Occupy Wall Street News Roundup, Sept. 24-25

Police Brutality:

Police pen up and mace female protesters [Raw Story]

Young man arrested simply for walking down the street [laurasthinkingwithportals]

Protester thrown over barricade by police [evanfleischer]

Protester shouts, “Is this what you’re about?”, gets cuffed [@LibertyPlazaRev]

Officer pushes sitting protester, man stands up, cops arrest him [@LilKing420s]

Cops Tackle, Mace Wall St. Protesters for No Obvious Reason [Gawker]

In the News: 

Occupy Wall Street makes the Sunday cover of NY Daily News [@DhaniBagels]

NYPD Silent On Pepper Spraying Of Downtown Protesters [NY1]

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Regroup at Liberty Plaza With Pizza, Tales of Battle [NY Observer]

Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during ‘inequality’ march [NY Daily News]

80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North [NY Times]

Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim [NY Times]

Arrests at New York anti-Wall Street protest [Al Jazeera]

Protesters march in Manhattan, criticizing Wall Street [Reuters]

Police crack down on 'Occupy Wall Street’ protests [Guardian]

80 arrested as ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest of bank bailouts, mortgage crisis marches in NYC [Washington Post/AP]

Protesters march in Manhattan, criticizing Wall Street, getting arrested [MSNBC]

Dozens arrested in 8th day of 'Occupy Wall Street’ protests [CNN]

Police Arrest 80 During 'Occupy Wall Street’ Protest [Fox News]

80 'Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Arrested [WSJ]

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Turn Violent; Video Shows Police Macing Women [ABC]

Wall St protests: Police harsh, media silent? [RT]

Occupy Wall Street Calm So Far in Ninth Day [Village Voice]

Why 'Occupy Wall Street’ makes sense [Amy Goodman]

Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination [David Graeber]

Occupy Wall Street’s Leaderless Democracy [The Indypendent]

11 Things You Can Do to Help the 'Occupy Wall Street’ Movement [Alternet]

Must Watch: 9/11 first responder occupies Wall Street [evanfleischer]

Check out Occupy Together, a new site listing occupation movements across the country.

Email NY-based journalists and urge them to cover the protest [inothernews]

Watch the Global Revolution livestream.

Follow Evan Fleischer for a steady stream of news from the Occupy Wall Street movement.

[Photo: Alex Fradkin]

Social Roundup: Rowling on a roll

After months of speculation, we’ve finally had our Newt confirmed the week. Some people, at least, were…


Matchday 14 - Real Madrid 3-0 Celta de Vigo

- Sergio Ramos, a living legend (Marca)

- Perez presents Sergio with a commemorative shirt to celebrate his 300th La Liga appearance for Real Madrid.

- “You’d have to invent words to describe Cristiano Ronaldo.” - Ramos

- Instagram: with Cristiano | with the team and staff

- Sergio will miss the match vs. Almeria and the match vs. Ludogorets due to yellow card accumulation in both competitions.

Libya, Bahrain, Yemen News Roundup: February 22.

Here is a news roundup for Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and other countries for Tuesday, February 22. Also check out NewsFlick’s Middle East Situation Update: 22nd Feb

[Previously: Feb. 20; Feb. 21]

Live blogs:

Gaddafi’s speech (VIDEO):

Analysis of Gaddafi’s speech:


What Officials Say - Libya:



Algeria, China, Iran, Iraq, Morocco:

Other good reads:


News roundup: September 10, 2015 | Previous

Injury updates:
- Danilo: tear in his right foot (3 to 4 weeks).
- James: muscle tear in his left thigh (15 to 20 days or a month at most).

Day 4
Ronaldo, Ramos and Marcelo joined the group training (video).
Tomorrow: A press conference at 2:30pm, followed by training session at 4pm.

