Can you please make a newt imagine? Where y/n is a runner so she spends a lot of time with Minho. Newt becomes jealous and tries to make y/n jealous….. I’m sorry if that’s quite confusing haha btw love your blog 💙💙

Requested by Anonymous

You laughed as you broke back into the Glade with Minho at your side. He was always able to make you, and everyone else. You two slowed into a walk, and you grabbed the end of your ponytail.

“But really, why do you have better hair then me? That’s not fair.” Minho shrugged.

“Well, y/n, I’m also prettier then you. Just saying.”

“Ah!” you playfully punched the boy’s arms, but it hurt you more then him. Minho’s smirk grew. “Shut up.” you said, blush and speed growing as you headed toward the gardens. Newt was standing up, a weird look on his face.

“Hey.” you said. Newt pursed his lips into a smile. Even though you could tell he was upset, the action just made you want to kiss him. It took every bit of self-discipline you had to not kiss your boyfriend. “How are you?” Newt took a breath. Something was wrong. “Hey.” you said quickly so Newt raised his head. When he did, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He looked as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. You smiled, happy you had cheered the boy up successfully. “C’mon.” you said, sliding an arm around Newt’s waist. He kept you close the entire night until Minho and Thomas called you.

“Y/n.” you looked up. “Can you come with me to the Map Room?”

“What are you doin’?” asked Newt.

“Mapping.” Minho responded bluntly.

“Okay.” you stood up, shooting both of them a look. “I’ll see you Newt.” you said, leaving him alone with Teresa. He didn’t even respond.

Newt watched as you, Thomas, and Minho came into the Maze a few days later. He saw you trip and saw Minho catch you, keeping his hand on your back for just a second to long.

That was it. You had to be doing it on purpose.

Newt glanced around, seeing Teresa out of the corner of his eye.

A plan began to form in his mind. A plan to get you back.

“Oh, hey y/n.” Newt said as you walked over to him and Teresa.

“Hey.” you said uncertainly. You tried not to make note that Newt’s arm was resting on Teresa’s shoulder. “Can I sit with you? Minho’ll be over in a second.” Newt’s face darkened just a bit.

“Sure. Teresa and I were just talking.” he didn’t talk to you after that, just to Teresa. You tried your best to shrug it off and chat with Minho and Thomas, but you couldn’t.

“Hey.” you asked when everyone had left to do whatever. You hadn’t really been paying attention. “What’s all that about?”

“What’s all what about?” Newt asked, as if it was all normal. You rolled your eyes.

“Um, Teresa. Did you not see how uncomfortable she looked?” Newt looked… Sad? Disappointed?  

“That’s all you realized?” he asked. You knit your eyebrows.

“You also completely ignored me, and…” you trailed off. “No.” you said. Newt looked down. “Newt, are you… Are trying to make me jealous?” the word felt poison on you tongue. “I… Why?” Newt shuffled his feet.

“Because… You’ve been getting awful playful with Minho.” he admitted. “You’re always with him in the Maze, in the Map Room… I can I know you won’t leave me for him?” you sighed.

“It’s called trust Newt. That’s why I didn’t feel jealous of Teresa. Because I trust you. I wish you had trusted me and talked.” Newt looked up, but still didn’t meet your eyes.

“Trust, huh?” he laughed out of spite. “I go around the buggin’ Glade tellin’ every shank about trust.” You took his hand.

“Well… It isn’t only trust Newt.” you put his heart on your chest, right where your heart was. “It’s love too.” you whispered. This time, Newt looked into your eyes, making contact for so long it was as if he were searching for something.

When he finally kissed you, he found it.

I Warned Him (Newt Fluff)

Summary ~ He was warned so he should have expected a consequence, even Newt agreed.

