Alliance, Lies, and Imagery are all that you need~ Langst

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word count: 1773

“One for Voltron, zero for the Galra!” Lance shouted into his mic. He heard the groans of a few of his team members (Keith stood out most since his groan was accompanied with a “Stop.” ) Though some of his team chuckled lightly. 

“Yeah yeah, ” Lance mocked, “you groan now but if I were to leave you would miss me. Admit, you’d miss me.”

 "Sadly, probably-“ 

Lance laughed loudly, “See!”


 Lance’s laugh halted, “That was uncalled for Keith.“ His head was filled with the amused laughter of the other four paladins. 

Lance made a quick dive, landing on a platform sticking out the side of a Galra ship. "Okay,” Lance spoke into his microphone, “I’m in." 

"Lance, go down the hall and take the first left.” Pidge’s voice advised him. “Once you get there, there is a guard standing, well, Ya know. Guard.” Pidge chuckled to themselves, “Anyway, take him out. Come back to me when you finish him.”

 Lance pressed himself against the wall. He grabbed his Bayard and lifted it onto his shoulder with the safety off and his trigger finger ready to pull. He took a deep breath and ran down the hall. He was able to quickly take down the unsuspecting guard. 

“Okay, Pidge. What now?” He spoke into his microphone. 

“You have about two minutes to shut down the ship and get the crystal before the other guards are alerted,” Pidge replied. Faint typing could be heard from her side. “I’ve deactivated all alarms so you can grab it.”

Lance nodded to no one in particular and rushed over to the desired item. He wrapped his hands around the fragile crystal. He pulled it off, waiting a moment for any sign of disaster. After it seemed clear her but it in a sack that Allura had given him that controlled and maintained the crystals power.

Lance quickly turned around to get out of the room. He made it to the door when he heard shouting from down the hall. He quickly grabbed his Bayard and shot at the people chasing after him. 

He rounded the corner and made his way to the door. Lance turned to look behind him to see if anyone was following. While doing so his foot got caught in a small pothole causing him to lose balance and fall back. He released his hold on the sack which was tossed into the air and landed  Foot steps got louder as they neared. He looked at the crystal and then to his Bayard. He took a breath and gulped. 

Ten Galra filed into the room. They pointed their guns and Lance who summoned his shield to block himself. Lance felt a bullet graze his back and muttered a curse. He rested his Bayard on his shoulder and shot at three of the soldiers, wounded them greatly but not enough to kill them. He gunned down two others, they weren’t as lucky. Lance watched as three of them retreated. He shot one of the men running straight towards him. He used the moment of silence to grab the crystal and climb into his Lion.

“Lance, you okay?” Keith’s voice came through his helmet.

“Awww,” Lance cooed, “is someone worried about me?”

“Shut up,” Keith’s annoyed voice spat.

Lance was about to retort only to be interrupted by Pidge, “ But really, Lance, are you sure. It looked like of them got you.”

Lance shook his head, well aware no one could see him, “It was just a graze in my lower back. I think they’re holding out on us.”

“Speak for yourself!” Hunk shouted at him, “I think I might have a concussion from all the times I’ve hit my head on the back of my seat. It hurts, Ya know.”

Laughter from all the paladins filled his head. 

“Paladins, please report back to the castle. The Queen of Oki and its citizens have arranged a party in thanks.”

“Of course, Princess,” Lance smiled to himself and muted himself.

Everyone was having fun.

Hunk was stuffing his mouth with something that looked horrible but tasted like chocolate pudding.

Pidge was having a chat with one of the engineers about a robotic pigeon that was able to alert, serve, and defend the person who it was programmed to protect. 

Allura and Shiro were talking to the Queen and her three daughters. Lance was pretty sure the Queen was trying to marry Shiro and her eldest judging by Shiro’s slightly disturbed and confused face and Allura’s laughter. 

Meaning Lance himself was sitting back and watching his friends chatter and relax. He grabbed a napkin and reached over to grab him helmet to wipe off his visor only to realize that he had left it back at the blue lion. 

He looked at each paladin before shrugging. He couldn’t bring himself to interrupt them and it wasn’t like they would notice if he was gone.

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BOTTOM YOONGI!!!!! any pairing will do i love you guys

Hello anon!

