Top 5 Ways to be an LGBTQIA+ Ally Now That “No Gays Allowed” Mike Pence is Trump’s VP pick:

#1: Register and vote

#2: Register and vote


#3: Register and vote


#4: Register and vote

Please share this simple #1-2-3 with anyone who says “voting doesn’t matter”

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Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir To Debut In December On Nickelodeon

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Nickelodeon will premiere the 3D, CGI-animated sitcom Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, based on an original concept by Zag, Sunday, Dec. 6, at 12:00 p.m. E.T.

The 26-episode series follows two junior high students, Marinette and Adrien, chosen to save Paris from the evil doings of a mysterious super-villain. The storylines and adventures are rich with friends, family, fun, secret identity, transformation, villains, fashion, creativity and more, all within the spectacular backdrop of Paris.

New episodes will continue to air regularly Sundays at 12:00 p.m. E.T. through December on Nickelodeon.

Mark your calendars: the US premier happens Dec. 6 at 12:00pm!

Bandai Visual have begun taking pre-orders for the Saitama casual wear  “OPPAI Parker” hoodie which recently appeared in episode 5 of the anime adaptation of ONE and Yuusuke Murata’s One Punch-Man manga. The hoodie comes in sizes S/M/L and is scheduled to ship on the 7th of November and will sell……

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An Spanish newspaper wrote an article talking about Lexa’s death and its impact on the LGBTQ community. I translated it so everyone (even non-hispanic speakers) can read it, because it’s worth it. 

Lexa and the hypocrites

Hollywood is full of hypocrites. One day we have an Oscar’s award show -or Emmy’s, or Golden Globes, choose whatever award show you like - full of pro-LGBT references and the next day they decide to kill off the most important lesbian character there’s currently on TV in a heartbeat. What will Ellen Degeneres think about Lexa’s death, the character on The 1OO portayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey that had become a referent for the whole LGTBQ community. 

Let me break it down for you. The 1OO is a TV show that it’s not embarrassing to say you watch it. It was before though, because the idea of sending a hundred criminal teenagers that lived in a spaceship after a nuclear cataclysm to the Earth to see whether if the Earth was survivable or not was, let’s face it, pretty stupid. Nevertheless, as the show was evolving, the CW TV show that here in Spain is boradcasted by Netflix started to find its place and turned into one of the best Sci-Fi shows on TV at the moment.

And then Debnam-Carey’s green eyes appeared in a character called Lexa, who had a burning chemestry with Clarke, Eliza Taylor’s character, and producers and writers decided to take advantage of it and create a lesbian relationship with a lot of unsolved sexual tension that developed during almost two seasons. And suddenly, they decide to kill Lexa’s character off, excusing themselves by saying that the australian actress - on The 1OO they are all australian - was also on Fear The Walking Dead, a bigger TV show than theirs.

What is the point then on all of those public statements and support showed to the homosexual, transexual and bisexual community if Hollywood decides to kill off a character that was an emblem and a role model to all of them? Think about it; how many characters of your favorite TV shows are actually homosexuals and happy? In fact, not so many. Less awards shows and more reality, Hollywood.

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Big Hit on Jungkook's Health Condition

Apparently, the first hospital they went to misdiagnosed Jungkook, so they checked again and the fever was just an early symptom of Tonsilitis. He has been treated by the doctor and has fully recovered after lots of rest, so he will be participating in promotional activities now.

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Miraculous Ladybug Premiere Guide

Miraculous Ladybug (also known as Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir or simply Ladybug) is an French-Korean-Japanese animated television show produced by Zagtoon, Method Animation, TOEI Animation, and SAMG Animation. The show has already aired in two territories (France, Korea) and has received lots of attention! Miraculous Ladybug will be airing in many countries and hopefully reach its many fans.

I have compiled a list of broadcasters that will be airing Ladybug. If you are interested in the show or are already a fan, please consider watching the show from the broadcaster if available in your country! I will update this list when more air dates become available.

I would appreciate it if you do not copy + repost this without permission or source.

Note: This list utilizes the 24-hour clock unless specified.

Already Aired

  • TF1 / TFOU (FRANCE): Known as Miraculous, Les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir. New French episode, “Le Chevalier Noir” will air December 6 at 9:20 [PAGE FOR LADYBUG]
  • EBS (KOREA): Known as 레이디버그 (Ladybug). Finished airing first 13 episodes as Season 1 and currently on hiatus until Spring 2016. The channel is currently re-airing episodes. The remaining 13 episodes will make up Season 2 and will air on EBS Spring 2016. [PAGE FOR LADYBUG]

December 2015 Airings

  • NICKELODEON (USA): December 6 at 12:00 EST as Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir [PAGE FOR LADYBUG]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (KOREA): December 7 at 19:30 as 미라큘러스 - 레이디버그와 블랙캣 (Miraculous - Ladybug & Black Cat) [PAGE FOR LADYBUG]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (CZECH REPUBLIC): December 6 at 13:35 as Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (POLAND): December 6 at 9:35 as Miraculum: Biedronka i Czarny Kot [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (MIDDLE EAST): December 6 at 10:35 as Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (SOUTH AFRICA): December 6 at 10:35 as Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (HUNGARY): December 6 at 13:25 as Miraculous - Katicabogár és Fekete Macska kalandjai [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (ROMANIA): December 6 at 12:15 as Miraculos: Buburuza și Motan Noir [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (GREECE): December 6 at 10:35 as Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (BULGARIA): December 6 at  12:40 as Мега-чудесата: на калинката и черният котарак [CHANNEL SITE]
  • DISNEY CHANNEL (RUSSIA): December 19 at 15:30 as Леди Баг и Супер-Кот [SOURCE]

2016 Airings

Known Broadcasters, Unknown Dates


Last updated: December 10, 2015
Rooster Teeth - Timeline Photos | Facebook
#RWBY FACEBOOK Q&A! Confirmed participants from Rooster Teeth in the Q&A: Barbara Dunkelman, Arryn Zech, Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Gray Haddock, Miles...

