I Am Not A Natural

Sorry. I am not a natural. Yes my hair is natural  but I shave my armpits and eyebrows. I have my ears pierced. I wear deodorant. I wear make-up. I eat stuff that is bad for me. I am no better than my sister’s that wear weave. We’re just different. Do not feel threatened by my afro. No I don’t think badly of people who wear weaves.

a couple of days ago I hit 1k, and I’ve been promising to do a follow forever for a while, so I’m finally getting round to it. 

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thank you all again so much for 1k and you should follow all of these humans so go and do that now

How many d a y s and n i g h t s will come and go
While the only light you'll see is from my g l o w
There will never be a d a w n that breaks the spell surrounding us
Till the e a r t h dies with the s u n

happy (belated) birthday to everyone’s favorite wolflet trash scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlet! (jfc girl how many a’s u got in there)