Anonymous just declared war on Trump

  • In a tweet this week, Anonymous told Trump he is “going to regret the next 4 years.”
  • The tweet was sent in response to Trump’s tweets criticizing departing CIA Director John Brennan.
  • Anonymous account @YourAnonCentral tweeted a reply to Trump and called him out on unsubstantiated claims of his ties to mobsters and traffickers.
  • According to Anonymous, its tweets have nothing to do with political party alliance. Read more

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Chris Evans Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze


If affirmative action was what conservatives think it is, it would look like Donald Trump’s Cabinet

For decades, the right has criticized and caricatured affirmative action — the practice of using race, gender and other identity-based measures as factors in hiring or university admission decisions — as giving an unfair leg-up to under-qualified minorities (or women) at the expense of more qualified whites (often men). This, the practice’s detractors argue, constitutes its own form of discrimination.

Trump’s approach to his Cabinet mirrors practically every myth conservatives have spread about affirmation action. Twenty-one of Trump’s 24 Cabinet appointees are white; 19 are white men, rounding out the least diverse presidential administration since the Ronald Reagan era. Considering that Trump’s picks are disproportionately unqualified white millionaires, it’s fair to say they’re getting an unfair boost despite a wealth of better-qualified alternatives.

By almost every conceivable metric, Trump’s Cabinet embodies the worst of what the right claims affirmative action is doing. The only substantive difference is that the beneficiaries this time are mostly white, rich and ideologically conservative — not to mention unqualified. As a result, Republicans will rush to have them confirmed in their Cabinet posts regardless of their obvious disqualifiers. The rest of us can only watch in horror. Read more

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People in 57 countries plan to participate in Women’s March sister protests

  • The Women’s March initially had its sights set domestically, but a new report from its organizers claims it’s now inspired enough interest to span the globe.
  • In a Jan. 17 press release, the event’s leaders stated that in addition to the “sister marches” planned to take place in all 50 of the United States, “57 countries on six continents” have also planned mirror events.
  • The report says that if online RSVPs are to be believed, the number of participants worldwide stands to surpass 1 million. Read more
Shazam! To Split Into Two Films: Dwayne Johnson To Star As ‘Black Adam’
The New Line DC property Shazam! has morphed into two pictures. Black Adam has proved vibrant enough to become its own film, to star Dwayne Johnson. He was excited enough about his meeting last wee…
By Mike Fleming Jr

The New Line DC property Shazam! has morphed into two pictures. Black Adam has proved vibrant enough to become its own film, to star Dwayne Johnson.