Words ~ 1341

Request ~ No

It was getting annoying. The looks, the pranks, the trying to catch a glimpse of me naked. I understand they are boys they have needs, but I didn’t ask to be here. Everything was quiet only the sound of breathing. I slowly stood up and grabbed my clothes and a towel. I walked to the showers looking around to make sure that no one was awake. My muscles ached from the job of the day. They had put me in the gardens weeding and planting. I was so warm which resulted in me just working in some shorts and a tank. Of coarse that meant I had attracted a crowd. The whistled and called me names, asking when I was going to finally pick one of the boys to hook up with. Between the comments, the whistling and the stares, something broke in me and I lashed out.
I stood up turning towards the group of boys that were to busy looking at my ass to do any work.
“You think I’m good looking” I smiled at them, they all nodded. “You maybe want me” I winked.
“Yeah baby” A boy in the front smirked.
“Well let me tell you a little secret” I said moving closer to them. “You all repulse me. Girls with asses like mine do not go out guys with faces like yours. You would have a better chance at finding a way out of here then you would with me. If I hear one more comment or whistle I will take my rake and shove it up your ass” I turned around walking back to the garden.
“Yeah right babe” I heard before I felt a slap on my ass. I turned around to see the guy laughing and high-flying his friends. I don’t know what came over me, I spun around kicking him in the chest. He went flying to the ground and everyone stopped laughing. They all looked from him to me. I just shrugged.
“I warned him”
“What the hell is going on” I heard a voice say, I looked over to see the second in command.
“She attacked me” The guy said standing up and holding his chest.
“I warned him not to touch me, he had it coming”
“Josh you had that coming I have heard the comments you say to her, I am surprised it took her this long to kick you ass” Newt smiled at me, before turning back to the crowd and shouting. “BACK TO WORK” He walked away and I found myself staring at him.
I finished my showered and dried off. I got into some pyjama shorts and a bra. I heard some shuffling behind me and I looked over my shoulder to see Josh and two other guys.
“Hey princess” He smiled. “We are sick of waiting for you to pick someone so we are just going to take what we want” He started to come towards me. I glanced at the guys behind him they stood waiting for Josh to tell them what to do. He placed his rough hands on my face cupping my cheek, I slapped his hand away from me giving him a warning glare.
“Do you really want to be on the floor again?” I asked.
“You will be on the floor this time princess” He swung his fist forward but I caught it. I twisted it wrapped my legs around his head and flipped him over. I got up looking at the other two. One of them stood there screaming.
“YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT” I ran at him spinning myself around him before taking him down. I looked at the other guy and he looked unsure but lunged for me. I stepped a side, catching his arm and elbowed him in the back of the head. I turned around looking at the groaning on the floor. Josh looked at me trying to stand up and shout at me.
“YOU BITCH, YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT. I WILL KILL YOU” He stood up breathing heavy continuing his stupid speech, I rolled my eyes before kicking him.
“What the hell is going on?” I looked over to see Newt and most of the camp behind him.
“Just taking care of some ass-holes” I said pulling on a top, and walking out. Everyone cleared a path for me.
“Wait” I heard Newt say. “You beat all three of these guys up alone?”
“Do you see anyone else here?”
“Let this be a warning. I was going to talk about this tomorrow at our meeting but now seems like a great time. No one is to bother her. She is one of us you don’t hit on me you shouldn’t hit on her either. If you do I will not be dealing with it she will” He smiled towards me. “But if anyone takes it this far again, by trying to force themselves upon her, I will put you in between the doors as they close” I looked over at Newt smiling before walking back to bed.
One Week Later
No one has made any comments to me since then, but no one has actually spoke to me. Ever since the showers and the threat everyone is too scared to talk to me encase they say something wrong. I kind of miss the comments, not because I like to be reminded I have boobs, but because at least someone was talking to me. I sat on the grass watching the stars. I honestly thought about running into the maze when no one was looking. Even if I didn’t find anything I would die trying to help instead of weeding.
“What are you doing here?” I stood up quickly to see Newt.
“Nothing sir, I was just going” I said walking away.
“Calm down, I won’t tell” He laughed. “And please call me Newt, we are the same age” He lay down on the grass, he looked up at me patting the spot beside him. I lay down beside him smiling slightly to himself.
“So you are obviously a really good fighter” He said looking at me. “How did you know how to do that?”
“I don’t I just knew how to, it was like a reflex” I shrugged.
“Do you think you could teach me?”
“I don’t want to hurt you” I joked.
“You won’t hurt me” He laughed.
“Okay come on” I said standing up. I showed him some different defences, like if some tries to punch you or if some high kicks.
“Okay attack me” I said.
“What no”
“Come on don’t be a pussy” I laughed. He came at me and I twirled him around pushing him to the floor, I straddled his waist and raised my fist.
“See. Reflex”
“I feel like you planned that” He laughed.
“Why would I plan this?”
“So you could sit on me” He winked.
“Ugh get over yourself” I said trying to get up, but he rolled over and pinned me down.
“My lesson to you: never let your guard down” He smiled down at me. We stared at each other for a minuted and I saw his eyes flick between my eyes and lips.
“Hypothetically is there any guys here that you wouldn’t beat up, if they hit on you?” He asked.
“Only one” I smiled.
“Do I know him?” He said getting off me slightly.
“Yeah you do” I laughed. “I don’t know if I should try and flirt with him though” I sighed.
“Why not”
“He is kind of in charge, not the leader but really close and he seems kind of serious and I like fun guys”
“I can be really fun” He said leaning down and putting his lips on mine. I wrapped my hand around the back f his neck and pulled him closer. The kiss deepen and I was lying on top of him now, I pulled back smiling.
“You are very fun” I winked.