Real Madrid receive their IFFHS trophies:
- The IFFHS presented RM with the World’s Best Club of 2014 award
- RM topped the IFFHS 2014 Club ranking with 381 points – a record since the prize’s establishment in 1991.
Cristiano received 2 trophies.
Kroos picked up the World’s Best Playmaker trophy

- Figo set to be named as La Liga ambassador
- 100 days since Benítez named RM’s coach
Pérez insists that PSG must pay €1b for Cristiano
- Arbeloa’s RMTV interview
Víctor Fernández named director of the Youth Academy
-  Ramos celebrates his 10th year anniversary at RM (highlights) | Twitter | YouTube

Transfer news
Pérez ruled out a deal for De Gea in January
Mendes in Manchester to discuss De Gea’s possible contract extension.

Promo - Cristiano’s debut fragrance
- Vanity Fair interview: (ES)
- Cristiano on his new fragrance, commercial activities & a “perfect life”: (EN)
- photos (2)

Yoo Yun Suk relates to his character Chilbong + picks Go Ara as his 'We Got Married' wife

Actor Yoo Yun Suk held an interview with Star News in which he talked about how he could relate to his character Chilbong in ’Reply 1994.’  Although Chilbong did not get the girl in the drama, the actor received a lot of attention and popularity from his excellent portrayal of the character.

Yoo Yun Suk said, “I don’t think the image of Chilbong’s unrequited love was bad … I think women are attracted to a man who only looks at his woman.  This type of character gets a lot of sympathy and support so I like it,” and then laughed.

He then talked about his own personal experiences that were similar to Chilbong’s in the drama.  Yoo Yun Suk stated, “I experienced one-sided loves and I confessed feelings that were not accepted.  There was even a time I closed my heart off … I think I could greatly sympathize with Chilbong.

He was also asked who he wanted to be partnered up with on MBC’s variety program ’We Got Married.’  He chose Go Ara to be his fictional wife without hesitation, explaining, “The way I see it, since I did not end up with Na Jung (Go Ara’s character) in the drama, it would be nice if we came together at least once even if it were through the fictional ‘We Got Married.’”

Even in the end, Yoo Yun Suk thoughtfully considered his character and the drama’s Chilbong fan base instead of providing his personal preference–or maybe they are the one and the same, after all.  Would you like to see him and Go Ara on 'We Got Married’?

source: allkpop

An Ivorian demonstrator weeps as she holds a picture of murdered victims of post-election violence in Ivory Coast. [Photograph:Legnan Koula/EPA]

Ivory Coast:

The Numbers:

  • 400 killed in ongoing political violence since November elections [BBC]
  • 27 killed this past week [UN]
  • 10 killed last night alone in Abidjan [AJE]
  • 450,000 refugees, says UNHCR [BBC]
  • 200,000 have fled in the past two weeks alone [Reuters]
  • 800,000 children have been out of school for months [AllAfrica]
  • 9,000 UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast [BBC]

Medical supplies are running out, many medical facilities have shut down, food reserves are scarce, Ivorians are eating ‘whatever they can find’, and many citizens have not worked in weeks. [AllAfrica]

Gbagbo forces launched tank, mortar and helicopter attacks this week. The Gbagbo-friendly Defence and Security Forces (FDS) said Saturday they have launched a major offensive ’to rid Abobo of terrorists. It’s make or break.’ Gbagbo released a statement Saturday asking ’the population to remain calm’ and said he will soon address the nation. [France24]

Warning - graphic description: A UN official says dead bodies are being eaten by dogs on the streets of Abidjan, says the humanitarian situation is 'really, really difficult right now’ [BBC]

A spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency says dead bodies are ’littering the streets’ of the Abidjan district of Abodo [UPI]

Trigger Warning - sexual violence: The human rights situation in Ivory Coast is deteriorating, says a top UN official. “Human rights abuses, including rapes, abductions and killings, are being committed by people supporting both sides.” [UN]

The World Food Programme (WFP) is working to boost food aid to Ivory Coast. [AlertNet]

The pro-Gbagbo group New Forces (FN) claim they have taken the town of Doke, while pro-Ouattara forces say they have control of Blolequin. In response to the continuing clashes over control of towns, a FN official says, “We received orders from the prime minister. We will not lay down arms.” [Radio Netherlands]

Gbagbo officials rejected an AU proposal for a Ouattara-led unity government. Read more about the AU proposal at AFP. [Reuters]

