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Familiarity (Newt Scamander)

Pairing: Newt Scamander/Reader
Words: 1500
Warning(s): Some angst but fluff
A/N: bOI I FINISHED THIS AT EXACTLY 2:26 AM I AM RUNNING ON FUEMS SORRY THE ENDING IS BAD IT S TARTED OFF DECENt. i needed to be up at seven rip my fuckin soul. AlLSO i know i said i started my haitus but this will be the last fic i write for a week,,,
Request:  Got a Newt Scamander/reader insert request for you, if you’d like! So, plenty of people are doing imagines where the reader is a no-maj and has to be obliviated (MUCH ANGST)… Would you mind giving us a happy ending to that scenario? Maybe the reader regains her memories or there’s a chance for her to fall in love with Newt all over again? Thank you! <3

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New York, more like Newt York amirite?

A Puppy Transfiguration Situation

I had so much fun writing this one :)


“NEWTON ARTEMIS FIDO SCAMANDER!” you shriek, bursting through the door of the apartment that you shared with the Goldstein sisters, your closest friends since childhood.

You stomp angrily to the guest room, determined to find your boyfriend.
You see, the two of you had been dating for a little over a year now and it was the best time you had had in your life. He was perfect and you loved him dearly. Lately you had both been overflowing with piles of work and barely got to see each other so you decided to take a break and go on a nice lunch date, however when you arrived he wasn’t there and you were left there waiting for at least 50 minutes, looking like an idiot.

“Stood up honey?” a woman from inside of the restaurant called, chuckling.

Blushing furiously you hurried back home, ready to give the Magizoolost a long lecture.

Which brings us to now.

“NEWT!” you call, recklessly opening the door to the guest room. He wasn’t there. You sigh, running fingers through your hair, untangling the knots that had formed in your haste to get back.
Yes, maybe you were overreacting. But you were stressed and this was supposed to be a nice, relaxing and romantic time to spend time with the love of your life. He was probably just busy, that’s what you get when you date a world famous author.

You sulk back to your room and open the door, only to find an adorable little Basset Hound sitting on the floor, staring it you with large, adorable eyes. You can’t help but let out a squeal, despite your rough day.

“Awwww! Aren’t you just the cutest thing!” you say, a huge smile spreading across your face and you bend down to pick the puppy up. “Hello little fella, where did you come from?”

The puppy hums happily snuggling up against you and you laugh, gently petting its soft fur.
Being with Newt helped you realize that you loved all creatures, magical or not. Your heart was simply melting, the puppy was the most adorable puppy you had ever seen!

It licks your face with its soft, little wet tongue and you give it a kiss on the head.

“Oh, I like you too!” you reply and it barks happily.

Then a thought comes over you. Did Newt give you this puppy? You couldn’t see Tina and Queenie randomly picking up a puppy and deciding to raise it.

“If Newt thinks he can avoid a lecture session with a puppy, he’s wrong.” you say to yourself and the puppy stares at you with big eyes.

“Want to help me find him and beat him up?” you ask the puppy jokingly.

It leaps out of your arms and rolls around on the floor, putting its paws over its eyes.

You smile and a melodic laugh escapes from your lips once more.

“Alright fine, I won’t hurt him…that bad.” you say, picking it back up and hugging it gently.
“Although I’ve got to say, Newt knows exactly what I like.”


You spend an hour looking desperately for Newt, Apparating here and there with the puppy in your arms.
Finally giving up, you go back home.

“Hmm no luck,” you murmur, gently stroking the puppy that was sitting right next to you on the couch. “I’m sorry, Apparating like that probably didn’t feel all that comfortable if you aren’t used to it.” you apologized to the puppy, however it looked unfazed and gently licks your hand.

“You’re a strong little guy.” you praise it and it puffs out its chest and you can’t help but smile.

Suddenly, Tina and Queenie Apparate into the room, startling both you and the puppy. It leaps into your protective arms.

“(Y/N)! Newt! There you are, we’ve been looking for you all day!” Tina says, out of breath.

“Newt?” you ask. “I’ve been looking for him the whole day because he didn’t come to our date and I couldn’t find him!”

“Oh Teen,” Queenie says musically, reading your mind. “She doesn’t know.”

“(Y/N), the puppy that is in your arms is your boyfriend; Mr. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander himself.” Tina explains with a tiny smirk.