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You promised (Requested)

Maze Runner Imagine - Requested by anon

Pairing: Newt x Reader (well, not so much…)

Warnings: Emotional and physical pain; violence; strong language; blood;

Prompt: Hiii :) can you write an imagine where you’ve been newts girlfriend since the glade and make it to paradise together but during the trials you noticed that he’s gotten very close to a sweet girl from group b and after a little while he leaves you for her

A/N: This is the most painful thing I’ve ever written in my whole life. Like, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I need a therapy, seriously. I hope you suffer just like me, guys.

-Newt, I’m scared- my voice is hardly heard by the two of us, but our second in command hold me tightier than before. That’s it. Tomorrow we will escape from the Maze. Our digital clocks remind us that it should be sunset right in that moment, but the sky turned gray so we hardly believe it.

-I know, Y/N- Newt whispered. -But we will make it. Tomorrow, we will be free.

I sniffle, pushing myself back from his chest just to look him in his dark brown eyes. In that grey light, they seem totally black. -Not everyone. Someone will die.

-Not us- the blond seems firm, but I know him too well. He’s scared too. Tomorrow we might be separate. The Grievers won’t have anything to stop them from killing us all; I don’t want to lose him. Newt is the only person I could ever love. Without even noticing, I start crying. Tears roll down on my cheeks, but not a sob comes up through my throat. I need to know that I won’t lose him tomorrow. I need him to stay with me forever.

-Newt- I call him again, gripping the fabric of his hoodie in my hands so hard I make my knucles whiten. -Promise me that whatever we’ll go through from tomorrow on, we will always stay together. Promise me that you’ll never leave me. Promise, Newt.

Newt is sad by that words, but he nods. He brushes his nose against mine and kisses me, holding me close against his body. We move our lips in sync, my hands through his hair and his on my waist. When we break out to breath, he closes his eyes, and a single tear rolls down his cheek.

-I promise.

After going out of the Maze, the Gladers and I really thought we were safe. But then that woman and Gally showed up, and Gally killed Chuck. I was the only one that screamed with all the air in my lungs. I was afraid; for Newt, for Thomas, Minho, Teresa, for Chuck himself. We always knew that not all of us would make it alive; although, we never thought we would be halved. Newt was forced to carry me off bodily when our ‘saviors’ came, holding me close and letting me cry on his shoulder when we sat in that bloody bus. We spent a coupple of hour together after dinner, then Teresa and I left and went in our room since we were the only girls between the Gladers.

