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SO for the Dreamy episode, Grumpy tries to sell his boat to Rumple and Rumple is all like, “I’m able to give them another month but I won’t” or something and it kind of hints that the fairies did something to him to make him bitter about them.

and i can’t remember if the writers ever showed what it was the fairies did? like why is the ‘long and complicated history’ that Mr. Gold talks about when Grumpy asks why he doesn’t like nuns?


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good luck penciling in Supernatural on Tuesdays when the new season comes out.

Not a problem…I’m nowhere near catching up. I’m only on S6, I’ll never make it through S8 in time for S9. Not even gonna try. I don’t think that’s possible considering I have to wait for days my mom is free to watch too, as she loves the show to no end and only has Thurs-Sun off and we now have to fit it in around all the other shows we watch together on those days lol


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