You look down at the puppy and it looks back at you, looking humanly sheepish.

“SCAMANDER!” you yell as the puppy leaps out of your arms and runs away.

“Oh no, you get back here!” you call, chasing after it with no prevail.
Tina and Queenie watch on, amused looks on their faces.
Tired, you pull out your wand and point it at Newt.

“Accio!” you say and puppy comes flying back to your open arms. Newt struggles, trying to break free but you tighten your grip.

“Hey, hey don’t fight it, you can’t escape from me again.” you sing, and he looks up at you with huge pleading eyes. “How did this even happen? Is Newt some Animagus now?”

It was Tina’s turn to look sheepish.

“Well, this morning after you left for work, Newt was getting ready for your date when I asked him for a favour before he left. I was having some trouble with Transfiguration so uh, I asked him to help me and he agreed. A few things happened and umm I accidentally turned him into a puppy.” she explains and flinches, expecting you to be angry.

“You turned my boyfriend into a puppy?” you say, laughing. “That is the best thing I have heard the entire day.” you say through giggles. Newt looks at you with disapproval.

“And then he ran away to who knows where. I guess he knew that you you’d would come after him after missing your date.” Queenie says and you smile.

“Oh you were right about that.” you say.

“We can’t seem to be able to turn him back though, are you good with Transfiguration?” Tina asks hopefully.

You smirk.

“Eh, can’t we just leave him like this? He’s super adorable and so soft and fluffy!” you beg.

Newt barks at you, telling you to stop. He didn’t want to stay as a puppy.

“Aww don’t worry, you’re adorable either way.” you say.

If puppies could blush, Newt would’ve turned a dark shade of red.

“Lucky for you, I’m pretty good at Transfiguration, if I do say so myself.” you say, rolling up your sleeves. “Let’s see… Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow-”

Newt barks at you, telling you to focus and stop fooling around.

“Okay, okay.” you surrender. “Tina, Queenie, you might want to turn away, he could, umm…”

“Be unclothed?” Queenie finishes for you with a smirk.

“Umm, well yes. Now look away!” you say, a blush rising on your face.

You raise your wand and focus.

“Reparifarge!” you say, pointing your wand at the adorable little dog.
Newt immediately starts to grow and his features become more human like.

“Aww I’ll miss the little guy.” you murmur as you run to grab a blanket from the other room.

You quickly run back just in time to throw the blanket over the now, fully grown and human Newt.

Newt grabs your wand from you and magically transforms the blanket into clothes.

“That was, an odd experience.” he finally says. “Thank you (Y/N), it appears I owe you a date.”

You snort.

“Yeah that would be nice, but next time, please don’t turn into a puppy.”

“How does a cat sound then?” he asks, smirking slyly.


“Come along now, we can’t be late for dinner now can we?” he says, taking your hand and kissing it gently.
You smile, giving in.

“I love you.” you say gently, reaching up to pet the top of his head. “But before we go anywhere; NEWTON ARTEMIS FIDO SCAMANDER I HAVE A HUGE LECTURE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.”

He flinches when you say his full name before he gave you a quick peck on your cheek and sprints out of the door.

“Hey get back here!” you scream, running after him, leaving Tina and Queenie behind.

As soon as you sprint out the door they share a smile.

“Good plan sis, those two really needed to have a break. And what better way than having a tiny adventure?” Tina says laughing.

“Yes, although next time we might want to think of something that doesn’t involve Newt getting a lecture from (Y/N), you know how bad they can be sometimes.”

“Nah, they’re perfect for each other. They could lecture each other for hours, after all that is how they fell in love.”

They hear a crash from downstairs followed by a chain of giggles and laughter; the sound of you tackling Newt in a hug.

Tina sighs.

“Maybe we should’ve left him as a puppy…”

“Turn them both into puppies?” Queenie suggests.

“Great idea.”


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catch // n e w t i n a

prompt: took inspiration from a prompt of OTP decorating Christmas tree.
edit: i wrote this in a daze + huge hurry so it’s not very edited and is paced very fast. apologies. might get around to editing it sometime.

About a month before Christmas, during one of his less busy months, Newt disappeared for a whole day. Tina, who had woken up on a Saturday morning to a scribbled note and what had obviously been Newt’s poor attempt at an edible breakfast, was naturally extremely grumpy through the day. She left the note, which said ‘I’ll be back’, on the kitchen table where she found it, and spent the day curled up reading. She’d have liked to go out, and frankly the sight of the lovely, freshly fallen snow outside the house nearly tempted her to, but she wasn’t exactly ready to let her anger at Newt dissipate.