Newt gave me a kiss as a goodbye, repeating me his promise. -No matter what, I’ll never leave you. I promise- he whispered again, hugging me tightly before letting me go. But it wasn’t exactly only up to us. During the night, someone kidnapped me and Teresa. I screamed her to contact Thomas, but no one came to save us. Why didn’t they hear our screams? Why didn’t they help us?

The day after, I woke up in a ruined building. I was alone. Teresa wasn’t with me anymore, but, feeling also guilty for that, the only thing I could think to was that it wasn’t over, that W.C.K.D. Had tricked us, that they brought me away from Newt.

I was forced to act like a Crank in that city, because if I didn’t have the Flare before, I would take it staying there. I survived for a few days with some Cranks headed by a man called Jorge. I became friend with a girl called Brenda. Every day I hoped to see my soulmate again, until they showed up. Jorge ordered to me to stay behind until he was sure they weren’t a danger, but I knew that the Gladers weren’t dangerous. Well, I have to admit that I totally forgot the stupid pride and arrogance of Minho. I waited also when Thomas interrupted them. I waited with my heart spilling blood in my chest because Newt was so near and I couldn’t hold him against me. I waited until Jorge gave us green light. Then I screamed his name and smiled openly when his face lighted after seeing me.

-Y/N!- he screamed. He quickly reached me and I threw myself in his arms, crying happily. We were together again. He kept his promise. -I told you- he sobbed, crying too. -I will never leave you.

And he didn’t. Since that day, he stayed with me. I was with Jorge and the Gladers when Thomas and Brenda were divided by us because of the tunnel’s walls tumbling down. I stayed with him till the end. We made it together, two body, just one heart.

-Most of you are immune and have helped us gather invaluable data. Only two of you are considered Candidates now, but we’ll go into that later. Let’s get to the list. The following people are not immune. Newt…-

The time seems to stop. Something like a jolt hits me right in the chest, making hard for me to breath. My eyes fill with tears and I can’t do anything by stare at the floor. The Rat Man calls out a few more names, but I don’t pay attention anymore – I can’t even hear anything over the dizzying buzz that seems to feel my ears and fog my mind. It all makes sense, now. His tone getting more angry. His patience gone. The way he sometimes act like he wants to destroy anything. Newt has the Flare.

-Y/N, slim yourself- he whispers quietly, ignoring for a moment the faces of Minho and Thomas.

-Slim what? That slinthead just said that you have the Flare, how can you…- I can’t finish my sentence, Newt interruptes me with a kiss on the forehead that make me cry louder.

-I’m not worried about the bloody Flare, love- he explains. -The only things that matters for me is you. At least you’re immune. You’ll survive.

-Don’t say this, please, we can make it… We can make it together… We… We promised…

Newt smiles sadly, or at least tries. I can see on his face just a creepy grin. -No, love. We can’t. Not this time.

Despite of the words of Newt that day, we made it. We lost friends, brothers, sisters, but we made it alive and together. Thomas, Minho and I were able to convince the blond to go away from the Crank Palace and come with us, and then we reached Paradise all together. It was over, finally.

At least, that was I thought. Even if Newt accepted to come with us, he still had the Flare. He was slowly losing his mind, he spent a lot time alone, trying to avoid us, trying to avoid me, in those moment of madness. I spent every night comforting him in my arms, without saying anything because he would overreact. I kissed him in the morning. I helped him to go away quickly during his crisis because he didn’t want to be humiliated in front of all that people. I let him vent on my, and scream against me, because I knew that he didn’t mean anything of what he was saying during the attacks.

But then, after a few weeks, everything changed. There was another girl, Jennifer, a component of Group B. She wasn’t immune too. She was about at the same stadium of Newt, and they understood each other. They knew how to interact, how to reduce the damages around them. Newt started to spend a lot a time with her; at the same time, he started to avoid me. I saw the two of them a lot of time talking near the forest, laughing or just enjoying each other’s company. Pain and jealousy filled my chest, but I couldn’t do anything but accept that. When I was alone I cried for hours, my eyes pointed at the void, my heart bleeding in my own body. I knew what was going to happen when Newt called me after a long time. I knew that I was gonna have my heart shattered in thousand pieces.

