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What would a Gryffindor road trip be like?

  • Collecting the weirdest postcards you can find
  • Skinny dipping
  • Campfires on the beach at sunset 
  • I’d say go off track, but there probably wasn’t a chosen destination in the first place
  • Just going where the wind takes you
  • Photos of the most random things and silly shots of your friends
  • Blasting music from the radio
  • Constant arguing about who gets shotgun 
  • Sticking your head out of the window to feel the wind 
  • Driving a little faster than you should (please be careful though)
  • Pulling pranks on your travel buddies 
    • Driving forward a little every time they try and get in the car
  • Sleeping tangled up with your friends to stay warm

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The beauty of the Mad Max game is it expands the mythos of some of the clans that didn’t really get explained in the movie.  For example the Buzzards are essentially C.H.U.D.s that live underground and only scavenge at night, and are cannibals.  In the movie you see them attacking in daylight so it’s not really meshing with their background, but in the game you have to go to underlit caverns to deal with the red eyed devils, and it’s pretty cool.  They’re essentially demonic Tuskan Raiders.