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Ngwe Saung Beach – A Popular Beach Among Tourists Visiting Myanmar Ngwe Saung is a popular beach among tourists visiting Myanmar. It is situated to the west of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. ‘Ngwe’ means silver, which explains perfectly the silvery sand on the beach here. One of the main tourist attractions at Ngwe Saung is the Rakhine Mountain Range. Most visitors trek up the range and into the forests to experience the natural beauty of the spot. The village of Ayeyarwady is located at Ngwe Saung. Other than that there are a number of resorts, restaurants and hotels here catering to tourists all year around. The endless and quiet white sand beach, the lover’s island, there is an ‘elephant camp’ in between Ngwe Saung and Pathein. NGWE SAUNG NIGHTLIFE Don’t expect to find bars and pounding discos here. The beach here is for those who like the quiet and peace of the surrounding nature. Hire a bicycle or rent a car to go around the area, book yourself into a spa at the hotels or simply relax on the beach. One can indulge in some music and dance at the lounge like venue at the Bay of....
새벽을 여는 미얀마의 소년에 대하여

엄마와 오랜만에 통화하면서 여행이 주는 삶에 대한 깨달음이랄지, 지금까지의 삶을 되돌아보는 순간이라든지-에 대해서 이야기하고 있었다. 

“엄마, 나는 일하기싫고 귀찮아서 일어나기 싫어서 침대에서 밍기적밍기적 대고 있는 아침이면, 

지난 겨울 미얀마 여행에서 만난, 동도 트기전인 어두컴컴한 새벽 4시에 나를 태우고서 신나고 힘차게 씨클로 패달을 밟던 그 조그마한 소년을 떠올려. 고작 1달러의 요금을 받기위해 몇시간 눈도 제대로 못붙이고 일어났을, 하지만 그 1달러가 모여 그 소년의 가정을 보살피는 힘이 되는, 그런 그 소년의 삶을 떠올리고 있자면, 

내가 지금 하고있는 불평이 얼마나 부끄러워지는지 몰라." 

엄마는 가만히 듣고있다가, ‘좋은 걸 배워왔구나'하고, 왠지 가슴이 울리는 이야기라고 해주었다. 

그렇게 여행은, 내 가슴에 가장 가까운 울림을 주어서 자꾸만 가방을 싸고 떠나게 되는가보다. 

Ngwe Saung Beach

The journey we had to take to get there was arduous but worth it. We took a local bus from Yangon city to the bus station (1hr). Tourists pay 10 times what locals pay for the bus to Pathein city (5hr), but we bargained hard and got them down to just 5 times the price. For this though, we got a child’s size plastic chair placed in the aisle of the bus. Upon arriving we had to walk, take a pick up truck, and then walk some more to get to the other side of town for our connecting bus to the beach (3hr). On this bus the aisle and under our feet was filled with bags of flour. We had to literally climb out of the bus for breaks. The final leg to the hotel was done on the back of a motorbike taxi. I thought ‘We are definitely in South East Asia now’ as the driver, us two and our bags but no helmets, all fit on one bike.

There was only a bed in the room, no hot water, and no electricity during the day but the setting was perfect: our bungalow was overlooking the near deserted beach. No bracelet sellers, no coconut sellers, no sellers of any kind in fact, not even a beachside bar or restaurant. Just 13km of beach and palm trees. The least touristy resort I’ve ever been to. At night, we’d drink rum while watching the sun set then go for a seafood dinner. The ideal place to slow things down after rush rush rushing around.

Ngwe Saung Beach Resort, opened in 2000, is one of the most beautiful and pleasant beach holiday in Myanmar. Located in Ayeyarwady Division, about 48 km from the town of Pathein, Ngwe Saung, with the beach in front of the Bay of Bengal, with its crystal clear water, waves crested white beaches and pristine sand and unpolluted environment Naturally, it is in fact one of the best places to choose their holiday interlude of rest and relaxation.

Zee-Maw Village in the north Majee-Maw Village in South Beach Ngwe Saung Silver extends unbroken line since the 15 kilometres.Included Ngwe Saung natural attractions are its blue waters, with its long beaches, its silvery sands, charming and sometimes rocky coast, all set against a backdrop of tropical forests and sets the Rakhine mountain range.
The coastline is full of hotels green bungalow attended by trained personnel who have been trained to take care of their needs type. These bungalows offer quality services to foreign tourists and domestic visitors and provide a quiet haven of peace and relaxation. For those who want to join in the fun and games on the beach or in the ocean, life buoys are provided and speedboats, as well as spaces journey by speed boat, cycling along the coast and horse in a horse.

The need for occasional rest and recovery from the cares and worries of working life is an absolute necessity for humans. Regular recharging of batteries of one and the replenishment of the reserves of energy and vitality are universal needs. What is the best option for this than the spa accompanied by the coexistence of family, friends and colleagues?

Ngwe Saung to extend a warm welcome to all visitors who want to relax in the middle of the swaying palms and warm breezes Coast Resort a truly memorable vacation.

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