This movie,,, I couldn’t even see the ending,,, if you are sensitive to graphic material PLEASE do not see this film. I don’t want to describe what happened, but I literally had to walk out of the movie theater because it got so bad. I would highly recommend NOT to see this film.


On the last day of training I discover a new filming spot lol - defiantly will make some more videos here! Next step is to not bend my damn arms during this! (at National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA))

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“Fred Astaire posed for pictures with affable Ginger. In fact, the two indulged in so much earnest conversation, leaving Mrs. Astaire and Ginger’s escort Randy Scott to chat alone, that gossip ran high that Ginger and Fred were discussing a new film to be made together.“ Photoplay, reporting on a meeting between Fred and Ginger on a night out at the Mocambo club in October, 1942
New D'Artagnan film: How his family protect the real Musketeer spirit
He is the hero of Alexandre Dumas's novels and he has been portrayed on screen by actors from Douglas Fairbanks and Gene Kelly to Michael York. D'Artagnan, the most dashing of all the musketeers, may seem to us like a fictional figure. However, Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d'Artagnan – to give him his name in full – was a real historical character and his descendants are doing their best to live up to his reputation. These descendants belong to one of the most aristocratic families in France.

Forty years ago, Pierre’s grandfather launched a new order – Compagnie de Mousquetaires de Armagnac. Pierre’s father, French senator Aymeri de Montesquiou, is currently “Captain” of the organisation.

“It (the Society) was created to celebrate the musketeer spirit, of course, and also to promote Armagnac (brandy) from Gascony,” Pierre explains. “Now, we have more than 3,000 members all around the world, from South Asia to the States.” There is a Senegal chapter; one in Vietnam, and, perhaps appropriately given its links with steel, a new one in Pittsburgh.

This sounds like fun. Athos would have approved :)


Official Trailer of Wes Anderson’s “ISLE OF DOGS” new animated feature film.

so my new response now to film bros during class talking about woody allen being a genius or some shit is “wait i thought he died like years ago?” 

i am speaking that into existence, i’m planting that seed and i WILL see the harvest

So something I didn’t understand in the new IT film was why in the Neibolt house scene Pennywise just slithered back into the sewers. He had all 7 of the kids cornered and scared out of their minds. One even had a broken arm. That’s a free and easy buffet for him right there.

But then I noticed something in the scene where he kidnaps Beverly. He’s got a bloody left eye and that’s when it all clicked. In the book, it states that he must obey the laws of whatever form he is currently occupying (If he shapeshifted into a vampire he can be killed with a stake, unless he’s in a ghost form then he can’t travel through walls. Stuff like that).

The movie skips a full month or 2 between the Neibolt house scene and Beverly getting kidnapped but we don’t see him or hear anything new about him in that time. Pennywise doesn’t go after any of the losers club in that time. It would be the ideal time to, they’ve just had their big fight, there all isolated and easier to pick off. We don’t even hear about another random kid going missing or see a new missing poster.

That’s because in those couple of months he actually had to stay down in the sewers and heal himself from getting a spike shoved through his freaking head. And who was the one who skewered him in the first place? Beverley! So of corse he’s gonna go after her first as revenge. This is probably also why he’s so much more afraid of his own starvation in the final battle against the losers club.

New films with Ewan coming up

There are 3 new films we can look forward to ! 

Zoe ( pre-production ) : Two colleagues at a revolutionary research lab design technology to improve and perfect romantic relationships. As their work progresses, their discoveries become more profound.

Christopher Robin ( announced ) : A live-action version of the classic Winnie the Pooh stories.

The Land of Sometimes ( pre-production ) : Based on the critically acclaimed Audio Book, The Land of Sometimes follows the journey of Elise and Alfie who are whisked off to a mysterious Island filled with strange and wonderful characters and a world of adventure, music and fun.

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