This is JASON FYLES and he goes to my university (Newcastle University, North East of England) He is 19 years old, 5'8, ginger hair and slim. He was last seen in the Sandyford area at 2:45am on Thursday morning and has not been seen since. He was wearing a blue shirt, grey cardigan, beige chinos and brown ankle boots. Everyone in uni is so worried about him along with his family and friends. We are coming together as a university to appeal for his safe return. It is thought that he lost his friends on the night out and tried to make his way back by himself. Please, I am begging for you to REBLOG THIS, even if you don’t live in Newcastle, or England. Every REBLOG means that someone else will see his face, they will know who we are looking for, and your followers could be the one to know his whereabouts. Stay safe Jason, we’re looking for you. 

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Stem cell bandages

Bandages and band aids containing stem cells to help heal wounds are closer to reality after scientists found a way to keep stem cells alive at room temperature.

By encasing stem cells in a frogspawn-like gel made from a seaweed extract called alginate, scientists at Newcastle University can put them inside bandages, which could be used to help speed up healing from ulcers or burns for example.

The gel retains the cells so that they don’t leave the bandage – it’s the chemicals these cells make that actually do the healing.

The low-cost discovery also has lots of other potential applications, because until now stem cells have had to be kept in specialised conditions; at 37°C, in atmospheric oxygen and 5% carbon dioxide.

Alginate is a natural material extracted from seaweed that is used in cosmetics and food manufacturing and is already used in wound dressings, without stem cells, to keep burns moist.

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Images: Newcastle University

First free online course on Hadrian's Wall goes live

The first free online course in the world focusing on Hadrian’s Wall has been launched.

Newcastle University is bringing learners to the 73-mile long landmark, with its first ever free course on the FutureLearn social learning platform.

The six-week course, entitled ‘Hadrian’s Wall: life on the Roman frontier’ will centre on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The course offers a comprehensive introduction to the most heavily fortified frontier in the Roman Empire, its people and their lives, and raises issues concerning colonisation, cultural transformation, immigration, integration and imperialism. Read more.


Goonion (red) V NQS (burgundy)
So today I went to the quidditch game and a few people asked me to record if but I made a bad gif set instead. So here’s what happened, gif by gif, and explaining the rules.

1. So in the beginning, the snitch runs off, whilst all the players and reserves look down with their brooms down so they can’t tell where they went.
2. Then, the quaffle and bludgers being placed in the middle, everyone can run in on the refs call like dodgeball to get the balls.
3.If you get hit by the bludger, you have to drop or throw the quaffle away, dismount your broom, then can only re-mount when you hit the goal post with your hand
4. Beaters can protect the chasers and use cool tactics.
5. When you score, the keeper takes the quaffle and goes from there
6. After 20 minutes, the seekers are allowed to go and look for the snitch, who can hide anywhere on campus. Such as the time the snitch went to Bar On The Hill for two hours to drink.
7. If you accidentally dismount your broom, drop everything and go back to the goalpost before remounting, same as if you’re bludgered.
8. The snitch has a black tag velcro’d on his/her pants. 
9. Pull it off, and the game’s over.

Wild Tomatoes Repel Whiteflies, Study Finds

By Sindya N. Bhanoo, Photo: Dean Fosdick/Associated Press // FEB. 15, 2016

Whiteflies are the scourge of many farms, damaging tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other crops. Now, researchers in Britain report that a species of wild tomato is more resistant to the pest than its commercial counterparts.

The wild type, the currant tomato, is closely related to domestic varieties, “so we could crossbreed to introduce the resistance,” said Thomas McDaniel, a biologist and doctoral student at Newcastle University in England and a co-author of the study, published in the journal Agronomy for Sustainable Development. “Another method would be genetic engineering, if we identified the genes.”

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Hanging Gardens of Medusa: The first stratospheric sky garden with proto life
Professor of Experimental Architecture Rachel Armstrong has created the first stratospheric sky garden and platform for the cultivation of 'artificial life'.The Hanging Gardens of Medusa...

The work of our researchers never ceases to amaze - a living garden 100,000ft in the air that aims to replicate life in a martian atmosphere.


