I have so much love for this game! 

I honestly see a lot of myself in Mae. I only wish I had her sense of humor! And Jack made this such a wonderful experience! I think I found my new favorite series and I’m looking forward rewatching it many times. If you see this, dude, thank you. <3

In any case, here’s the whole batch of edits in one post! 

All stills from ‘Come Meet Me!’, gifs from, uh… multiple episodes of Night In The Woods.


I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

Living in an allonormative world is so tiring sometimes. If I see another “butt touches are the best” or “Most amazing things: fresh pizza, morning sex, whatever the fuck else” I will flip my shit and unfollow everyone who posts this kind of stuff. Like fucking no, I’m pretty sure sex (no matter how good it can be) cannot compare to things like waking up early in the morning in a tent while camping in the wild, breathing in the fresh crisp forest air and making breakfast with your friends. Don’t tell me orgasms feel better than discovering a new favorite book series. Fuckidy stop saying sex and sexual acts are better than anything else there is. I already feel fed up enough during the day with allonormativity, I come here to rest and feel connected to other people like me. Tag your fucking porn gifs.


I just found my new favorite YouTube series: a guy who takes CinemaSins apart AND does their job way better

EXO reacting to you feeling homesick

Suho: He’d notice you being emotional while looking at other families. You missed your family and friends so much so he decided to buy 2 flight tickets to go visit them. You smiled brightly and shed some tears when he told u the news, then he hugged you and filled your face with kisses before you started packing your stuff.

(You’re Chen)

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Xiumin: It was your friday night at a cafe you both really liked. You had been really quiet lately and Xiumin was a bit worried so he decided to ask you what was going on. You just felt your yes feeling watery and told him how much you missed your family. He held your hands and kissed them. He knew what it felt to be away from your family. “What do you say if we go visit them? ” Your face lit up at his words and you threw yourself at him and kissed his forehead while holding his face in your hands “So that’s a yes? haha, good I will book the flight once we get home”

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Baekhyun: “Jagi you’ve been really quiet…you okay?” He asked you while you were watching the new season of your favorite series on Netflix and eating some chocolates “yeah I’m ok” you replied in a very plain way which got him a bit confused. For a moment he thought you were on your period but he discarded it that night he heard you talking on the phone with your brother and heard you said you missed mom and your dog.  He then called your family and bought flight tickets for them to visit you. He even prepared a surprise party for you. Least to say it was the best thing your boyfriend could have ever done for you. After all he loved to see you smiling.

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Chanyeol: He kept seeing you sulking around the apartment and whenever you skyped your mom he noticed you would hold the urge to cry because you missed her and the rest of your family so much. Chanyeol hurt as much as you did, that was how your relationship worked. One day he told you to come with him to the SM cafe. When you two got there you saw your mom sitting by the windows drinking a cappuccino. You ran towards her and hugged her while some tears fell down your cheeks. Chanyeol hugged both of you with the brightest smile and then proceeded to have a really long chat about how your life had been so far. Your mom ended up loving your boyfriend and your love for him grew even more.

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Chen: He’d been working so much lately for EXO’s comeback and also promoting the subunit CBX. He was lying down at your bed when he noticed your eyes were swollen. He figured you had been crying so he sat up and hugged you. He asked you why you cried but you denied it, and of course Chen didn’t believe you so he tickled you until you finally told him that you wanted to see your parents because you missed them so much “I see…Well you don’t have to worry because they’re on their way here” You looked at him confused and he just laughed “Happy birthday jagi~!” That is true it was your birthday in two more days so Chen thought that having your family celebrating your birthday with you was a great idea. You threw yourself at him and didn’t stop hugging and kissing him the entire night.