The last bits of orange were fading into the twilight when Newt turned up. He rang the doorbell, for some reason, but Tina could care less. She marched up to the door, her best stern look upon her face, but found that it was already open.

“Tina, Tina! Look what I brought home! I spent a whole day choosing it!” Newt cried excitedly the second he saw her appear at the door.

Peering behind her husband, Tina caught a glimpse of a young fir tree. “Newton Artemis Fido Scamander,” she took a breath, “you did not just bring home a tree for Christmas.”

“But, Tina, look! It’s not too big, and it’s so cute! Also, Pickett approves of it,” he added, while the Bowtruckle leaned out of his coat pocket to peek at Tina.

“Where are we going to put it? What do we do with it after Christmas?” Tina demanded. “You said it yourself. It’s young, it’ll grow.”

“I’ve had it all thought out,” Newt grinned. “We can plant it in the backyard, if you want. If not, fir is wand wood, isn’t it? The Bowtruckles could live in it! I’ve asked them, and apparently they don’t mind. I can bring it into my case!”

Pickett stuck his head out again, turned to glare at Newt, before retreating back into the warmth of his pocket. “Pickett helped me with the ideas.”

Tina had absolutely nothing else to say. “Fine,” she sighed. “Bring it in.”

Newt’s grin grew wider as he stepped inside the house, checking the darkening streets for others before raising his wand to bring the tree in as Tina went off to finish off dinner preparations.

Later on during the evening, Newt brought out a box of ornaments.

“Is the Niffler in your case?” Tina asked sharply. She hadn’t forgotten the countless episodes of The Lost Wedding Ring - Oh Wait It Was The Niffler Again. Spending her Saturday night rescuing ornaments was not her activity of choice.

“I’ve got it entertained with some extras,” Newt said brightly. “It should be busy polishing its collection tonight.”

Still a little suspicious, Tina took the box from Newt. “Where do you get these things?” She asked, holding up a decoration of a badger.

“Porpentina Esther Goldstein Scamander!” Newt pretended to scold her. “I expected better from an Auror.”

“Magic shouldn’t be used this way,” Tina shook her head, but her face softened as she gazed at one that looked like Milly, one of their Kneazles.

Taking out their wands, the two of them began decoration. Of course, bickering ensued, over the general aesthetic of the tree. The Kneazles, who were only interested in the new potential playthings, managed to grab a few more appealing ones and shot off to examine their new finds.

“Red cannot be placed next to red!” Tina stated, shifting a Christmas hat from its original position beside a sock.

“But they compliment each other!” Newt argued, waving his wand to move the hat back.

Shaking her head, Tina reached into the box for more ornaments, smiling. “You’re hopeless.”

“You’re the one who’s hopeless!” Newt shot back, but he was grinning too. He had suddenly realised how sweet Tina looked, in her blue pyjamas, hair fluffy as usual and cheeks puffed up in a smile. He had never seen her more beautiful, never loved her more.

Oblivious to Newt’s tender gaze, Tina continued her search through the box. A flash of dark blue caught her eye, and reaching for it, she drew out a miniature, porcelain version of herself.

Tina felt something stir in her chest. “Newt,” she started, turning to her husband, who was blushing madly. She stared at him for a few seconds more, before turning back to the box and sifting through it, much more urgently this time.

Having found what she was looking for, Tina brought out a tiny Newt, complete with his case. She held the two figures together in her palm, just staring at them.

“I thought instead of a giant star or something, we could hang these at the very top,” Newt said, very softly.

Tina didn’t look at him. Her eyes remained stubbornly on the two small figurines. She seemed to let out a breath, and she brought them up close to her face, looking over every little bit of them. Newt stood, hoping and hoping she would react well.

Very, very gently, Tina removed the replicas from her hand and placed them back into the box gingerly. “We hang these last,” she faced him, eyes glimmering.

Tina was considerably quieter after that, rearranging Newt’s arrangements with far less ferocity and far less frequently. When her hand groped in the box and closed on air, she stopped for a bit. Then she picked up the last two pieces of decoration.