Actually, Admin N and I couldn’t help but laugh when we saw your ask because we were talking about someone asking for bottom Yoongi just a while ago!! And how we’d pull out this big compilation and, well, here ya go, by pairing:







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BOTTOM YOONGI!!!!!!! Long live bottom!Yoongi (especially when he’s begging for it) ^__^b ~ Admin N

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The King to the Prince of Wales

Windsor Castle, 14. Aug. 1780

No one feels with more pleasure than I do your nearer approach to manhood, but the parent’s joy must be mixed with the anxiety that this period may not be ill spent, as the hour is now come when whatever foundation has been laid must be by application brought to maturity, or every past labour of your instructors will prove abortive.

This has made me think it my duty to state on paper what I trust the goodness of your heart and no want of penetration will make you thoroughly weigh; the contents of this are known to the Queen, whose conduct as a wife as well as mother even malevolence has not dared to mention but in the most respectable terms.

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Celebrate ♡ Clarke/Lexa/Octavia Imagine

A/N: Happy belated birthday @wandaromanova !!! Sorry, Australia is a trek xx

You didn’t pay it much thought when Clarke asked you to join her down to the river. You didn’t give it much thought that it was almost the start of a new day. A special day. Not that you remembered, days had rolled into days down here. You’d forgotten how many moons and sunrises you’d seen, how many times you’d watched as dark blues melted into faded oranges. But apparently a few others hadn’t. 

You didn’t even pay it much thought when Clarke couldn’t stop smiling softly to herself. And of course when you called her out she didn’t give you a straight answer.

“Oh, nothing.” She’d avoid the question, but still the twinge of a smile pulling at her lip remained. This caused your brow to furrow and you to bite your lip. But you ignored it. Instead you stayed walking beside Clarke as the ground started to get slippery with moisture, your feet feeling as though they’d slip out from under you. But Clarke would hold you up every time you thought you might fall and you’d give her a grateful smile as you continued on your way.


You still didn’t understand when you saw Lexa and Octavia on the bank, waiting patiently, copying the taunting smile that a certain blonde had possessed earlier.

“What are you guys doing?” You asked, your head tilted as they just smiled a little bit more. You frowned. Staring between the two you looked at Clarke who was biting the inside of her cheek.

“Guys. Seriously. What is going on?” But they ignored you. You felt yourself scowl and gesture wildly with your hands. 

You opened your mouth to make a further remark, you hadn’t figured out what. Whether you were going to pick on Lexa or tell Octavia you’d tell Bellamy about a certain boy. You honestly hadn’t figured it out. But before you could the three of them started singing.

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Y/N

Happy Birthday to you!

Hip hip? Hooray!

Hip hip? Hooray! 

Hip hip? Hooray! 

All of a sudden you felt your cheeks go red as they all hugged you, laughing as you stayed rooted to the spot, surprise coating your face. Clarke was the first to speak.

“Happy Birthday Y/N! Your first one on the ground. Why not make it special?” She admitted, Lexa and Octavia nodding in agreement, Lexa’s arms still wrapped tightly around you.

The rush of emotions hit you like a tidal wave and soon enough your tears were practically drowning the three girls. Your thanks was jumbled and staggered and definitely wet, causing them to laugh even more but they nodded in understanding. You wiped your cheeks which were puffy under your touch.

“How did you know it was midnight?” You asked, still sniffling slightly, looking towards the sky, as though expecting a clock to appear with an answer right in front of your nose.

This time Octavia opened her mouth and looked guiltily to the side.

“I- uhhh I took a guess.” She mumbled, wincing. But in return you just laughed and shook your head, watching as the stars seemed to shine a little brighter.

“Not surprising Blake. Lazy as usual.” You teased. She just smirked and went to push you into the river, before Lexa grabbed your jacket and pulled you back up, glaring at the younger sibling.

“Sorry.” She stated, not a sincere hitch in her speech at all.


The rest of the night was spent watching the stars and sharing stories. Tales from the Ark and stories from the ground before the sky people arrived. There was laughing, more laughter, and tears, of laughter. 

By the end of the night, you were out of breath and leaning heavily on Clarke, who was leaning on Octavia and of course you had Lexa leaning on you.

But soon, the fun was over and the tinge of light was starting to appear in the forest, lighting it with life for another day. 

Lexa stood and helped the rest of you to your feet, struggling to stand as your legs were numb from the hours spent having a person over them.

