What if Dragon Ball Z was made by Hanna-Barbara in the 1970s?

This was done for the BIG @newgrounds Dragon Ball Z Collaboration!

ANIMATED BY ME, with clean up help from @captainfailmore. Written by Captain Failmore and I, backgrounds by Captain Failmore. He’s the MVP in all of this.

Big shoutouts to my bro @lotionthief too, who did an amazing job as Goku and Dodoria!

afkdiamond  asked:

Is there like a chat room or thing to chat with other digital artist/animators and learn from each other ??

Hey there! I apologize for not getting to your question sooner, been working on an animation project this weekend. 

There are some forums that you can go to in regards to talking about animation and digital art, and to learn from others: 

1. 11 Second Club: I continue to refer to the 11 Second Club Forum, as they talk specifically about animation and how to push one’s skills further on the current theme (or sometimes personal) animation. 

2. Newgrounds: Newgrounds Forum not only has a forum for animation and digital art, but also for voice acting and audio. Many digital animators that are known now (like Egoraptor) have grown over time at Newgrounds, as the audiences there are helpful and passionate about animation. 

3. Studio Yotta: I found that @studioyotta has its own Forum, but I haven’t seen a recent update over there as of late. Still, it couldn’t hurt to add new content on their site, it might lead you to working with them at some point, or with other animation collaborators.  

4. ConceptArt: ConceptArt has been around for a long time, and they still have updates on their forums. I believe this is more suited for digital art than animation, unlike the other mentioned forums. Critiques are given here as well.

I hope these sites will help you in your quest for learning digital art and animation. Lastly, when you start in these forums, if the answers/responses don’t come back right away - don’t be discouraged. Continue to post your works (people want to see what you can do, and how you will progress), and continue to put your best foot out there (in your work and character). More people will show up eventually, and the benefits will follow afterwards, in due time.