“You hang you, I hang me,” she said, passing Newt Little Newt. He was smiling, looking at her, hoping she would smile back and be happy, but she didn’t think she could. It was taking all her willpower not to hug him, hug him tight for the rest of eternity.

Engrossed in Tree Aesthetics, both of them failed to notice the claws that were poking out of Newt’s case. The Niffler had glimpsed the tree, with all its shiny decorations. Shiny! The Niffler could only think of one thing.

Raising their wands together, Tina and Newt brought their smaller selves up to the very top of the fir. It would have been a magical moment, had the Niffler not sprung on Hoppy in its relentless pursuit of shinies, causing the young Kneazle to hiss and paw at the Niffler. Tina’s concentration broke. Her wand slipped from her fingers and clattered to the floor, and Little Tina was falling too.

“I’ve got it, I’ve got it!” Newt gasped, quickly hooking Little Newt onto one of the topnost branches and diving for the falling bit of porcelain. “I’ll catch…”

His hand closed around the cool object. It sent something zooming through him.

“You.” Newt finished, very, very quietly.

The sounds of the Kneazles’ annoyed noises were gone. Everything faded, as both minds were transported back into a white room, a huge pool of liquid, black walls, a flash of green and blue. An arm reaching out, eyes locking, beautiful brown against blazing blue.

“I’ve got you, Tina.” Tina whispered.

They had met in December. It hit both Newt and Tina at the same time. They continued the stare-off, almost unblinkingly, memories flashing through the two minds.

An alleyway. Polished floors. The white room. A train tunnel. Ships. A bank. Dark house. The grey streets of New York in December.

The white room.

A loud screech shattered the mirage. Mauler and Milly had now joined in the effort to protect their newly acquired toys from the Niffler. Two heads turned towards the tussling bundle, two pairs of eyes gazed into each other again, the last bit of December, 1926, flickering in them.

Then Newt let out a loud, full laugh, and Tina giggled freely, as the couple hurried to try and pacify the Niffler and the Kneazles.

anonymous asked:

Hi Newt! What was your time at Hogwarts like? Did you get in trouble a lot (pre expulsion)? And if so, what for?

Trouble?  No, no trouble.  I was a model student.  Never got in trouble for wandering in forbidden areas, or for keeping too many puffskeins in my dormitory.  

Or for breeding nifflers in the greenhouse planter boxes.  Charming a bully’s robes orange.  Attempting to keep a pixie from a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.  Falling asleep in the owlery and missing classes.    Using a tickling charm on a friend during exams.  Pocketing a hedgehog from Charms class.

So you know, best behaviour only.


Newt Scamander X Reader

Word count: 526

Requested: Anonymous

Request: Hello love! Can you do a newton Scamander imagine where the reader and newt are at Hogwarts (if you put in the reader’s house,can it pLEASE be Gryffindor?) and they get caught making out in an empty hallway after curfew. If you are comfortable,kinda rough? Sorry if you are uncomfortable love XD you’re writings are amazing. Farewell!

Originally posted by abigailskanes

You never meant to fall for Newt, he was the kid that kept to himself in the back of the class. You’d never actually spoken to him in the first few weeks because you were in a different house, he was in Hufflepuff and you were in Gryffindor. “(Y/N)!” (Y/F/N) called you looked over at her and smiled. “Are you going to come hang out with me or are you going to blow me off again?” she asked smiling.
“I’m not blowing you off I’m just branching out.” You answered.
“You’re looking for a boyfriend.” She smirked.
“No, I’m not!” You argued walking down the hall with her.
“You know if you want a boyfriend you’re going to have to be more outgoing especially with the boy you’re looking at” she continued wriggling her eyebrows at you. You rolled your eyes but caught sight of the boy sitting alone in the courtyard. “Go.”
“Are you sure?” You asked.
“Yeah, he’s always alone, I have other friends.” (Y/F/N) smiled, you hugged her before jogging off towards Newt.
“Hey, Newton.” You smiled sitting next to him as scribbled things down in a journal.
“Why do you insist on calling me that?” he asked.
“That’s your name.” You answered smiling.
“Hmm.” he hummed. You frowned and looked over at him.
“What are you doing?” You asked.
“Gathering notes on something I saw last night,” Newt answered.
“You went out again?” You asked.
“I wanted to see something” he mumbled.
“Right… Well, are you going to do it again?” You asked.
“…No.” He answered carefully.
“Well, I’m coming with you.” You confirmed knowing that he had lied.
“No.” he answered firmly.
“Yes!” You answered leaning forward slightly glancing at the notes in his book.
“You can’t.” He said almost scaring you it had been silent for so long.
“Why?” You asked.
“It’s dangerous.” he answered.
“All the more reason.” You argued.
“You’re not coming!” he glared and you only smiled blowing a kiss at him before walking away, or course you were going.