The White House on Friday released a statement saying they are ’appalled’ by reports of violence. [UPI]

Ivorian workers are facing difficulties while trying to access money. [BusinessWeek]

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow recently filed two reports on the crisis in Abidjan. Follow him on Twitter here. [AJE]

Reuters reports on the media struggles in Ivory Coast. [Reuters]

NPR's Ofeibia Quist-Arcton, reporting from Abidjan, discusses the African Union’s response to the ongoing political violence and details the divide between pro-Gbagbo citizens and pro-Ouattara citizens. [NPR]

Guardian's Patrick Achi pleads for international intervention, saying we cannot let Ivory Coast fall into civil war. [Guardian]


News roundup: May 29- June 2016
- See also: Real Madrid NT recap

Champions League
RM lead the UEFA ranking (176.142 points)
La Undécima masterposts: Photos | Videos
- Feature: CL 15/16 (
- Cristiano’s goal vs Roma wins best of 15/16 CL
- RM: The only club to have won the trophy 5 times in the CL era
- Ramos: The 6th madridista to score in 2 European Cup finals
- Zidane: The 7th madridista coach to win the European Cup
- Map of social media interaction during the week of la Undécima
- More stats breakdown
- Six madridistas in CL’s squad of the season
- Road to Cardiff: the 2016/17 season calendar

Videos [RMTV]
- The history of the CL trophy | The year of Navas | Isco’s 10 assist this season
- 15 goals this season from outside the area | 10 goals scored by defenders
- Bale’s free-kick goals with RM | Casemiro’s CL | Bernabéu, synonymous with goals
- Kroos’ assists for RM | best goals of the season | Modric’s goals | Bale’s best goals
- James’ best goals | Marcelo’s best assists | James’ 7 goals | Pre-season (16/17)
- James free-kick golazos

Fixtures (confirmed)
- pre-season 2016 schedule
- UEFA Super Cup: vs Sevilla (Aug 9 at 8:45pm CEST)
- FIFA Club World Cup: Dec. 8-18, 2016

Official announcements
- Jun 15: Cheryshev transfers to Villarreal
- Jun 21: Morata returns to Madrid

Awards and accolades
Benzema: Mahou’s best player of 15/16
Modrić: Best Croatian player of the season (4th consecutive year)

2016 Corazón Classic recap
- Cristiano: Most assists this season (13), 10 in La Liga; 3 in CL
- Benzema’s best season: 28 goals in 36 games (15/16)
- Another great season for CR7
- Bale: King of assists (10 per season)
- Ramos’ undécima: 11 seasons with RM; scored in all of them
- Lucas Vázquez: a season to remember (4 goals, 7 assists)
- Navas completed the best season of his career (unbeaten in 22 of the 45, conceded 31 goals)
Funeral mass for Santiago Bernabéu
- 4th fourth European Cup anniversary
Pérez visits Casablanca’s Instituto Juan Ramón Jiménez [Morocco]
La Undécima: Main attraction on the Bernabéu tour (+) (+) (+) (+)
- 60th anniversary of RM’s 1st European Cup
Bale and Isco to renew deals; Jesé and Pepe face wait
Bale to get ‘deal for life’ at RM
Ronaldo set to sign new Real deal after Euros
- Zidane turns 44 (+)
- ForbesCR7 named world’s highest-paid athlete
Real Madrid target 2018 for Bernabeu renovations
- [photos] A visual history of RM’s kits through the years
- Ronaldo throws reporter’s microphone in lake
  – update (July 2) - CMTV confirmed roving mic is recovered by divers & will be auctioned off.
- Ancelotti defends Cristiano

Zidane visits India (by Kanakia Group)
- Interview (part 2) [India times]
- Zidane walks the ramp in Mumbai [video] [photos]
- Zidane arrives in Mumbai [photos: 1, 2] [video] [video 2]
Zidane and Kanakia Spaces launch ‘Z Wellness’ [photos]
Zidane to help sell luxury Mumbai homes
- misc. videos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

