Imagine, Newt catching his 11 year old son, creaking down into his basement early in the morning to look at the animals, thinking he and Tina are asleep;

He watches, from the door way, overlooking the Kelpie enclosure. His sons face, pressed against the glass, still dressed in his Pajamas. Newt smiles, his hands in his pockets, resting on the door frame, as his young son giggles watching the Kelpie swim past.

If your mother catches you down here-”, Newt states,his son spinning on his heels, trying to come up with an explanation.

I was’nt doing anything….I…I was just”, He stutters. Newt raises his eyebrows.

I know what you were just-”, He chuckles, walking down the spiral staircase. He joins his son, kneeling down beside him, looking into the enclosure.

I couldnt sleep”, His son mutters,. “Im nervous about going to…to school”.

Newt gives his son a smile, from the corner of his mouth.

“You shouldn’t fear Hogwarts, I want you to experience all of its wonders, all of its opportunities. Opportunities of which I missed out on”.

His son shuffles on the spot, peering down at his feet. It intrigues Newt, how much they mirror each other. Tina often comments on it, from the shifty feet, to the floppy fringe.

You didn’t need school to become successful,” He says silently observing the brilliant enclosure around them.

I got lucky, your mother on the other hand, its a perfect example of what hard work can bring. She fought and she fought hard. She still does. Its an admirable quality that I expect from you”, Newt said softly, getting to his knees, he ruffles his sons hair, as he stood.

I want to be like you when I grow up, I want to travel,I want to see all of this for real”, He says enthusiastically.

You will one day, but the world out there is a dangerous one right now. You’ll be safe at Hogwarts. You’ll see plenty there. Least me and your mother will know you’re safe”. Newt said, as he began to cut up some small insects, throwing them into a pale beside him. He heard his son sigh, heavily.

I want to see the Kelpie…up close”. He said, peering up at Newt from besides his work desk. Newt hesitated, before dropping what he was doing and ushering his son forward.

You’d  better be quick then, your mother will have my head on a spike if she finds out”. He laughs, taking his sons hand, walking him a set of stone steps, leading to the top of the Kelpie enclosure.

Some time passes, after having a little splash around on the surface, a voice can be heard from below the stairs. Jolting, Newt rushes down the steps.

Newt, where is he, I went to check on him hes not in his room. I was wondering if he followed you down here….again”, Tina said though a tired yawn, wandering over to husband, pecking him on the cheek. She looked over Newts shoulder, to see their son in his dripping wet pajamas. Tina frowned, crossing her arms at them both. They stood side by side, looking guiltily at the ground.

Is someone going to explain why you’re dripping wet at 7 in the morning, or doing I have to hex it out of one of you”, She said in a monotone voice, raising her eyebrows at her two boys. He peered up at his father, who was looking more guilty than his son.

I..I was just going to get dressed mother”, He said, brushing quickly past her, echoing up the staircase to the main house. Tina stood still, peering at her husband under his flop of hair.

You amaze me, even after all this time Newt,” She laughed, shaking her head. He lifted his gaze, and smiled back at her. He pulled her into his arms, embracing her tightly, placing light kisses on her forehead.

How on earth did they get to this point?

Fantastic Beasts is arguably a feminist film centered around the often overlooked principle that embraces male sensitivity and empathy.

¾ main male characters display characteristics associated with femininity: Newt is greatly empathetic and displays caregiver traits; Jacob enjoys baking and displays humbleness as seen when instead of becoming competitive under the assumption that Newt is also opening a bakery, he wishes him luck; and Credence is vulnerable and is a victim of abuse, something we commonly associate with women.

The sole male character that displays traits more typical of masculinity is Graves. And while he is technically Grindelwald, He still could easily be made into a protagonist of a typical movie, given a few shifts in POV and changes to cues.

In a regular movie, Graves would’ve been this cold, serious, and cool hard worker who’s just trying to keep his people safe while Newt is the madman threatening to expose their existence with his carelessness. (This is, of course, disregarding the twist that Graves isn’t actually Graves.)

Additionally, Credence’s need to repress could be read not only as an allegory for queerness, but also for the overall suppression of feelings. Particularly, those which men are often made to feel guilty or lesser for feeling. That his abuser is a female and that Credence himself is canonically in his twenties lends its hand to the reality that anyone can suffer from abuse, even older men and that there’s no shame in it, as well as that anyone can be abusive (an important thing to consider when people belittle men who experience assault from women).

In this essay, I will —

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