I went to the meeting place – the river – with a bad feeling, but I didn’t say anything until he saw me.

-You’re late- he groaned, grumpy. It wasn’t true, but I thought that the right choice was to pander him. I apologized and tried not to cry thinking that he wasn’t the Newt I loved anymore. I stayed in silence and waited for him to talk, but he seemed to get nervous from minute to minute. Suddenly, I was afraid he was about to have another crisis. -Jennifer and I will leave. Tomorrow.

Newt caught me off guard, leaving me speechless. -What?- I barely whispered. I was attonished. -Are you leav-Where are you going? Why? I thought you would always stay here. With us. With me.- my eyes filled with tears. -You can’t leave…

In the exact moment I said those words, I regretted them. Newt raged, his eyes filled with anger and hate, and stepped quickly in my direction, stopping only a few metres from me. -Staying here? Are you bloody serious, Y/N?- he yelled. -Do you find amusing watching me lose control in front of you? DO YOU HAVE FUN WATCHING ME FORGETTING WHO I AM AND BECOMING A BLOODY BEAST WITHOUT HUMANITY?!

I stepped back so fast I didn’t even notice I was moving until I slammed to a three. -Of course not, Newt!- I whispered back, feeling hurt from his words. -I… I-I’m sorry- I moaned, swallowing. -I just love you, and I thought that this was enough…

Newt growled out loud, scaring me. -But I don’t love you anymore, you bloody slinthead!- he screamed. -I can’t stand anymore to see you so happy and safe around the “Paradise” while I’m suffering like this. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, Y/N!

I couldn’t keep my sobs silent anymore, I started crying desperately in front of him. -What did I do?- that was all I could murmur without break in pieces in front of him. He didn’t love me anymore. Usually I would believe that the Flare was talking for him, but I knew it was real this time. I knew he didn’t feel anything for me anymore.

-What did you do?- his voice was almost human again, but the rage and the hate were still in his dark brown eyes. Those eyes I loved so much. -You brought me here, Y/N. You brought me here instead letting me die alone in the middle of cranks like me.

I was about to talk again, sobbing, but he hadn’t finished yet. -But it’s okay, now. I have Jennifer. She understands me. She helps me in way you’ll never be able to and I love her. I decided to go away with her tomorrow morning at sunrise.

I felt myself slide against the tree behind my back, tears rolling down my face and my neck, wetting my shirt and falling to the ground. -You’re leaving me- I repeated. I heard the sound of something breaking inside my chest; for a moment I was sure even Newt heard it. -Newt, you…- I didn’t finish speaking, but he understood. He knew what I was talking about and that reminding made him even more brutal to me.

-I know, Y/N! I bloody know what I promised to you!- he yelled, his face red with anger. I was terrified. -But you know what? I DON’T CARE! I can’t stand anymore to see you every day, all I want to do is die next to the girl I truly love, Jennifer! I won’t see you ever again!

-But why?!- I finally screamed, desperate. I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t bear the boy I loved being so violent with me.


That was all. I couldn’t breath anymore. My heart stopped his race in my chest. I died in that moment, after those words. He couldn’t bear seeing me anymore. He couldn’t… He couldn’t… I really wasn’t breathing. I hardly heard my own voice when I spoke. -Newt, how…

-GO AWAY!- he screamed. Newt had lost definitely control. He took a rock from the riverbank and moved like he was going to throw it at me. I was totaly paralyzed, I was goint to let him kill me. He would kill me in that instant. But before he could actually do it, his eyes returned the eyes I learned to love. He returned human enough to throw the rock to a tree near me. Newt was horrified by himself. I tried to approach him again.

-Newt…- I whispered without air in my lungs. -Please, don’t leave.

-Go away- he replied. I tried to talk again, but he screamed. He stepped in my direction quickly, stopping just a few inches from my face. -Go away. Don’t ever show youself to me. Ever again.