- Ramos for UEFA (via RM)
- Carvajal, Navas [On RMTV’s ‘La Tertulia’]
- VázquezCarvajalModrićRamosPepe, Navas [MARCA exclusive]
- Cristiano for Undici (via AS)
Kovačić, RonaldoMorata [AS]
- Kovačić to Fcinternews (via AS)
- Morata (via Marca)

Injury news
- May 30: 
Carvajal (hip) - 3 weeks out
- June 8: James (shoulder) - may requires surgery post-Copa America
- June 10: Navas (foot) out for six weeks; Danilo (foot) four
Navas’post-surgery reportDanilo’post-surgery report
- June 13Varane (thigh) returned to training
- June 17: Modrić (groin) confirmed out vs Spain (Jun 21)
update: Modrić played full time vs Portugal (June 25)

- Nike: Cristiano | ‘The Switch’ 
- Adidas: James (1, 2) | Bale (1, 2, 3) | Zidane
- Morata and Vázquez on Adidas’ snapchat
- Microsoft: Navas, Marcelo, Jese, James

16/17 kitsHomeAway | 3rd kit | TrainingCL training | Goalkeeper | Pre-match

Here again is our round-up of the best things we read last week. It’s like a book club that never meets.

Good Morning America did a segment on our Oscar predictions. See them all here.

Digiday interviewed Mic’s (micdotcom) programming editor about his success using Tumblr as a source of referral traffic with some good lessons for other publishers.

The Washington Post (washingtonpost) examined the functional failure of author crediting and sourcing on the internet through the story of one girl’s personal blog post, which became one of John Green’s most quoted and misattributed lines.

Our friends at Adweek (adweekmag) looked at 90s nostalgia in advertising, a trend that will last until just after 90s kids aren’t cool anymore. Won’t be long. The aught kids are already here and couldn’t care less about the past—it’s depressing, mono-racial, and isn’t even in HD. For now, at least until they need a laptop for school, you can reach them in games. Here’s a helpful infographic that lays it out pretty simply.  

And finally, congratulations to our parent company, Yahoo, on getting the Gemini ad platform hooked up to Flurry’s mobile ad serving software. The new integration gives advertisers access to the in-app inventory of 630,000 apps on 1.6 billion mobile devices. All through the same platform that powers Yahoo’s display and Tumblr’s native ad business.

Quote by Melody Truong (melodytruong), collage by (winedineandsixty-nine).
The Lesbian Pulp Novel, and Other News
From a Penguin edition of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt, retitled Carol.In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast has landed the number-one spot on the French best-seller list—spurred in part by an interview with a woman known only as “Danielle,” who said the memoir helps the French “hold high the... Read More »
By Dan Piepenbring

Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast” a best-seller in France, the first lesbian pulp novel, high-tech Japanese toilets, and other news.

Wisconsin Coverage: A Roundup.


Wisconsin news:

News roundup:


  • The debate in other states: “Labor is preparing to spend at least $30 million to fight anti-union legislation in several states including Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”| WI State Journal

If you’ve read any great articles I missed, send them my way and I’ll add them to this list.

News roundup: August 15-16 (previous post)

Third kit leaked
A look at Galatasaray
- Benitez gives his squad the weekend off
Defensive damage limitation for Benítez
- Real Madrid rely on Benitez to win La Liga, not new signings
Realmadrid TV and LaSexta to broadcast the Bernabéu trophy
- Defining season for Bale at Real Madrid in 2015/16
- Cristiano: World’s Most Charitable Athlete
- Bernabéu trophy tickets sold out 
Benitez calls for reinforcements; a striker & a midfielder in wishlist
Jesé as an alternative #9
Danilo and Casemiro take the Bernabéu Tour
Pressure on the BBC
- Bale to make his debut in the Bernabéu Trophy
- Keeping Kroos fit and fresh is Benitez’s priority
- Ramos will be the 2nd highest earner at RM with €9 + bonuses yearly, second only to Cristiano

NT call-ups:
- Brasil Olympics: Lucas Silva
- Brasil: Danilo (In), Marcelo (out)

Real Madrid 2015/16 season preview
- Goalkeepers | Defenders | Midfielders | Forwards

- The best goals in the Bernabéu trophy
- Casemiro and Danilo take the Bernabéu tour

