doodles for @to-the-giant-furniture-wall‘s really really cute au fic that made me indescribably happy!!

(this is the anon that dmed u abt the doodles haha!)


The Adele/Book of Mormon Crossover you never knew you needed.

i just really want a newsies au where katherine and davey are a really cute vlogger duo?? some of their videos are educational and how-tos and stuff and they do a lot of challenges and best friend tags and a few covers (they both sing and davey plays piano and ukulele like a pro. katherine sometimes whips out a kazoo.)

katherine’s really good at pinteresty things and does a lot of social justice vlogs and davey likes giving really fun history lessons with puppets

and they’re not like super famous but they have their own little following and specs is their most dedicated fan

their most popular videos include:

  • their cover of anyone else but you by the moldy peaches (feat. katherine’s sick kazoo solo)
  • their cover of it takes two from into the woods (davey’s on ukulele for this one and it’s SO CUTE)
  • two videos where they do each other’s makeup. davey actually does a decent job until the eyeliner.
  • davey attempting to give katherine a ukulele lesson
  • a really helpful video about studying for finals (sarah and jack guest star as best and worst examples. be a sarah!! DO NOT BE A JACK.)
  • davey’s summary of the american revolution. with puppets.