October 22nd, 2015, RWBY Q&A

Here’s a fun sampling of some of the questions and answers, with links taking you directly to the specific comments.

What are Team RWBY’s favorite foods?

  • Ruby - Strawberries and cookies
  • Weiss - Coffee and ice cream
  • Blake - Tea
  • Yang - Probably turkey

Who are your favorite characters?

  • Barbara - Nora, with Sun in second place.
  • Miles - Qrow
  • Kara - Jaune
  • Lindsay - Zwei

What character outfits do you love the most?

  • Barbara loves Emerald’s.
  • Miles thinks Neo’s design is “god damn perfect.”
  • Lindsay would wear Yang’s alternate outfit from volume 2 in real life.

Favorite RWBY songs, aside from the trailer songs?

  • Barbara - All Our Days. It reminds her of Monty.
  • Miles - Wings
  • Lindsay - Red Like Roses Part 2. She listens to it before recording lines for Ruby. She says “Helps keep Ruby grounded, there’s a LOT of meaning in that song.”

Has anyone ever thrown out their voice while recording lines?

Lindsay and Miles have.

LGBT+ rep?

Monty was very adamant about a particular character we’ll see soon.

Monty, Miles, and Kerry planned out years worth of RWBY before they even began writing the script for volume 1.

When are Ruby and Weiss going to make out already?

  • Lindsay - Weiss is too mean to Ruby. Ruby deserves better, even if Weiss is just hiding feelings for her.
  • Kara - Agrees with Lindsay.

What is your favorite type of Grimm?

  • Kara - “The dead kind.”
  • Miles - “You haven’t seen it yet… but when you do… you will be sufficiently creeped out.”

What is your favorite weapon?

  • Barbara - Nora’s hammer (Magnhild)
  • Miles - Gambol Shroud (Blake’s weapon)

Could there be Grimm so large that they’re in the kaiju class?

Miles says “Maybe.”

Are we going to see Sun and Adam fight over Blake?

Gray says “I think Blake and Neptune need to finish fighting over Sun first.”

Will the character models grow as the characters age?

Kerry says he would like them to.

Oct 24 at 10 AM CST is the premiere date for Sponsors. The public gets the premiere on Oct 25 at 10 AM CST.

Team CFVY is a 2nd-year team

Miles says that Aura fuels Semblance. This means that Semblance does have a limit - how much Aura the person has left.

Vale’s CCT (Cross Continental Transmit center) is at the base section of Beacon Tower.

What is your favorite line to deliver for your characters?

  • Lindsay - “She does like tuna a lot” and “AH! Penny! Where did you come from?!”
  • Kara - “I’m a victim!”
  • Barbara - “Nailed it.”

How Faunus genetics work

What would Jaune’s landing strategy have been?

Shove his sword into a tree and pray for upper body strength, according to Miles.

Team Funky is spelled FNKI

Lindsay still takes her shoes off when she records Ruby’s lines. She and Michael slip into character when talking to people. Lindsay feels that volume 3 will blow our minds.

Have Roman, Neo, Junior, or the Malachite twins ever attended a combat school?

“The streets can be pretty educational…” says Gray. Perhaps he’s speaking for the Roman part?

Will you continue releasing turnaround images of the character and weapon models, like Monty used to, for cosplayers and fanartists?


Weiss back story?

“Winter is coming ;)” says Kara.

Favorite personality quirks of your character?

  • Miles - Jaune’s stubborn-ness is his greatest strength and weakness.
  • Barbara - Yang’s motherly-ness.

What do you use for motion capture?

Optitrack cameras, with Motive software driving them.

How many Huntsman academies are there in the world?

There are 4 main Huntsman academies, with several lesser combat academies.

“After attending a lower level combat school, students can apply to a huntsmen academy at 17.” - Miles

These two answers imply that combat schools and Huntsman academies are different, which was actually speculated in this blog post very early in the morning, several hours before the Q&A.

Will we be seeing any villain backstory stuff?

“*wink*” - Kerry. Sooo, that’s a yes. Though, we already knew that, thanks to an interview with JJ Castillo (Mercury’s voice actor), wherein he said we’ll get some Mercury backstory from before he went “full baddie.” Apparently, in the volume 2 director’s commentary, there was mention of Roman’s past, but there’s no way to tell if that’ll be in volume 3 or a later volume.

Gray’s and Kerry’s similar responses of “*wink*” and “*wink wink*” to the question of what Roman’s Semblance is leaves me curious if we’ll see his Semblance this volume.

Favorite scenes involving your characters?

  • Barbara - The fight scene against the Paladin in Painting the Town (V2E4) and the sleepover where Yang and Ruby met Blake.
  • Miles - “THIS IS NOT THE RELIC!”
  • Lindsay - The Players and Pieces (V1E8) scene where Ruby dragged the giant Nevermore up a cliff. Screaming as Ruby for 10 seconds straight while people quietly worked next door was awesome.
[INFO] BLACKPINK to release two new songs in October!

BLACKPINK will shoot a MV during Chuseok in order to pursue a comeback in October with two new songs! One of the new songs is titled “2+a.” BLACKPINK has already shot a MV for a song that hasn’t been revealed yet. The group is predicted to shoot two MVs for the October comeback. The October comeback will have at least two songs, probably more than that.

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