Transfer talk
PSG to beat out Manchester United for Fabio Coentrao
Liverpool prepare €21m bid for Illarramendi
Juventus make €40m offer for Isco
Roma express interest in Nacho
- PSG want Martin Odegaard on loan
Real Madrid is set to sign Mateo Kovacic for €30m as Modric’s replacement
Mateo Kovacic (in) De Gea (in) Asensio (out, loan),  Coentrao (undecided)
- Bronzetti: “If Coentrão does leave, he’ll only go to one club - Benfica”


Is Roundup the Cause of ‘Gluten Intolerance’?

A compelling new peer-reviewed report from two U.S. scientists argues that increased use of Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide (trade name Roundup) could be the cause of the epidemic of symptoms labeled as “gluten intolerance.”

Reposted with permission from the Journal of Interdisciplinary Toxicology

Go Ara reveals her first impressions of Yoo Yun Suk, who considers being on Team Trash

The second part of the epilogue special for tvN’s ’Reply 1994’ aired on January 10. For one section, Go Ara (Na Jung) revealed her first impression of Yoo Yun Suk (Chilbong) while they both sat in a car.  

 She said, “Cheap,” which made Yoo Yun Suk burst into laughter before putting on a look of disappointment.  Seeing his expression, Go Ara started to turn on the aegyo as she said, “It’s a joke, oppa … You were so cool and had a really clean-cut image.  The color of milk, Yoo!  Chil!  Bong!”  Her aegyo succeeded as Yoo Yun Suk then smiled brightly.

However, Go Ara was not the only one who had to comfort the actor.  He shared a conversation with B1A4's Baro (Binggeure) in another segment.  Yoo Yun Suk asked him, “What is the significance of Chilbong?

 Baro responded, “He’s just my cousin,” which made Yoo Yun Suk put on a slightly sulking expression.  He had to be comforted yet again, so Baro quickly said, “Nope. I’m pushing for you, hyung.  I’m pushing for you to be Na Jung’s husband.”  This was another success as Yoo Yun Suk’s expression changed for the better.

 Baro revealed, “Right now, we’re betting on who would be Na Jung’s husband. Trash (actor Jung Woo) promised that he would buy food for those on his side.”  Yoo Yun Suk responded, “Really?  Then maybe I should be on Trash’s side, too.

 Baro said, “Nope.  You should be betting on yourself.”  Yoo Yun Suk said, "Should I…?“ to everyone’s amusement.

source: allkpop


This week in Bahrain: women and girls were reportedly tortured following a mass arrest, the Pentagon is selling weapons to the Bahrain government, heavy sentences were handed down to anti-government protesters, and more… here’s what you need to know:

  • The Bahraini courts handed down multiple verdicts Thursday - ranging from five years in prison to a death sentence - on cases stemming from anti-government protests earlier this year. One protester was sentenced to death, eight doctors were sentenced to 15 years, and other medical personnel were sentenced anywhere from five to 15 years in prison. The state-run Bahrain News Agency says the convicted were charged with possessing fuel bombs and light weapons, confiscating medical equipment and “fabricating stories and lies.” The UN Human Rights office condemned the sentences, saying they questioned the fairness of the trials based on the harsh verdicts. [Voice of America, New York Times]
  • 38 women and seven girls were reportedly tortured or ill-treated following protests against Bahrain’s by-elections, according to Amnesty International. The women and girls were reportedly arrested at a shopping center in Manama. The women’s lawyers say they showed signs of abuse following their detainment. The Interior Ministry says no abuse took place. A government statement said the group was arrested for “racing through the mall, causing panic among families carrying out their weekend shopping”. 23 women and the seven girls were released Monday, but 15 remain in custody, according to the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights. Their trail is set for September 29. [AFP, Reuters]
  • Opposition party Al Wefaq and other Shi'ite-led groups are contesting the government’s figure for the recent by-election turnout. The Bahraini government claims 51 percent of voters participated in this week’s by-election, while Al Wefaq leader Sheik Ali Salman argues the figure is closer to 17 percent. Multiple Shi'ite-led groups called for a boycott of the by-elections in opposition with the government crackdown on anti-government protesters. [AP]
  • Iran, Bahrain ministers meet in New York for the first time since withdrawing their ambassadors. During the UN General Assembly Meeting Monday, foreign ministers from Iran and Bahrain spoke for the first time since Bahrain withdrew its ambassador from Iran for “blatant inteference” regarding Bahrain’s anti-government protests. Shortly thereafter, Iran withdrew its ambassador from Bahrain. [Voice of America]
  • Need to Know of the week: The Pentagon is set to sell $53 million worth of weapons to the Bahrain government. [Telegraph Blogs]
  • Must Read of the week: The Guardian’s interview with Dr. Ali al-Akri, who was charged earlier this year with crimes against the state for helping treat anti-government protesters. He says he awaits the day when he will be called to jail, adding, “It was the security forces who [stopped the ambulances] and that was proven during the trial. […] We witnessed the atrocities. And because we did not obey [the government] we are being punished.” [Guardian]
  • Quote of the week: “I lost my sense of time because of the torture … Immediately after I was taken [there was] the beating, the cursing, the kicking, the spitting; even I was electrocuted there at that unknown place… We were forced to [confess] on TV. Me and my colleagues were kept together in one hall and they threatened us with rape, they threatened us with our families and if you don’t just step in front of the camera and say I did this, this, this, this.” [Telegraph Blogs]

