For the 75,000 displaced people caught on Jordan’s desert frontier with Syria, salvation is only yards away. Unlike many of their fellow citizens, they can be saved. So why have they been effectively abandoned? 

Leaving people to suffer in the desert is unacceptable.


Jason Cone, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders in the United States, writing in the New York Times opinion page

Save the Refugees on the Berm

The biggest thing about all these news stations running hit pieces against GamerGate is the fact that many people are no longer going to trust those stations. It’s not a matter of “Oh you disagree with me on video game shit.” but “You’re unable to report properly on video game shit, how can I trust you to report properly on something much bigger?”

GamerGate is an easy to access thing. There are open forums to discuss it on, plenty of videos and online resources, and a quick Q&A with gamers are a Reddit/8chan visit away. You have no fucking excuse not to get it right. 

But then there are bigger things like ISIS and Ebola. Things you have to travel around the world to get the proper info on. Things you have to talk to professionals who wouldn’t have the time of day to understand. Things you have to put your life at risk to document. 

If news outlets like the New York Times, ABC, MSNBC, etc aren’t able or willing to put in the time of day to ask a few anons or Redditors what this GamerGate thing is about, you know, the people who are fighting for this thing called GamerGate, I cannot trust what they say about bigger things because I have no reason to believe these news outlets would legitimately put the time and effort into interviewing the people involved in these bigger events. 

And yes, it does matter that they give people for GamerGate the itme of day. You wouldn’t interview a college liberal to know the full story on the Tea Party nor would you interview a high class CEO to understand Occupy Wallstreet. You interview the tea partiers and OCW people themselves and then you can interview people around them but these stations are unwilling to do that. 

So I say to you, if a major news outlet is willing to be so intellectually dishonest over a controversy surrounding video games, there is no way in Hell I’d be willing to give them the time of day when it comes to controversies surrounding deep religious conflicts or to give proper coverage of a major epidemic. 

These stations through their own intellectual dishonesty has lost themselves a viewer and I have no doubt that I’m not alone on this one.