Google Nexus 7 review (2013)

I make a lot of aspirational purchases. I constantly buy books I really ought to read, subscribe to magazines that are so good the one time a year I actually get around to opening them, and add movies like Schindler’s List to my Netflix queue because it’s an important cultural touchstone. My credit card bill makes me look worldly and educated — my actual habits involve a lot of watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and re-reading The Da Vinci Code. 

I HAVE A TABLET!! IT CAME IN TODAY!! I got myself a Nexus 7 LTE because I lack a smart phone thing and I was getting real sick of not being able to look up references or be able to take credit cards at conventions.

So it’s like I have a fancy big smart phone!

Last year I was (very randomly) contacted by an ad agency to purchase a Christmas photo of Tucker. I actually thought it was a scam to steal my SSN, but it ended up being legit. Here’s what it was for! It ended up appearing in 3 magazines and those scrolling advertisements in malls!


Hey everyone,

My poor beloved tablet my Nexus 7 has met an unfortunate end. With a large crack on the screen and the loss of touch-screen feature the I.T man said it would cost less to buy a new one.

So here is where I need your help do I stay with a Nexus or should I make the jump to an ipad?

Or does anyone have any recommendations?