Welp...My Kindle is broke....the one I bought a month ago.

Soooo….guess i’ll go on a little reading break. Getting sent a replacement. It should be here Friday…but honestly, I’m done with Amazon and their device. I’m selling it when it gets here and using the money to buy a Nexus 7. 

I’m not hard to please…all I want to do is read my books. I don’t need the latest device or software, I just want the stuff I have to WORK! This will be my 5th Kindle in six years and only one of those were upgraded and replaced by choice….That’s a problem for me..So I give up. I love amazon and their amazing customer service, but this is bullshit and I’m not dealing with it anymore.


DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT UPDATE TO LOLLIPOP IF YOU’RE ON ANDROID. At least for now. There are so many bugs ughh! I updated it on my nexus 7 tablet and everything is sooo slow and glitchy and the apps crash a lot. Now I can’t view my pictures through the gallery since its gone???? I have to go to Google’s “Photos” app which requires INTERNET so that means i can’t view them if im not at home or somewhere with WIFI. Also some emojis are ugly now :(. Luckily I didn’t have enough memory on my phone so I didn’t rush to update that. Phew that would’ve been even worse.


Google Nexus 7 review (2013)

I make a lot of aspirational purchases. I constantly buy books I really ought to read, subscribe to magazines that are so good the one time a year I actually get around to opening them, and add movies like Schindler’s List to my Netflix queue because it’s an important cultural touchstone. My credit card bill makes me look worldly and educated — my actual habits involve a lot of watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and re-reading The Da Vinci Code. 

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