Later that night you found yourself sneaking through halls following Newt towards the exit of the building, you quickly shuffled forward and tapped him on the shoulder he jumped before turning and looking behind him and sighing and glaring when he saw you. “Go back,” he ordered.
“Nope.” You answered popping the ‘p’.
“(Y/N) you have to go back, I can’t let you get hurt.” he pleaded.
“No I’ve seen you go off with Lita, why is it such a problem that I come-”
“(Y/N)!” Newt interrupted almost urgently.
“No-” This time you cut off by Newt pushing his lips onto your and forcefully pushing back into the wall behind you. You were surprised but pushed forwards hoping to get across that you wanted this to happen. Newt pulled back and out of breath took in a huge breath before finally saying “You not coming with me.” head still rested on your forehead and still slightly out of breath.
“Because you not going anywhere.” you both looked over to see Professor Dumbledore. You looked down wishing you could escape the moment.

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anonymous asked:

There are some people out there saying you're a cinnamon roll. May I eat you?

Well I…. what?  Sorry, I’m a bit confused on this one.  I’m definitely sure I’m not a pastry, and I doubt I’m all that, ah, tasty?  Right.  Although a few creatures have tried.

“Newt has two primary themes in my mind. He has his very Newt, slightly Charlie Chaplin-esque, absent-minded professor kind of bumbling around, where he’s got this warm and sweet kind of personality,’ James says. ‘And then when he gets into a situation where he needs to perform heroically, he has what we call the “Newt as a Hero” theme and that’s kind of the big, muscular hero theme – you know, thinking about Newt as Indiana Jones or Newt as some other heroic character because once that happens you see him transform from being a bumbling professor into this genius action hero.”

~James Newton Howard on writing the character theme for Newt Scamander

Loved this quote. I definitely got that and could easily pick out the Newt character theme throughout the soundtrack. It first plays when you see him arrive on the boat, again in the suitcase, and finally when Frank is set free.

“Genius action hero”–yup, have to admit that Newt has an agile fighting style that looked really cool. 

From Pottermore:

Bowtruckle Hunt

This is a short piece from a longer fanfiction I’m working on. Enjoy!

Slowly creeping through the forests, Newt Scamander peeked through the trees and bushes, trying to find what he had been searching for. This search had gone on for weeks now.

“I just want to get these little guys and get out.” he mumbled to himself, pushing a branch from his face as he walked.

Soon, he came across a clearing in the woods. This was it. Newt could feel it inside him.

He crept forward, careful not to make too much noise. He didn’t want to frighten the creatures ahead.

He could hear the chatter of the forest around him. Some sounds would be quite normal if a muggle were to come through. Others, however, Newt could tell were magical, something beyond a muggle’s understanding.

Just past the treeline of the clearing, Newt saw it. A small tree in the center. He squinted and saw a bunch of little creatures crawling around on it. He had found them. The bowtruckles.

Newt knew he had to be calm and quiet when approaching them. They were small with a lot of heart. They couldn’t take seeing a human well if they were loud and scary.

With case in hand, Newt went forward, seeing all of the bowtruckles wandering around on the tree, their home and practically their entire lives surrounded their tree.

A few of the small creatures looked up, seeing the tall man approaching them. None seemed to shy away yet. This is a good thing, Newt thought. Just collect and go.

“Hello everyone.” he spoke to them, a smile creeping across his face. “I’m here for all of you. I have a lovely tree just like this one in my case here.” he kneeled down beside the tree and unlatched his case, opening it slowly. “Would you all care to come in and see for yourselves?”

The bowtruckles all stared at him with curious eyes. They knew what he was saying but they were trying to figure him out. Why was he there for them? What was his purpose?

“Allow me to introduce myself, Pardon, I forgot my manners for a moment there.” Newt shook his head. “I’m Newt. I’m a magi-zoologist and I study magical creatures.” he pulled a small, leather-bound notebook from his coat pocket and opened it. He turned to a page and showed it to the curious creatures.