(you’re Baekhyun)

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Lay: You saw your boyfriend working hard for his first full album so you thought that telling him about your worries was something that he shouldn’t be taking care of right now. But, Lay knew something was wrong with you when your reactions while he showed you the new songs he composed were not as extra as they used to be. Where was the fangirling? he wondered. One day he saw you were sleeping at the studio and your laptop was on the coffee table in front of you. Lay got closer to you and caressed your hair, suddenly a tear rolled down your cheek. He got a little bit alarmed then looked at your computer screen and saw the screensaver was a slideshow of some family pictures. He felt so sad you had not seen your family for almost a year. Without hesitation he called his manager “Hi, do you know when the next flight to (your country) is?” he turned to look back at you smiling “This saturday? great, can you get me 2 tickets please? one for me and one for Y/N” This was gonna be the best 2 week vacation you will ever have.

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D.O: Kyungsoo knew how hard it was for you to be away from home. You were always a very family oriented person and recently you had been talking a lot about how much you wished your family could get to know South Korea. The next thing you knew was that you were waiting at the airport with D.O by your side. He was holding a bouquet of roses while he held your hand and waited for the arrival of your parents. You were sure your parents were gonna love him as much as you did.

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Kai: You went with Jongin to see him practice for their comeback. he was really working hard. One specific day you told him you didn’t want to go, which got him a little bit sad. He practiced that day alone with Sehun and Lay. Both of them told him that they noticed how you were kind of zoned out lately so he got worried and as soon as they finished practicing he hurried home and asked you what was going on. He started to wonder if it was just him being too busy for their comeback that he couldn’t spend much time with you like he did before. After you told him it wasn’t that you said it was because you really wanted to see your grandmother and the rest of your family. It was not until a few days later someone knocked on the door and as soon as you opened you saw your grandma and your parents standing at the door. While you hugged and kissed everybody Kai stared at you in the most lovingly way possible. Your mother went to hug him and thanked him for everything.

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Sehun: You were facetiming with your dad when Sehun arrived home after practice. You told your dad you missed him and your mom a lot. He wished he could go see you soon but the flights were really expensive and also things got worse at his workplace. Sehun heard the conversation and he came up with an idea. You were about to hang up when Sehun took your phone from your hands out of nowhere “Hi sir! I just wanted to let you know that I already booked your flight so you can come spend Christmas eve with us and meet my family also” Your dad and you both were freaking out and smiling like crazy, you even asked him how much you owed him for the flight “It’s nothing jagi~ your love and support will always be more valuable than anything else” then he spent the entire time thinking about how he was going to introduce himself to your parents.

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It took me all day to write this cuz my mom never let me sit down lmao

Hope you guys like it! and don’t forget to request by messaging my personal tumblr @oohlaulock

Wynonna Earp 2X10 Thoughts and Faves

I’ll be honest, I was expecting an episode with a complex plot and crazy reveals.  Instead, we got  an episode that was so simplistically beautiful in its focus that it took my breath away at times.  Don’t get me wrong, I know over the course of the final two episodes we’ll find out things are connected in all sorts of crazy ways we didn’t see coming, and big ‘ole twists will happen, but this week the focus was on the individuals and their relationships. So many quiet truths about the characters played out on screen over the course of the hour, and all I can say is, Andras & Co. can throw my expectations out the window anytime they like.  

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bransii  asked:

Hi! I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing n_n Could you do some headcanons on Seven, Yoosung, and Zen with an animator MC? Maybe with them trying to help her with her work with their own talents and whatnot? Thank you!

Awwww! boo … Those words are precious to me Thank you!


You came from art school very tired.You got home and throw your stuff on the floor, then you jump to the couch and then gave a big sigh.

-”What happened?” Seven said

-”Oh my god!” You jumped out of the couch from the big scared that seven give you.

-”…” He look at you surprised

-”I didn´t see you there” you said.

-He smiled and said “sorry”

-You sat again on the couch and then saw how your boyfriend sat next to you and stared at you

-”Are you ok?”

-”Kinda…” you were lying

- “Do you need a hug, HBC, a bath, a good joke, a bad joke, do you want me to show you my best memes?” he said very woride for you.

- “I think a hug just for now”

-He imminently took you into your favorite cuddle position “What happened?”

-You sigh “Is just that I have a project and I have to do an animation of a free topic”


-”but I have an art block and I don´t know what to do, plus The date of the presentation is getting closer and soon I have to deliver my work…I think I would do it of some cliche story”

-Seven got up and then came back with all your favorite thing (food, movies, games, books,etc.) and he shows you all the thing that he got

-”What’s all this?”

