A Record of Happiness with @northwestmommy

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Stasha Becker (@northwestmommy), a lifestyle photographer who lives on Whidbey Island in Washington, uses photographs to tell the story of her everyday life with her family: her husband, their son Julian, an Arabian stallion named Vizon and their dogs — two Newfoundlands named Max and Bruce. “Long time ago I began to take a photo of my son often in the same spot in front of our garage door,” she says. “If you scroll through my photos you can see our child growing up, our dogs getting older and our garage door getting dirtier. For me it has become an essential part of my family’s story and an evolving record of our happiness together.”

Stasha says she makes an effort to avoid sharing photos of herself. “But sometimes,” she admits, “my son sneaks a photo of my husband and I. Seeing the love in my family through the eyes of my child makes those my favorite photos — especially since he comes up with the wittiest captions for them.”


Newfoundland Puppy, Dethan, and his water bowl

I have so much love for these dogs…I can’t even begin! If you’re having a bad day I bet that this will cheer you up 


this is Charity, our Newfie pup when we first got her back in June (submitted by @pornstarch)