A/N: This is another old one from my first blog. This was my favorite.


“Did you enjoy tonight baby?” Neymar takes her coat off and hangs it up on the hook. “Yes, it was fun.” She turns to him and cups his face. “Thank you for inviting me.” She kiss his lips gently, Neymar pulls her in for me. One hand is on her curvy hip while the other grips her ass. Of course Y/N moans into the kiss.

“We should change Ney.” She pushes away and latches her hand into his, guiding him to their room. “We have to exchange gifts, Y/N.” He reminds her and she turns around excitedly. “What did you get me?” Neymar laughs at how excited she his. She reminded him of a little girl.

“You’ll see but let’s change first.” He playfully slaps her bum and she squeals, running to the closet. Neymar removes his hat and shirt as Y/N undos her dress. Neymar couldn’t help but watch his flawless girlfriend as she slides out the dress.

“Stop staring.” Y/N tells him as she throws the dress in the hamper. “I can’t help it. You’re far too sexy to not look at.” Neymar says as his eyes looked up and down her almost naked body. “I’m glad my boyfriend finds me sexy.” Y/N blushes as she says this and goes into the top draw, taking out one of Neys shirt.

“Of course baby. Why wouldn’t I.” He removes his pants, leaving him in a T-shirt and boxers. “Come here.” He calls for her as he sits on the edge of their bed. “So where’s my gift.” She says as soon as she sits on his lap.

“Close your eyes.” She does as told while Neymar reaches in the night stand Draw. He takes out the rectangular red box and taps it on her nose. Y/N opened her eye at the feeling if something hitting her nose. “Merry Christmas Y/N.” Neymar gives her the box.

He watches his girlfriend as she opens the box. From the smile on her face, Neymar could tell she likes it. “What do you think.” Y/N held the necklace in her hand, admiring the stone. “It’s beautiful…really beautiful Neymar, thank you.” All he could do was nod his head and place his lips against hers.

He picked out the necklace two months prior to this day. He had gotten Y/N her birth stone. She always talked about having a jewelry item that has her both stone on it. “I really love it.” She kisses him and continues, “I just hope you like mine.”

“Of course I will!” Neymar assured her as Y/N placed her gift on the stand. “Okay.” Y/N gets up and walk over to the dresser. Neymar stared at her as she walked, he love the way her hips move as each step she took. He also loved how sexy she looks in his shirt. Her skin glowed in the bedroom light, she’s flawless.

“Merry Christmas handsome.” Y/N hands him the small red bag. Neymar eyes her as he reach in the bag and took out a white box. “I really hope you like it.” Y/N whispers playing with one of her thick curls.

When he opens the box his eyes widen. “H-how did you? How?” Neymar was shock when he saw what was inside the box. Y/N had gave him a V-Metal Icon Gold Versace watch. This was a gift Neymar had his eyes on for months and now he has it.

“I saved some money and…bam! There it is.” She smiles brightly at him while Neymar threw him self on her. Y/N falls back on the mattress while Neymar leans over her.

“Thank you, thank you so much baby. I love it.” He kisses her all over her face while she giggles cutely. “I’m glad you love it.” Y/N brought her hands up to his face. Her thumb lightly grazing over his lips. “I love is so fucking much.” He bites her thumb lightly and plays with her long natural curls. “I love you.” She leans her head up and kisses his lips. “I love you Y/N.”


They are cuddle in bed together, her back against his chest. The TV was playing “Santa Baby”, which they’ve seen tons of times before. Of course they had the Portuguese subtitle on the bottom for Neymar. Y/N was fluent in Portuguese, she was born in America but in high school she took up the wonderful language. Now she’s living with the man of her dreams.

“Why is English so hard?” Neymar asks, griping her hip. “It’s not really babe, you just need to practice more.” Now Y/N was facing him. “You know I hate it, I sound stupid when I speak it.” All Y/N could do was giggle. “I’ll teach you more. Your English is a bit cute though.” At that comment he blushes.

“I love it.” She says and kisses him. “Do you wanna know what I love about you?” Neymar ask, sitting up with his back against the head board. “What?” She sits up to but faces him.

“I love where you come from. I love that your black….and your proud of it. I love your hair, it’s beautiful….your curls are unique, just like you. I love your caramel skin, I love how it feels against my skin…I love how it taste. Your curves baby, don’t get me started on your curves. You walking turns me on. I love your body and I’m happy it’s mine. The thing I love the most about you is your eyes. They are the first things I notice when I first saw you. Pretty brown eyes.”

Each word that came out of her boyfriends mouth had her swoon. She had the biggest smile on her face and a light blush on his cheek. “You don’t know how much I love you.” She finally speaks and climbed onto his lap. Neymar’s hands went to her butt as she straddle his waist. “Everyday you make me fall in love with you all over again.” Y/N told him. “I will never stop loving you.” He says before kissing her, kissing her like she was air and it was his last breath.