“I’m sorry. I have to go. Indra will probably already be at my throat when I get back.” She hugged you and you felt giddy. It was nice to have the leader of twelve clans relax and be friends with you. The girl a lot like you once she removed her warpaint, showing her duty to her people.

“Thats okay, thank you for this. It’s the best birthday I could ever have hoped for.” Lexa grinned happily at that, almost skipping away as you watched her disappear into the trees.

“We should get back too.” Clarke shrugged, taking one hand while Octavia took the other.

“I hope you enjoyed it.” Octavia murmured, almost apprehensive for an answer. You scoffed.

“Trust me O. That was the best night of my life. Thank you.” So you walked back to camp with two of your best friends either side of you and the third still grinning to herself as she made her way back to lead her people, the feeling of your arms around her driving her every step.

Valentine ~Cameron Dallas

Your POV

I walked down the corridor to go to my Locker. As i walked i noticed a Poster on the wall. You see our school done this thing where at Valentines day and the week leading up to valentines day they sell plastic roses to send to your valentine. I think it’s sweet. The poster had all the information about it. Of course i knew i wouldn’t get a rose cause … well why would anyone want to  get me a rose. Also the one i wanted to get me a rose i knew for definetaly wouldn’t.

I walked past the poster and to my locker where i met my friend F/N and we headed home.

Today was the Friday before Valentines day, which meant it was Friday the 13th. I’m not a very supersticious person but i just didn’t like today.

I walked to my Third Period class. Third Period was when they were going to deliver the roses. I knew i wouldn’t get one but i liked seeing other people get one, It made me happy cause it was so sweet.

I walked into class and sat down in my seat and waited for my friends to come in. Class was boring as ever. It only started to get better when the first person came into the room to deliver the first rose.
they were only to deliver one. About 15 minutes later we were copying down our work when there was a knock at the door.

It was another person to deliver the roses, this time i didn’t bother to look up from my work, expecting it not to be for me but then i heard my name.

“A rose for Y/N Y/L/N” the girl who was delivering them said. I looked up from my work completely shocked.

“she is here at the front looking terrified” the teacher laughed along with the class.

The girl walked over to me and handed me the plastic rose, I thanked her and she headed out of the class.

I held the plastic rose in my hand and looked at it. Attached to the stem of the rose was a note.
it read:

for Y/N Y/L/N

Happy Valentines Day

Love from Cx.

that’s all it said, It didn’t say a full name just “C”. I don’t have a clue who that could stand for.

After class i asked a bunch of my friends wondering if they were the ones to send the mysterious rose as a joke perhaps. but they had all denied it.

I was so confused who in there right mind would send me a rose.

It was finally the end of the day and  I headed to my locker to grab the rest of my stuff.
when i was finished i closed my locker and stood up, Turning around to walk away when i walked right into someone.

“oh sorry!” i said my face turning beat red realizing just who it was “Cameron” the biy i had, had a crush on forever.

“It’s okay, Y/N” he said. I looked to the floor and noticed i had dropped my mystery rose.

“oh I see you got the rose i sent you” he said bending down to pick it up.

“yeah i don’t have a clue who -” i began to say but stopped myself as i realised what Cameron had said. He handed it to me.

“Look Y/N i have liked you for a while now and i really had no clue how to tell you, so when i seen these i thought i would use this to express how i feel for you.” he said looking into my eyes.

“Cameron I-” I began but he stopped me.

“Look i Love you Y/N, and i just realy needed you to know that whether you love me too or not” he sighed, and turned around to walk away but i grabbed his forearm and pulled him gently back.

“I love you too” i whispered.

His eyes widened and he grinned. he looked at me and slowly started to lean in. He kissed me and i felt like i was flying…..

How many d a y s and n i g h t s will come and go
While the only light you'll see is from my g l o w
There will never be a d a w n that breaks the spell surrounding us
Till the e a r t h dies with the s u n

happy (belated) birthday to everyone’s favorite wolflet trash scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlet! (jfc girl how many a’s u got in there)

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I Am Not A Natural

Sorry. I am not a natural. Yes my hair is natural  but I shave my armpits and eyebrows. I have my ears pierced. I wear deodorant. I wear make-up. I eat stuff that is bad for me. I am no better than my sister’s that wear weave. We’re just different. Do not feel threatened by my afro. No I don’t think badly of people who wear weaves.

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