-”Defender of justice, come to rescue you from the evil villain called an ART Block”

You just laugh and open your arms waiting for him to left all the thing out of his hands and then to hug you.

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You past like 5 hrs. talking, doing your favorite things (not related to art) and obviously searching for memes.You were so happy to spend so much time with your boyfriend that lately you two don´t get BUT the out of nowhere he grabs you by the hand and takes you to one of his babies (cars).You question him but he just responds with a smile. 

In the car was just silence but a good one,He has grabbed your hand and kissing it from time to time.

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Then you arrived at your secret place.The place where you knew that animating was what you wanted to do…

-”why are we here?” you said.

-”Sometimes you have to remember where you come from…and then you will see te progress that you made…” 

-”thank you”


-”What you mean by saying that you are doing the NEW  LOLOL trailer animation ?!!” *Internal fangirl screaming* 

-”I´m saying that I´m doing LOLOL´s new trailer animation…”

-Yoosung is like:

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-”yoosung calm down!” you said to yoosung with a smile.He is so cute when he gets excited by something literally anything  LOLOL related.

-”Sorry…”He tried to calm down  “Can you show me?” He puts his puppy eyes(This little bastard knew that You are vulnerable to his puppy eyes)

-”I´m sorry but can´t..” You tried so hard to be strong 

-”Oww…It´s ok” Yoosung said and then the light of his eyes wear off and he looks down.

Puppy face < SAD puppy face 

-You can´t do this to this beautiful baby, Are you a monster or what? ”Well…” When you said that you could see Yoosung´s eyes started to glow up“A peek wouldn’t hurt, right?” You are so weak 

-He gives you a big smile accompanied with a big eyes full of sparkle and he proceeds to hug you and thank you.

He saw the bit of clip that you had *Breathe deeply*You were blindness by the cuteness of your boyfriend.It was like seeing a child watching a new episode of their favorite series (like pepa pig or my little pony or whatever these kids watch nowadays) 

He always was worried because sometimes you get too much into your work and you sometimes forget to eat.So what he does is.

  • Gives you food.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Back massages.
  • All that good stuff 


- “Hey! Zen…” you said with a little blush in your cheeks.

- “Yes..” he looks at you.

-”Do you remember that time I said that I had an Idea for a mini animated series…”

-”Of course”

-”Well …since I don´t have a big budget …I don´t have money for voice actors and I have 3 friends that will help me but I don´t have the main male actor voice…” 

-He knew where you were going so he immediately said ”I will do it.”

-”Are you sure? … I won´t pay you” you feel bad to not pay him because he is a good actor and he puts his heart to all of his work.

-”Mhm…What a bummer but maybe you can´t pay me with kisses” he looks at you with a smirk.

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-”Realy? and how many kisses would I have to give you?” You said with a naughty smile

-”Well,I´m a very busy actor.” He was getting closer to you “You know? so…It will be a very high number”  he then grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him. 

-”…” You just stared at him like What are you going to do you dirty man 

-”I think you should start now If you want to pay it all by this week…” he grab your chin in an attempted to kiss you

- But you place your finger in his soft lips and stop him from kissing you“First work and then I will pay you”

-”Ok…” He said with obvious sadness

-“Here is the mic and the script”

-”What? now?”

-”You want those kisses?” you said with a smirk in your face.


-”In the closet”


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-”I invested a ton of money on a good mic…” It was really good mic …ok?

Let´s goes say that your animated series got pretty viral and not just for Zen´s sexy and totally fuckable voice… 

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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What if the NDRV3 guys had an S/O who's​normally quiet and shy. And likes video games. And one day she gets a new game in her favorite series and is telling them all about it. And then they notice the next few days that she seems to be avoiding them. How would they react when they ask her about it and she admits that she was afraid that they were annoyed about her "inability to shut up" (her words) and she didn't want to bother them?