I stood up, pale and internally destroyed. I sighed, hardly breathing. -But…

-GO BLOODY AWAY OR I’M GONNA KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!- I jumped at that screamed, moaning desperately and shutting my eyes. I was shaking like crazy. I felt his warm breath on my face. I knew he wasn’t bluffing. The guy in front of me had nothing of the Newt I loved. Now, he was just a Crank. My love had died a long time ago. The same day when we understood he wasn’t immune. The same day he told me he wouldn’t make it alive. And he was right.

For the whole month after, I’ve been in a catatonic state. Minho and Thomas were conscious it was just because of Newt. They tried to distract me, but nothing worked. For an entire month, I barely ate. I barely moved. I barely lived. I don’t like to sleep anymore. I know that when I fall asleep the only thing my eyes are searching for it’s gone forever, and it hurts remembering about him every time. But I can’t keep my own body from sleeping, though. However, this night… This night is the worst ever. I’m dreaming about him. I’m dreaming about the last time we spoke.

The sight of you makes me sick.

These words resound in my head thousand times, making me wake up with a scream while I’m crying. I’m in my room. The light of the moon enters from the window, lighting the room enough to let me see everything. But I’m done. I’m fed up with everything.

Starting cryind desperately again, I get up from the bed and throw the pillow against the wall. It’s not enough. I remove the blanket from my bed, I scratch the mattress under them. I open every drawer in the room and throw my clothets around the room. I scream, and I’m destroying everything. I’m destroying every inch of my room, so it shows exactly how broken I am inside. In the end, I grab a glass pot and throw it on the floor. The pieces wounds my feet and my ankles, but I don’t care. I sit down on my kneels, woundind them, and grap the pieces with both my hands. Blood colors my skin, but I don’t care while I’m screaming.

Suddenly, while I’m crying, someone opens the door. Minho and Thomas try to ask me what happened, but they know. They know I’m losing my mind too.

-He left me!- I scream, venting my anger and my desperation on them. -He left me alone, when he promised me to never do it!

Minho breaks down on his kneels too. He’s crying just like Thomas. They both carefully hug me, trying to open my hands and take away the red pieces of glass from my wounded flesh. I try to resist. I just want to die. Why can’t they let me die? -Y/N, it’s over- Minho sobs quietly, caressing my hair. I can’t stop crying and screaming my pain out loud.

-Newt left me!- I yell. Thomas covers his mouth with his hand.

-We have to call someone- he whispers. Minho nods and he leaves. I don’t even care anymore. I died with Newt the day he left. I shout again, and again, willing to die in that moment.

-You promised!- it’s like I’m yelling directly at Newt, now, accusing him. -You promised to never leave me again, no matter what! YOU PROMISED, NEWT!

You promised to never leave me alone. But you did.


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“Y/N!” Dan called.

You silently groaned before coming out of the Infirmary. “Yes?”

“I have some clothes to be washed,” he stated while piling a load of sweaty clothes in your arms. You were a MedJack and since there weren’t many injuries, a few Gladers decided to get you to do the ‘domestic’ chores because you were a girl.

Since you were new to the Glade and the only girl, you went along with it and stayed quiet. You carried the clothes to the clothes line after washing them. “Y/N? I have some Builder tools to be put away,” Harold requested. You nodded.

On your way to the building site, another Glader stopped you. “Hey, Y/N,” Fred said, “There’s a recipe for a sauce for dinner tonight in the Kitchen, if you don’t mind.” Before you could explain where you were going, Fred left.

“They’re still doing it?” Your friend, Minho, approached. “I swear, you should just tell Newt or someone about those slintheads. One of the rules is to do your part and you’re doing everyone’s.”

“It’s not a big deal,” you assured. You didn’t want to cause any drama. You also didn’t want to be treated differently because you were a girl, but no way that was going to stop. Harold saw you again. “Y/N, I told you to put my tools away.” You nodded.

