It looks as though trends in the world of fashion have changed a bit in the last two years. New color palettes and materials have gained traction, and a more casual look is on the rise. Take these suede leather sneakers, for example. They somehow manage to be both casual and classy, and they go great with almost any outfit choice.

can we start a trend where talking about feelings is okay and not being okay sometimes is okay?? can we encourage love and being vocal about what’s wrong and what’s not working so that we can actually fix the problem?? where caring about someone is cool and doesn’t make you weak?? can we start that trend?

I was wearing my brown Scooby shirt this morning.

As a day of three photoshoots was beginning, I threw on a white dress shirt overtop.

I’m glad I looked in the mirror before I left.

Prolly not the best look to wear to medical publications shoots, all things considered.

As much as the Duke sim labs could use a little Scooby touch… methinks switching shirts was a good call.


2017 is the year of the hustle

Its time to get that education, make more money, budget and SAVE THAT MONEY, and most importantly look good while doing it

Let’s start a new trend where we name our kids ‘normal names’ then when people ask why we liked the name we gave our kids we only say a catchphrase with their name then leave.
For example:
“Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, I must love you or diiiie.”
“It’s a new Daaaawn rising.”
“The Tangooo Mauuureeeeen.”
“Heather, Heather, Heather, and soME FREAK.”
“Michael makes an entraaance!!”