… This is actually me?… I never know when to shut up about video games >_> I honestly just went to look at all my games for inspiration haha

NDRV3 Boys with a video game loving S/O who thinks she’s bothering them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He was quiet and shy too so he was honestly glad that you were the same

- But he did find out your little secret

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Look at this! There’s going to be a Tekken 7!!! I love this series…. I mean it may not be the nest fighting game out there but I grew up with it so it means a lot to me you know?”

- You loved video games

- “Oh… That’s good S/O - san”

- You give him a small smile before telling him you had to leave

- He noticed you were… Absent over the next few days. When he’d see you in the hall you’d make brief eye contact before you’d quickly turn and walk away

- Did I do something wrong?

- He was worried so he waited for you outside your classroom

- “S… Saihara - kun?…”

- “Can we talk?”

- You bite your lip but nod

- “Are you avoiding me?”

- “I… Uh… It’s just I… Thought you wanted that…”

- “Huh?”

- “Well… I can never… Shut my mouth when it comes to games so I thought… I’d be annoying you with all my talking… I’m really sorry…”

- You thought you annoyed him? Awh S/O - san…

- He takes your hand before smiling at you

- “Hey… You have that game at home right?”

- You give a small nod

- “Let’s go play together, but you’ll have to tell me all about the characters okay?”

- You instantly light up and squeeze his hand gently

Kaito Momota:

- He noticed that you love games

- And by that I mean he had to literally move you or carry you seeing as you were constantly playing on a portable console

- “What are you even playing S/O”

- “Oh um, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters… It’s a good game for the PSP but Ratchet and Clank had a long history now… Oh but but but! They’re making one for the PS4!”

- You basically tell him the whole history of that game series making sure not to miss any details

- “Jesus man, you have a lot to say about it huh?”

- “Haha…”

- He makes sure you safely get to your class before quick walking to his own

- The next couple of days seem… Quiet

- It takes him a while to realise why, you’re not actually there to cause potential collisions in the halls

- “Huh?”

- He tries asking around for a bit but it seems that no one has seen you

- Alright, time to investigate all the rooms

- It takes him most of the lunch hour but he finally finds you sitting by a desk console in hand

- “S/O?… Hey… I’ve been worried about you?”

- “You… Were? Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you..”

- Your voice sounds… Sad

- “What’s up?”

- “It’s nothing..”

- “Don’t lie to me”

- He walks over and takes the console from your hands

- “Hey!… Okay fine… I’ll tell you. I thought I was annoying you with all my game talk”

- It takes him a minute to process what you just said but then he just starts laughing

- “Hahaha! If you think you annoyed me then I must’ve annoyed you a thousand times with all my space talk!” He then ruffles your hair and continues laughing


- Of course he played video games before

- But he could see that you had a certain passion for them

- He was tinkering with something whilst you were telling him about your favourite game series

- “And you see, Tomb Raider is just such a good series! There’s a PS4 version now to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it!”

- “Oh really?”

- “Yeah!”

- “That’s good”


- Ever since that conversation he noticed that you weren’t around him as much as before

- Is it because I’m a robot?

- But he thought you weren’t racist against robots!

- He must investigate this matter at once

- He found you after lessons standing by your locker

- “S/O - san!”

- You make a little jump and turn around to face him

- “Oh… Hi Kiibo - kun”

- “Do you hate me because I’m a robot?”

- He looked like he was about to cry

- “Wh- Who told you that Kiibo - kun?!”

- You place a hand on his shoulder and look at his face 

- “Well… It would explain why you’re avoiding me…”

- “Did I upset you? Oh no! I’m so sorry Kiibo - kun! I thought I was annoying you and you wanted a break so…”

- “That’s wrong S/O - san! I actually love listening to you speak, you’re so passionate about this it… It makes me feel warm inside…” 

- You giggle and wrap your arms around him

Rantaro Amami:

- Whenever you asked him to play video games with you he’d always agree

- “Ah Amami - kun guess what! Persona 5 is coming out! I really want to get it but it’s so expensive! (This is me in reality)”

- “Persona?”

- “Yeah! I remember playing it but this one looks sooooo good!”

