Hey AvAc community friends!

Just wanted to post here to let you know that a buddy of mine, Tiana Camacho, is the voice of Claire Temple in Avengers Academy this event! 

You may know her from Paladins (Seris), Heroes of Newerth (Deep Poison Slither, Foresaken Siren, Punk Valk), Aphmau/MyStreet (Elizabeth), and more!

Hope you dig her performance, I think she captured Claire’s personality to a T! Follow her on twitter (@TianaCamachoVO) and let her know if you dig it! :)

Have fun with this event, guys! I personally loved The Defenders on Netflix, so I think the characters they included this time around are pretty cool.

Catch ya later! :D

First Booth Guest Host: Patrick M. Seymour

At Anime Expo, we will be recording the next episode of the booth, with our first guest host! A wonderful friend, voice actor, casting director and master of puns, Patrick M. Seymour ( @pmseymourva ). You might know Patrick from awesome Indie hits like Freedom Planet, Yandere Simulator, and Heroes of Newerth. Or maybe his work as a voice and casting director on recent mobile titles like Flight Knights, Heroes Charge, and Castle of Legends (which I had the pleasure of working on with him as an actor!). We’re thrilled to have Patrick on for our first guest episode.

You have a week to send in your asks for Patrick, Mark and I (we’re likely going to record on July 2nd or 3rd), so be sure to get them in! If your question is specifically for Patrick, please put #PMSeymourQA at the end of the ask or use the hashtag if you are sending it in VIA Twitter. If your question is for all of us, please tag it #VOBoothQA . Hope to hear from y’all!!



Visual Reel of mouth talking done so far~
Thank you to everyone who has tuned in all these years, showed your love, support and laughs!
Big thank you to @yanderedev for providing me footage of Budo!


honestly heroes of newerth is such an interesting game to me because when it first came out, it was 100% a completely shameless clone of DOTA, but with somewhat better graphics and not running on the WC3 Engine, essentially making it Dota 1.5

But, as time went on for both games, the games diverged to be very similar, but still distinct games. Even the heroes that were copied wholesale from dota initially have gone in different directions, and there’s way more original heroes in HON then copies. 

plus cosmetically, the game has always had a different idea for character cosmetics like you won’t catch valve dead doing shit like this

Witch Slayer - > Pimp Slayer


I’ve been playing video games my whole life. It wasn’t until the advent of online voice chat that I realized gaming communities were incredibly sexist. What disturbed me most is even though I had been a girl playing Ever Quest and Warcraft II my male counterparts didn’t think I existed until they could hear me.

The first game I got really into with voice chat was Left 4 Dead. I’d experienced sexism before from gamers, for example guys at parties not letting me hop into a fighting game turn cycle. This was something else. The verbal abuse was terrible. But worse guys would THROW THE GAME in protest of having to play with a woman. They’d throw the game if I didn’t accept their friend request. They’d vote to have me kicked from the server. It is possible to shrug and say “It’s just a game” and move on, but the fourth or fifth game in a day this happens it feels like a waste of time. Why play at all?

Well I kept playing. I found a group of steady players that kept the sexism to a minimum. It was all very fun until my steady group of friends wanted to switch to this new game, Heroes of Newerth. They wanted me to join. They’d teach me. It’d be fun.

That was my intro to MOBAs, and the end of life as I knew it. I love this genre of game.

Since I have switched to DOTA 2 as my main MOBA. It is a fantastically made game. Its only flaws are lack of diversity in character design and its community. The sexism I’ve witnessed in DOTA is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

To help myself deal with the bigotry in DOTA I started this Twitter account recording the sexist nonsense people say while we play together. It is important to remember in DOTA only your own team can hear voice chat, so unless otherwise stated these comments are made from people ON MY TEAM.

Recently, I’ve begun illustrating these comments. It is important that the sexism women who game experience is visible to the rest of the community. I respect Valve, but I do not feel enough is being done to combat misogyny in gaming. The first step is acknowledging it is a problem. I hope my Twitter account, and my illustrations add to the volume of voices proclaiming enough is enough.

The illustrations are of the hero the sexist person was playing when the comment was made. I like to think that emphasizes the absurdity of the situation. 

As of this post, we are currently a handful of files away from placing 6,000 lines in Backstage Pass. If you’ve been following our progress on Steam, you’ll know we’ve been getting close for a while. It’s been a long journey with many hiccups (probably enough to make an entirely new visual novel about making a visual novel), but we’re delighted that the end of the road is near. This January, we’ll be releasing a voice update with the main cast (sans Sian). While we do intend to have Sian voiced eventually, work scheduling has made it impossible for it to happen soon, and we’ve already kept you guys waiting long enough.

As a quick refresher (and just to have everything in one place), here’s the cast you can look forward to hearing:

Adam Eaton - Micah Solusod (Noragami, Seraph of the End)
Benito Kouyama - Casey Mongillo (Time of Eve, Zetman)
John Brandon - Ian Sinclair (Space Dandy, Blood Blockade Battlefront)
Matthew Partridge - Joel McDonald (Fairy Tail, Space Dandy)
Lloyd Newton - Lucien Dodge (Pokemon Origins, Sailor Moon)
Rachel - Terri Doty (Laughing Under the Clouds, A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Celina - Sarah Williams (Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Allison - Erica Mendez (Sailor Moon, Kill la Kill)
Madeline - Karen Hayman (Stick it to the Man!, Apotheon)
Nicole - Monica Rial (Watamote, Yurikuma Arashi)
Dale - Matthew Curtis (Ninja Adventure, Heroes of Newerth)
Professor Couvalt - Kevin M. Connolly (Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Alchemist)
Professor Meridia - Kimlinh Tran (Skullgirls, Cryamore)
Alvin - Austin Tindle (Tokyo Ghoul, Assassination Classroom)

See you in the new year!

kids these days are spoiled about video game communities. yall weren’t around when heroes of newerth was relevant, aka the single most violent and foul mouthed community to ever exist. 

I could talk ages about HoN’s community tbh. HoN was entirely about shit talking that it reveled in that fact that every single person fucking hated each other. Eveyr person had their own complicated macro that was some variation of “dumpstered”, “get good you’re nothing kid” or just a ASCII macro of “GG” and was more than ready to drop it. I dont have the screencap anymore and I regret it losing it more than anything in my life, but being a fucking douchebag was so inrooted in HoN’s cultures that there’s times where Maliken, S2′s fucking CEO at the time (idk about now but he’s still probably there), would call players niggers and faggots in game. I once saw a video of people exchanging each other’s addresses in chat so they can go fight each other in real life. Anything you play is tame compared to HoN. HoN was a godless wasteland where only the dude with the biggest dick and the biggest get good scrub macro could survive

anonymous asked:

Why do so many devs keep on trying to make WoW/DOTA clones, when it is painfully clear that anything besides the big boys (WoW,ArcheAge,DOTA,LoL) in those genres just gets stomped on?

Recently, Warner Bros. announced that the Infinite Crisis moba is shutting down in August, giving it an actual lifespan of only four months. In November of last year, EA’s Dawngate moba was also shuttered even before they could officially launch. Yet we see huge numbers for games like League of Legends and Dota, and we saw the same thing play out before with MMOGs like World of Warcraft. How could EA or Warner Bros. even think of green lighting a surefire loser like this?

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