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Tele Tuesday!!! My good friend Brian Mackewich’s custom Petillo Tele. The top is a rare two-piece book matched German quilted/bubbly grain maple. Check out the dyed horizontal Ocean Blue Burst. We have a surprise on the hardware with something that has never been done before.


Welcome to Hell by Brandon Minieri

Fifteen facts about the duels in Hamilton:

1) Charles Lee’s second was a man called Evan Edwards.

2) After Laurens shot Lee, he didn’t get medical treatment until Hamilton had negotiated his surrender with Edwards. Knowing Ham, it’s a miracle he didn’t bleed to death.

3) The Lee-Laurens duel took place on Christmas Eve.

4) Ham wrote an account of the duel along with Edwards.

5) Lee wasn’t the coward the musical made him out to be; on the contrary, he proposed a second shot after Laurens injured him. Hamilton refused to let them shoot again - probably because of the possibility of Lee seriously injuring or killing Laurens.

6) George Eacker had a duel with Philip’s friend Richard Price the day before the Hamilton-Eacker duel, neither party was injured.

7) Eacker was a massive Burr supporter and dissed Ham - leading Philip to want revenge - in a pro Burr speech.

8) Philip lived for 14 hours after being shot and died at Angelica’s house.

9) He eventually died from an infection, which is referenced in Stay Alive (Reprise).

10) Philip’s sister Angelica never recovered from his death and spent most of her life in a mental institution.

11) In 1799, Burr duelled with Angelica’s husband and got his coat buttons shot off.

12) Hamilton shot a tree behind Burr, which Burr claimed had been aimed at him.

13) Hamilton used the same pistol Philip had four years earlier, they belonged to Angelica’s husband.

14) Burr was charged with murder in both New York and New Jersey, but was never convicted. The duel did, however, end his political career.

15) Nobody actually knows what Ham’s last words were, as he kept talking for so long after being shot.