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I can't get the image of Newt napping directly on Hermann, like a weighted blanket, out of my head

I want you to know this HC personally ended me. I zoned out and imagined Newt lying on Hermann’s chest, Newt pressing soft kisses to Hermann’s neck/face, and Hermann running his hands down Newt’s back, tracing lazy circles till he falls asleep. Also this is SUPER valid to me bc I always HC Hermann as having asperger’s and like he really REALLY likes/needs the weight of a blanket around him at night and oh man Newt is just The Warmest and Coziest person in Hermann’s onion and the first time it happens on accident and Newt starts to apologize but Hermann just gathers him up in his arms and is like By Jove Newton, please stay where you are I’m quite comfortable as well and he blushes to the tips of his ears. 

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Newmann headcanon ask: 11

11) Wardrobe headcanon 

Newt!: loves to be punk, wacky, challenging, but stylish. He loves dark colors, paints his nails, if he’s feeling ambitious he’ll wear eyeliner and mascara. [[[[“It’s not metrosexual, Hermann, it’s punk. I’m a punk-ass-bitch ok, let’s get that straight…or gay in my case.” - “Yes, very well, you are a gay, punk-ass-bitch.” - “Thank you.” - “But do you not also identify as a rocker and a nerd also?” - “Shut up.”]]]] I think we have all established that he has a collection of rock tees and collects Doc Martens. I think he tried earrings a few times but wasn’t feelin’ it. He totally dyes his hair, duh. I feel like he would wear a black pvc leather tube dress or some buttless chaps just to drive Hermann up the wall in many ways [[One, to turn him on; Two, to piss him off; Three, to give Hermann concerns about workplace hygiene.]] And he would totally wear a kilt for a rock look. 

Hermann? Oh man, sweater vest king. Sock and knit sweater hoarder. Thrift store junkie. But he also loves to pull the whole James Bond suit look and knock everyone to the floor with his gorgeousness. He sometimes wears a diamond stud. [[Newt is mad that he can’t look as good in piercings as he does.]] Hermann isn’t into skinny jeans because they can be restricting on bad pain days. He loves anything with pockets. I think he wants to wear a kaftan but gets a little nervous thinking he can’t pull it off. Newt finds it in the closet one day and insists he try it out in public a few times; it happens once. (Hermann didn’t want to jinx it by trying to replicate the same fab results.) As previously stated, Hermann loves to steal Newton’s rock tees and be surrounded by Newt’s lingering scent. 

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3) Sleeping headcanon

Hmm, Hermann, on his own, would sleep in a fairly organized? way. He has to have his bed made nicely, the room should be at an optimal temperature. He probably wears a nice t-shirt (plain, not something garish that Newton would wear unless he’s borrowing one of Newt’s rock tees ‘cause he wants it for the scent) and some long classy sleeping trousers, all soft and elegant. I’m inclined to think he would use blackout curtains but at the same time maybe he likes the sun to shin in in the mornings. I think he sleeps in a fairly angular position, perhaps straight out with his arms at his sides. But I also think he might use a body pillow between his knees to ease any hip pain. He’s a medium to heavy sleeper, depending on pain or meds. When Newt is with him, there is a lot of snugging going on. But sometimes he wants to sleep separate in the same bed just to have some personal space or he needs to stretch out. But he does’t want Newt to feel rejected so he often reaches for Newt’s hand and falls asleep still touching Newton. He doesn’t enjoy rising early but feels he should. He likes to read the paper in bed.

As far as Newt goes, he does’t care what state the bed’s in. He rips off his trousers, flings on an old rock tee that should be in the hamper and bounces into bed. He usually sleeps on his side but wakes up in all positions humanly possible. Newt gives his Hermann lots of aggressive snuggles before burrowing under the covers. Sometimes anxiety wakes him up during the night but most of the time he’s a heavy sleeper. When Hermann gets cold, Newt’s always warm so he loves being his man’s personal giant hot water bottle. I don’t feel like he’s a morning person but sort of has to be sometimes. He loves lazy Sundays.