Hello everyone,

finally time for a first post!

Where to start? I properly moved into my new house on Sunday, and even though my classes have not started yet, I’m very tired already… I’ve spent the last few days attending introduction talks, completing my registration with the university, shopping for necessary household stuff, meeting one of the staff members of my school, walking around a lot in order to find the right buildings, unpacking/cleaning up in my room, etc.

My flatmates are very nice, I think I’m really lucky to be living here with them. The girl is from Italy and the guy is from the countryside in the West of England (Shropshire) but spent the last few years living/studying in Bath. And here’s a great thing: the girl is a fan of Sherlock (especially Benedict), Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones, and is also on tumblr! She has a beautiful laptop cover of a fanmade painting picturing Sherlock playing the violin <3 Last night the two of us cooked together and then the three of us had dinner and watched a film (“Sharknado”, thanks to Holybowlegsbatman, whose hard drive I copied it from. You guys, this film is insane).

Yesterday I attended the Freshers’ Fair. Luckily I was a bit prepared thanks to my experience in Dublin, because the two rooms at the sports building were filled to the brim with stands of all the students societies presenting themselves and society representatives aggressively trying to grab new students’ attention and getting us to sign up for their mailing lists. Many societies here are similar to the ones in UCD, but I also found new cool new surprises, such as… a Feminist society (which had biscuits shaped like the female symbol), a Pagan society, and a Tea society (“SocieTea”)! How awesome is that? I’ll probably also join a yoga or pilates one to keep myself a bit active this year. I got some free cupcakes and biscuits and tea at the societies stands too. ^^

Today I had nowhere to be and my flatmates left for uni in the morning so I started cleaning furniture in my room (it was all quite dusty when we arrived) so that I could finally move in my clothes, and cleaning up the kitchen. Then I went for a walk to explore my area (Jesmond) and got groceries. There’s a tiny Oxfam store near my house that sells loads of cheap second hand books, so when I’m out of reading material I will definitely go back there.

It’s almost time for me to attend the Postgraduate meeting now. Unfortunately we STILL don’t have internet access at the house because we have to arrange this ourselves, but we’re on it! So for now, only sporadic updates from me whenever I have a chance to pop in to the university library. Cheers.


Now that my exams are over and done with, I finally had the time to go to the ANIMALS INSIDE OUT exhibition at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. Having seen the previous body worlds production at life (body worlds vital) a few years ago, I thought I knew what to expect, but this was far more of an awe inspiring experience. If you have the time you should definitely check it out!

The "Post where I bore you with the modules I am taking" post

For a while there I had forgotten that there was a ’study’ in study abroad.

Two weeks and a half in England and I am finally getting my hands dirty in course work. A couple of people had asked me what I am studying, so I’ll do a quick summary:

Cross Cultural Communication (CCC) 8086: Language and Cross Cultural Comm (Lecture and Seminar)

-The professor teaching this course is also my degree tutor! He is such a sweet old guy! Me and my friend just want to pinch his cheeks.

CCC 8026: Methods in CCC Research (aka the DISSERTATION PREP COURSE!)

-The professors in my degree program - all male, surprisingly - take turns running this one hour, weekly session. It gives a chance to go over the process of doing our research portfolio.

CCC 8087: English In The World: global and cross cultural issues surrounding English as a ‘lingua franca’

-This class did not meet last week, but the professor is part of my department so I have seen him before. Can’t put an age on him, maybe 40s somewhere, but he is jacked. And by jacked I mean in shape. Makes him look a bit intimidating, I think.

COM 8057: Media Analysis (Lecture and Seminar)

COM 8001: PR In a digital age

-My professor is Scottish, she seems pretty nice! Although, she thought I was from Nigeria…Uh, do I sound like I am from Nigeria?


Oh wait, I am a Masters student, will be spending an insane amount of time in library for research. :/



Someone donated their recently deceased 13ft Python to our university for educational purposes. After the dissection it was sent to our local museum, where the skeleton will be extracted and mounted for a display, and the skin will be stuffed for a taxidermic display. Not what I was expecting when I walked into my lab this morning, very cool 🐍