- “Oh okay, I haven’t heard of it”

- “Oh… I see”

- Over the next couple days he notices that you’re quieter than usual and that you tend to exit the class as soon as you can

- “Okay class, pick a project partner”

- He’s instantly by your side taking hold of your hands and flashing you a warm smile

- “Huh?..”

- “Are you going to tell me what’s up S/O - san?

- “So you are annoyed…”

- “Huh? What no I’m not”

- “You’re not?”

- “Why would I be?”

- “Because I talk about games too much and I can never shut up… I mean, if I were you I’d find me annoying…”

- “S/O - san are you serious?”

- “Wh- Of course I am!”

- He just starts to laugh then causing you to start blushing

- “S/O - san if I found you annoying I’d tell you haha… Oh I can’t believe you actually thought you annoyed me haha”

- He pulls you gently causing you to fall into a quick kiss

- When you part he just winks at you

- Oh Amami - kun

Kokichi Ouma:

- When he walked into the classroom he found you bouncing in your chair

- “Hmmm? What is S/O - chan up t-”


- You’re literally like !!!

- “The Last of Us?”

- “Yes!!!”

- “Nishishi~ You’re such a nerd S/O - chan”

- “Uh… Thank you…”


- For some reason, he has been seeing you a lot less over these past few days

- Were you sick?

- No wait, there you are!

- “S/O - chan is so meannnnn”

- You turn and find him with tears in his eyes

- They’re just crocodile tears… Right?

- You feel really bad now

- “What did I… Do?”

- “You’re avoiding meeeee”

- “Well…”

- He grabs your wrists and pulls you towards him so that your foreheads are pressing together

- “Did I offend you?”

- “What?”

- His voice is serious for once

- “Um… No it’s just… I thought I annoyed you… With my game talk”

- “Nishishi~ You’re so funny S/O - chan, I would never get annoyed at you!”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He’s not gonna lie

- He has no idea what video games are

- So he will listen to you with a smile on his face but not really know what you’re saying

- “So so so there’s going to be a DLC for Uncharted now! I’m so excited!”

- “Oh… Gonta is happy then! But um… Gonta will go for a discovery walk”


- He wasn’t much into using technology so he would often visit your house

- But for the past few days no one opened the door

- He got kind of worried so he stayed longer than usual one day

- He was a gentleman so he didn’t want to knock non - stop but he just wanted to know you were okay

- “S/O - san… Please open the door, it’s just Gonta!”

- Eventually, after some time the door slowly creaked open

- “Hey hey… Gonta - kun”

- “Gonta was worried about you!”

- “Worried?”

- “Yes! You haven’t opened the door for Gonta in a while so Gonta thought something happened to you!”

- “That’s… So sweet”

- You give him a nice smile before continuing

- “No I… I just thought I annoyed you with my game talk”

- “Well, the way Gonta sees it is… S/O - san likes games as much as Gonta likes insects! And seeing as S/O - san always listens and likes Gonta’s findings, Gonta also loves listening to S/O - san’s game achievements!”

- “Awh…!”

- You hug him tightly and thank him for quite a while

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Just like Gonta, he’s not too keen on the gaming world

- He never told you this of course, he didn’t want to upset you in any way

- “See, Resident Evil expanded to PS4 now… As in Resident Evil 7 just came out!”

- “7? That’s quite a lot”

- “Yes! Although the gaming style changed, for example the perspective…”


- The two of you usually spend your free time in the library but this is the 3rd day in a row when you haven’t turned up

- He doesn’t really want to bombard you with questions but he’s slightly concerned that you haven’t been appearing lately

- She mentioned something about a game right?

- He grabs some books on his way out and then quick walks over to your house

- He rings the doorbell and waits, tapping his foot impatiently

- 5 minutes pass… Then 10….

- He rings the doorbell again and this time adds a little knock at the end

- After another 5 minutes the door slowly creaks over at him and he’s met with a pair of e/c coloured eyes staring at him

- “Hello beautiful”

- “Hello Shinguji - kun”

- “Did you forget where the library is?”

- “… Wait what? What day is it?”

- “It’s Friday”

- “Oh…”

- “Well I don’t fully believe that you were gaming non - stop for 3 days so… Tell me the truth. Why didn’t you come?”

