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Giọt nước mắt…
  Em như con thuyền lênh đênh quanh con sóng cuộc đời mình mãi không chạm được  đến bến bờ. Như phần số dành cho một sinh vật được sinh ra đời mang thân phận nhi nữ… những giọt nước mắt lăn dài trên đôi má.
  Chuyện cuộc đời một con người dài đằng đẵng trước những thăng trầm, nước mắt lăn mòn theo cuộc đời của họ. Những năm tháng ấu thơ, những ngày bé dại, những thanh xuân hồn nhiên trước sóng gió, đổi thay, những đau đớn đến ngây dại khi mà một nữa đời người đi qua một linhh hồn như giấc mộng, những năm tháng cuối cùng của số phận ở dương gian…
  Nữ nhân ngoài 30 tuổi đôi khi buồn quá lại cười, đau lòng thì nhăn mặt… cũng không biết khi nào mới là giọt nước mắt thật sự tuôn ra từ trong lòng đang đau xót. Gống như cánh cổng không gian đóng rồi mở. Tung trái tim con người ta lên xuống quá nhiều đến quên mất phải phải khóc thế nào trước niềm đau, nỗi buồn và … hạnh phúc đã lãng quên.
  Nhiều khi uất nghẹn trong lòng lại cứ dễ dãi ưu tư, né tránh ánh nhìn của nhân gian… có những giọt nước mắt chảy ngược vào trong lòng hằn lên những đau đớn, vật vã như xé nát tâm can. Nhiều lúc cứ cười ngây dại trước những niềm đau sắc như dao đang khuấy động tâm hồn… Đâu có ai biết từ bao giờ ta đã không còn có thể khóc cười như năm nào đó nữa.
  Nữ nhi lạ lắm, sống bằng hy sinh và niềm đau, muốn rời khỏi lại không thể… đêm đêm quay lưng dấu nước mắt bên gối che lấp đớn đau trong tim… cũng không biết bước đường đời rồi sẽ về đâu nhưng đến một lúc nào đó không thể chịu đựng lòng mình thì sẽ tự dưng bậc khóc. Những giọt nước mắt lăn dài sau đôi kính râm, sau cái mạng che mặt, những mếu máo, những tiếng thét khảng giọng giữa những không gian ồn ào, giữa phố xá đầy xe cộ qua lại… che dấu niềm đau… những giọt nước mắt cay đắng tan nát cõi lòng…
 Nhiều khi tự hỏi tất cả những điều này là vì sao… mà không có lấy một người có thể hiểu giùm mình… rồi tự đau lòng trước sự cô quạnh đơn côi của mình trước cuộc đời dài còn lại phía sau.
  Một ngày cuối năm, em viết vội vào trang nhật ký nhỏ những giọt nước mắt bi thương, thương mình, thương cuộc đời mình đầy đau khổ và cô đơn! 
   Và vì thế mà em đã khóc thật lòng bằng những giọt nước mắt nhiều biết bao nhiêu!!

When in trouble, Aries and Leo will stand up for you.

When sad, Capricorn and Pisces will cheer you up.

When misunderstood, Virgo and Scorpio will understand you.

When happy, Gemini and Sagittarius will make you even more happy.

When weird, Taurus and Aquarius will be weird with you.

When feeling unneeded, Libra and Cancer will make you feel special.

“Sống và yêu, chung thủy và phản bội, níu kéo và buông bỏ, hạnh phúc và đắng cay… tất cả những trải nghiệm đó sẽ giúp ta bóc tách những lớp vỏ non nớt để trưởng thành thực sự. Đừng kì vọng vào điều gì đó sẽ là mãi mãi! Hạnh phúc ư? Là khi tâm có thể bất biến giữa dòng đời vạn biến mà thôi!”

<3 Em độc thân, em kiêu hãnh - Tuệ Nhi

In just three days (not counting this weekend) I will have completed National Holistic Institute’s 8 month, 900 hour massage therapy program and I have to say that I am really happy and excited about whatever is to come next after having taken this journey. The time spent in that space with all the people that I’ve come to consider family has been extremely transformative and I am very grateful for all that I’ve learned & experienced there.

Here’s to taking chances, living Life, and creating ourselves as we wish!