“See? Looks just like you all!” he beamed from his sketch of the bowtruckle on the page. The other side of the page was covered in information about the creatures and where he had found them at last.

“And in my case, you can all stay together and be a family. I’ll take care of you, I promise. I could never hurt any of you, oh goodness no.” Newt closed the notebook, putting it back in his pocket.

One bowtruckle in particular seemed to like Newt very much. The tiny green creature went to the end of a branch on the tree, looking at Newt with wide eyes. The young man noticed the bowtruckle and smiled at him.

“Hello there, little one. Would you like to see inside the case?” Newt gingerly put his hand out for the bowtruckle and was amazed to see it hop on just after.

“Well aren’t you a friendly one?” Newt grinned, bringing his hand close to his face. The bowtruckle looked back at the others on the tree, they were all watching him with concern and amazement. Was this one little bowtruckle trusting a human?

Newt took the bowtruckle and set him on his shoulder. The small creature held onto Newt’s coat collar and stood shakily.

“Let’s go explore the case. You can let the others know if they should join or not.” Newt told him before swinging his legs into the case and stepping down into it, the bowtruckle still hanging on with excitement.

After the adventure through the case, Newt brought the bowtruckle back up from the case to his family on the tree. The bowtruckle excitedly nodded to all of the others on the tree. He wanted to go. He knew it was safe. Newt would be there to take care of them.

When the others made their decision, they all looked towards the man in front of them. They wanted to go with him.

Newt smiled when they looked to him. They wanted to go! He quickly started taking them in groups into the case and to their new home. The tree was exactly like the one in the forest clearing. The “sun” shined on it, rays of light streaking through in just the right spots.

After all were settled into their new home, Newt took the first bowtruckle and extended his hand to the tree, letting him join the others.

The bowtruckle didn’t move. He simply wouldn’t leave this human’s hand.

“Now, now, I have more work to do. Don’t you want to join the others?” Newt looked down at the small creature.

The bowtruckle looked at him and Newt knew there was something about this little beast in his hand. He had just gained a new friend.

“Alright then. You can stay right here.” Newt opened the pocket on the chest of his coat and stuck the bowtruckle inside. The small creature poked his head out and smiled. He was happy.

“I’ll need a name for you…and all the others as well. But you’re first.” Newt said to the bowtruckle before going into his shed of the case. He took the notebook from his pocket once again and flipped through the many pages to an empty one.

“Next stop, Egypt. There’s apparently a beautiful thunderbird there being held by smugglers. I have to go get him or her, actually.. Then, once I have them, I can take them somewhere free. Somewhere they can fly and feel the wind against their feathers and screech into the sunset.” Newt felt himself going into a long spiel and glanced down at the bowtruckle in his pocket, who was staring right back up at Newt with big eyes, soaking in everything he was saying.

“Well, at least I didn’t bore you.” Newt stuck the notebook in his pocket and sighed, standing up.

He climbed the ladder to the case and got out, back into the forest clearing. He latched the case and held it in his hand firmly.

“And off we go,” he said, looking back to the forest, a little bowtruckle sticking his head out from the pocket of his coat. “to find a thunderbird and come up with your name.”

I’ll post more later if you all want! :)

First Year Newt Headcanons

-he was really nervous on the train to hogwarts 

-and he sat in a compartment all by himself

-but some older hufflepuffs came to sit with him

-it made him very happy

-it was also when he decided that hufflepuff was clearly the best house

-when the candy trolley came by, he bought some candy and gave it to the older hufflepuffs to thank them

-they told him that he was definitely going to be sorted into hufflepuff

-he was extremely happy about that 

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anonymous asked:

Dear Newt - I was wondering if you would be my friend, because I don't have any friends. My brain is different than normal, and it makes me talk different and my body different, and so people don't usually want to be around me. And I thought that since I'm a Hufflepuff too, you would be a good friend. I have a replica of your wand and it makes me happy. I have it on my bedside table. Love, A. x PS - Can I visit your creatures sometime? Does your suitcase have wheelchair access?

Well I can’t say for certain that I make a good friend, I’d be happy to give it a try. I’m curious as to how you know my wand, or how we ended up with similar ones, but that’s quite nice, isn’t it?  

And I, ah, not too many people visit, not too many would want to I think, but if you did?  There are quite a few ladders here and there… but that’s what levitation charms are for, aren’t they?  Always a way to make that work.