Fred interrupted, “Y/N, the sauce needs to be done soon.”

“Why don’t you shucking do it yourself?” Minho defended you, “For shuck’s sake, she has her own job.”

He scoffed, “Yes, because the life of a female MedJack is very tiring. Now, go to the Kitchen.”

You were about to go when Minho insisted, “Stay here, Y/N. What does Y/N being a girl have to do with anything?”

While the two were arguing, you saw Harold gesturing towards the building site so you slipped away without either of them noticing. You quickly organized the tools and put them back in their rightful place.

Then, you found yourself in the Kitchen, stirring the sauce for tonight. You don’t know why you can’t say no, but thoughts appeared when you thought of the word ‘no’. ‘I’m not good enough.’ ‘I have to do more to be treated equally.’ 'Other people shouldn’t hear my problems.’ 'It is selfish to think of myself before others.’

Maybe you were like this before, but as you finished your sauce, Minho came barging in. “Nope, no, no,” he declared, “I did not argue with that shank so you would still do what he asked.”

“Too late,” you apologized. With that, Minho took the saucepan and poured its contents into the sink. You immediately snatched it back and began measuring the ingredients again. “Y/N, you shouldn’t let them walk all over you,” he tried to reason with you, “Just tell Alby or at least Newt.”

“It’s fine, Minho,” you stated while remaking the sauce, “Now, if you don’t mind, I have to finish this in time for Dinner.” He left angrily, but you just continued with the sauce.

Frypan thanked you for making it and that was it. No more sauce drama. You sat with Minho who had cheered up considerably. “So, you’re good now?” You asked.

Before he could answer, Newt sat down at your table. He didn’t usually do that so you raised an eyebrow. “Hello, Y/N,” he smiled.

“Hello,” you said, brushing it off. Maybe he and Minho had to discuss Glader business. “Uh, I can go if you-”

“No, stay,” Newt insisted. Everyone ate quietly. You ate a little and excused yourself. Minho followed you. “Y/N, I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

“You didn’t.”

“It’s just that I don’t get it,” he continued, “Why do you let them boss you around?”

“I don’t want to be a burden,” you mumbled.

Minho shook his head. “Y/N, you don’t think that I didn’t notice the bags under your eyes? They take every free minute you have and make you do what they’re supposed to do. You get dizzy with all the different orders!”

You corrected, “They’re not orders.”

“Are you scared of them? Did they threaten you?”

“No!” You sighed. “I’m the only girl and I already feel inferior. I barely do anything as a MedJack so I’m sorry if I help out.”

“Y/N, you work harder than anyone and it’s not even your job.” He saw how tired you looked and let you go to bed. You faked a smile and went to the Homestead to go asleep.

When you woke up, there wasn’t anyone in their beds. Did you sleep in? In the state of panic, you rushed to put your day clothes on and run outside.

The boys were gathered outside with Newt, but you heard what was being said before they saw you. “I’ve heard that a group of you have been slacking and expect Y/N to do your job,” he announced, “I’ll remind you that we don’t like slackers. If I hear this again, I won’t hesitate to put the group in the Slammer.”

His eyes widened when he saw you and Newt looked a little embarrassed. You mouthed, 'Thank you.’ He nodded with a slight smile.



newt-hale asked:

Tras recibir aquel reto sabía que su compañera de piso iba a pegarle por aceptarlo, pero aún así lo hizo. Esperó a que la morena se durmiese y en ese momento entró en su cama sigilosamente acurrucándose a su lado, sin tocarla, esperando que no se enfadase mucho con él por haber aceptado el atrevimiento que le había impuesto Red Queen.

La morena ya estaba levemente dormida cuando notó como un peso a su lado se hundía. Al principio se asustó, pues no tenía ni idea de quien se había podido meter en su cama y se dio le vuelta disimuladamente, viendo a Newton dentro de sus sábanas. Se sorprendió mucho. -¿Newt?-. Preguntó, aunque ya le había visto, pero aún así soltó una risa divertida. -Me has asustado.-