Much Love to everyone :)

The signs as Rihanna songs

Aries: Stay

Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

Taurus: Umbrella

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together

Told you I’ll be here forever

Said I’ll always be your friend

Gemini: Diamonds

So shine bright, tonight, you and I

we’re beautiful, like diamonds in the sky

so alive

Cancer: We found love

It’s the way I’m feeling 

I just can’t deny

but I’ve gotta let it go

Leo: Only girl

I want you to love me like I’m a hot pie

keep thinking of me

doing what you like

Virgo: Russian Roulette

Will I ever see the sunrise?

so many won’t get the chance to say goodbye

but it’s too late too think

Libra: Cry

This time was different

felt like I was just a victim

and it cut me like a knife

Scorpio: Where have you been

Looking for someone

Someone who can please me

love me all night long

Sagittarius: Rehab

When we first met

I never felt so something so strong

you were like my lover and my best friend

Capricorn: Disturbia

Better think twice

your train of thought will be altered

so if you must falter, be wise

Aquarius: Rude boy

Tonight im’ma let it be fire

tonight im’ma let you take me higher

tonight baby we can get it on

Pisces: Te amo

I told her I’m not gonna run away

but let me go

my soul is crying, without asking why

- Nhi

don’t you know? we may be broken, but our cracks are smoothed with gold. because once we are whole again, we shine.
—  we’re just two broken people practicing the art of kintsukuroi | nhi
Niall Horan dirty imagine

You and Niall were washing the dishes when he accidentally sprayed water all over your shirt.
“Omg y/n I’m so sorry” he said while trailing off cause he was staring at your breasts.
“Niall stop staring!” you scolded
He smiled and said “um well you should probably take the wet t-shirt off”
You noticed a buldge in niall’s pants and decided to tease him a little. 
“Youre right it’s sticking so tightly on my skin” you say and slowly pull your shirt off.
You smirk as Niall bites his lip. 
“Oh look bra’s wet too I should get that off now” then you unhook your bra as Niall stares
at your breasts. You felt your nipples harden at the cold air. 
“Niall you should take your short off too I’m feeling a bit lonely being topless” you say
Niall takes his shirt off and you pull his closer by the hem of his jeans. You rub your thigh against his erection while tracing his abs and v lines. You leave kisses all over his chest and even flick your tongue on one of his nipples.  You hear him trying to steady his breath as you slip a hand into his pants and rub his member through his boxers.
You do it excruciatingly slowly and finally you slip your hand into his boxers and rub his dick while squeezing it occasionally. Moans escaped Niall’s mouth begging for you. You get on your knees and unzipped Niall’s jeans and slowly pulled down his boxers.
You flicked your tongue on the tip of his dick and swirled your tongue on his head making him beg for you.
“Don’t tease please” he begs but you continue to. You lick the aide of his dick and swirl your tongue around it until he says 
“y/n! Just suck it already!" 
He was never harsh and this harshness turned you on so you slowly took his dick in your mouth and sucked slowly Niall
Kept begging you to give
Him more and eventually you sucked him
Until he came in your mouth. When you were about to get dressed Niall threw you over his shoulder and carried you to the bedroom.
"My turn” he growled
“The rules are you can only cum
When I tell you to and you aren’t allowed to moan or make a noise at all or and you can’t talk at all if you break my rules you will be punished”
Niall started to kiss your neck and he sucked on your back you held back a moan but a whimper escaped your lips. Niall stopped at said “ I said no noises” then he slapped your bum making you cry out and then he slapped it two more times while you bit back your cries. then he went back to kissing you neck and he trailed down to your chest. He sucked on your left nipple and used his hand to massage your right breast and pinch your nipple. You held back moans as he continuously did this.

He got up and ran out the door telling you to wait then he came
Back with whip cream and made a trail from the valley of your chest to your belly button.  

The slowly pulled down your tights and began to rub your clit through your boyshorts

You wanted him and then you started to feel so wet.
“Yeah baby you’re a dirty little slut wet for me aren’t you?”

You whimpered out a yes and then he pulled your boyshorts down and started lick your pussy. He flicked his tongue on your clit making you squirm until he held your hips in place he grabbed the whip cream and filled your vagina with it and then he started to fuck you with his tongue while rubbing his thumb on your clit you wanted to cum so badly but Niall pulled his tongue out and stuck a finger into you moving slowly in and out. You spoke without thinking
“Niall please? I want you" 
Niall got angry and slapped your bum a few dozen times making it feel sore. 
"Dont tell me what to do slut” he growled 
He was really turning you and all you wanted was him inside of you but you kept your mouth shut. He began fingering you slowly again and then added another one and started to go in and out of you faster. You tried to hold back moans but one escaped and you moaned out “Niall please I want you inside of me!”
He smirked and said “You asked for it”
He jammed his dick into you and thrusted really quickly without letting you adjust eventually the pain turned into pleasure and you were screaming Niall’s name on the top of your lungs.
“CUM FOR ME BABY IN 1…2..3!” Niall yelled and shot your juices in each other.
Niall collapsed beside you and kissed you “I sure hope I didn’t make you too sore” he said laughing
You smiled and curled up beside him holding him close “I dont think I’ll be able to walk for a while nialler"