Fic I’m gonna write when I’m not busy: Newt has a really horrible nightmare and he knocks on Hermann’s door cause he’s really freaked and Hermann is like WTF but comforts him, like “come on old chap, sit on the bed.” And then Newt still looks really upset so Herms is all “you can sleep in my bed” and Hermann cuddles him and then they accidentally kiss and Newt’s like “hey, do you want to go on a date with me?” And Hermann goes, “I’m surprised it took us this long.”


     Newmann WW2 AU

     Dr. Newton Geiszler, Berlin-born and Boston-raised, is a professor of biology and paleontology guest-lecturing in England when war breaks out. Armed with six degrees, including one medical, he is determined to lend his skills to the war effort, working at the local hospital. He didn’t account for the sharp-witted and even sharper-tongued Hermann Gottlieb renting out the second room. He didn’t account for falling in love, either.

     Dr. Hermann Gottlieb fled Germany in 1938 and spent the early years of the war designing airplanes for the RAF. He is recruited to Bletchley Park in 1942, and struggles to keep his work and his sexuality a secret. Falling in love with his brash, American flatmate complicates matters, to say the least.

so…i was putting together this burn gorman/imitation game photoset, and then my newmann feels took over


“Hey hey Hermann hey Hermann Herrrrrrrms hey hey hey lookit hey!”

Newt, they may be miniature, but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen to you.

One DELIGHTFUL commission coming at you! Because Newt pulling off the Pratt/raptor move (Pratting? Pratt-keeping?) is so very fitting. And I love the triple event kaiju and just don’t draw them ever so this was perfect.