He found his control in his words instructing me what to do while I rode him, “You like riding my cock don’t you?” I basically whined out, “I love it Niall,” having my head fall on his shoulder and bit down trying to contain my moans. 

“Faster babe, you’re almost there,” I hated that even when I was on top he still found a way to dominate me, so I wouldn’t listen to his instructions even though ever muscle in my body wanted to. 

“Not going to listen to me? Fine, it’ll just make it more fun when we get home,” at the thought of how we would punish me when we got home for disobeying him drove me crazy and I lost all control.  I began riding him as fast as I could and I wanted to smack the grin off his face.  I let him win, I hate it when Niall won, but I need my release too badly to not let him.  I leaned my head back as I felt my orgasm approach and Niall took this chance to attack my breasts that were put on full display for him when I leaned back.  He reached his hands into my shirt and massaged both breasts and laid kisses all over them and sucking on each nipple.  The pleasure was too much and my orgasm hit me hard, I continued riding him through it and it was like electricity ran through my body, I screamed out his name and a million other profanities with it.  He pushed me off of him as I finished and I dropped to my knees in front of the bench and took him in my mouth.  I knew he was close already by the way he was panting and swearing like a sailor.  His hands went straight to my hair and he bucked his hips and I took his hint to place his whole cock in my mouth.  I gagged and continued sucking on him placing my tongue flat against his shaft letting it slide up and down, and left to right to touch every inch of him.  I sucked hard right away, not taking the time to tease him knowing the power could come back on any second and we could get caught.  Minutes later when he released his load into my mouth, I placed just the tip of his cock on the tip of my tongue and held my mouth open wide so he could watch as he came in my mouth.  I rolled my tongue as he finished letting him see how much of his cum was in my mouth and kept eye contact with him as I swallowed. 

“Yum,” I said smirking up at him, “The power should come on any minute now,” I said with a wink repeating myself once again.  Niall fell back on the bench trying to catch his breath and I sat next to him on the ground and we put ourselves back together.  Time passed and the power finally came back on and we made our slow decent to the ground once again and exited the Ferris wheel.  They gave us their apologies as we left and found Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam waiting for us. 

“What are you lads doing here,” Niall questioned as we approached them. 

“Well when the power went off it was all over the internet that you were in the London Eye and we were all worried about you guys.  Especially Niall, being claustrophobic and all,” Liam rambled on being such the worry wart he was. 

“No worries guys, [Y/N] found a way to distract me,” kissing me on the forehead and smirking at me.