[Photos: Thousands of Shi'ite Bahrainis participate in an anti-government rally held by Bahrain’s main opposition party al-Wefaq, at Budaiya, September 30, Credit: Reuters; Bahraini anti-government protesters attend a rally organized by Al-Wefaq, in Quraya, Bahrain, Friday, Sept. 30. Credit: Hasan Jamali/AP; In this photo taken Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011, a Bahraini man covers his nose against tear gas as he passes through narrow, graffiti-covered streets in the Shiite village of Sanabis, Bahrain. The Arabic at left reads: “Our victory is coming,” and beneath a painted image, center, of the Pearl monument that became iconic for protesters reads: “We are coming” and “Our leaders are steadfast. Credit: Hasan Jamali/AP]

News roundup: September 19-22 | previous
- Reminder: International break fixtures (October 5 - October 13)

La Liga, matchday 4: Real Madrid 1-0 Granada
- Match recap

2015/16 Official team photos
- Video | gallery | gifs & edits

- Benitez specifically requested signing Vázquez
Benzema scored in every game since his recovery (4 goals in 4 games)
Benzema close to equalling his record for goals in consecutive games (5 goals)
Coleman: “Gareth Bale is a world-class player”
- Kroos this season: played a total of 306 minutes (out of +450).
Jesé only made 1 competitive appearance so far this season
Santander pays tribute to Gento
- 2015 Assembly: +, +, +
Di María won’t celebrate scoring against Real Madrid
Casemiro is the team’s first-choice replacement for Toni & Luka 
- Real Madrid so far:16 goals in 5 games and scored 4 headers in 5 games.
- James attends the FC Porto vs Benfica match in Portugal
- Benitez: “Only Cristiano Ronaldo’s place is guaranteed”
- Ramos still needs more days to fully recover
- kick-off for Celta vs RM: October 24th at 4pm
- Cristiano intend to end his career in MLS
FIFA investigate the links between RM and Guangzhou: to see if they meet the rules on under-age players.
- Ronaldo is the #1 free-kick taker in RM since he joined (263), next is Bale (24)
- Six RM home-grown strikers headed abroad
- UEFA association club coefficient rankings: Spain and Germany both got all 7 of their European entrants into group stages, including a record five for the Liga in the CL: 
- Latest club coefficient rankings: Real Madrid #1 (145.285 points), Spain #1 (86.427 points).

- Navas: ’El Larguero’ &  ‘El Partido de las 12′
- Pepe: Bwin

- Real Madrid’s top moments of the 2014-15 season

- Cristiano launches incredible Omaze experience for charity: watchenter here (select any donation amount to earn chances to win and receive rewards too!).
- Note: All donations of $10 or more will go to Artists for Peace and Justice