- “Because I thought you’d tell me to shut up”

- Harsh

- “Why would I?”

- “Because I talk too much..”

- “Kukuku~ You’re the quietest person I know S/O - san! Besides… It’s quite a beautiful sight to see you passionately talk about something you love… I’d love to listen to more things”

- “Really?…Ah well… I’m playing right now so…”

- He just nods and you let him inside

Ryoma Hoshi:

- “HOSHI - KUN! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out now!”

- Mario what now

- The only game he heard of was Wii Sports but that’s mainly because it had tennis in it

- “That’s.. Great?”

- “You don’t sound… Happy”

- “Uh”

- “No.. It’s okay”

- You make up a quick excuse and leave


- You always came to his practice

- But you didn’t turn up for 5 days now

- Were you avoiding him?

- He grit his teeth and quickly replaced his piece of licorice

- Time to investigate

- As soon as he was done, he quickly made his way over to your house

- He banged his small fist on your door and patiently waited for you to open it

- “Hello?”

- “Down here.”

- You let out a little chuckle before turning your attention to him

- “What’s up with you? You never miss my practices”

- “.. Yeah… But I thought I annoyed you last time”

- You lean against the door frame and give him a somewhat sad look

- “Is that about that Markio thing?”

- “Mario. Yeah”

- “Ehhh… I never meant to offend you S/O… I just have no idea about it… I only ever played Wii Sports you know”

- “Wait… Really?”

- “Yeah”

- You scratch your head

- “Would you like to… Gain some game knowledge?”

- “Uh.. Sure but I will probably be ter-”

- You don’t even let him finish his sentence, you just pull him inside and happily show him your collection

Gregzilla’s Thoughts on Sonic Mania

(No spoilers beyond what’s been shown in trailers).

Getting the negative out of the way first.  I’m not really a fan of the decision to bring back old levels.  The fact that the game is a retro throwback in terms of style is fine, as they have upgraded the visuals to levels that could not be done on the Genesis, and it’s a gameplay style that is very much welcome back.  But in having both a retro style AND levels ripped right from the old games, at times it can feel like I’m just playing those games again.  Where it really shines is the original levels, and the parts of the retro levels that are remixed enough to feel new.  Generations already did the “greatest hits” sort of level selection thing not too long ago, so I’m kinda bummed they did it again instead of just having this team make entirely new levels.  This keeps Mania from feeling like a true “Sonic 4″ and more like “Sonic 1 - 3 Plus More Stuff.”  So I hope this team gets to do another game in a similar style with 100% original levels.

With that aside, everything else is fantastic.  The aesthetics are perfect, having incredibly energetic visuals and detailed animations.  There’s tons of cool effects and sprite rotation that makes it feel like a Saturn-era game - and considering there was never a true main Sonic game on the Saturn, it filled me with joy the entire time.  While I’d rather have seen a ton of all-new levels instead of a mix of old and new, the original levels are amazing.  Studiopolis and Mirage Saloon are probably my new favorite levels in the series, which by default makes them some of my favorite video game levels period.  They’re just packed with branching paths and hidden goodies that beg to be replayed over and over again.  And while Act 1 of most of the retro levels feel pretty similar to their original counterparts, Act 2 tends to switch things up and make them feel much more new, leading to some great new takes on classic zones that improve upon the originals.

Boss fights are also a huge step up from the classics.  A few of them go a bit over the top with their gimmicks, but on the whole they blow the originals out of the water.  The bosses are much more lively and animated, there’s much more going on, and they’re just much more exciting than pretty much any other bosses in the franchise.

The soundtrack, good lord, it’s quite possibly the best in the series.  Tee Lopes completely nailed it, giving us some of the most jammin’ tunes I’ve heard in a long time.  I’ll be buying this soundtrack ASAP.

Special stages have their ups and downs.  The ones that you enter via the checkpoint posts are a bit of a pace breaker.  I enjoyed the Blue Sphere stages back in 3&K, but having them show up at checkpoints instead of in hidden areas makes them a bit too numerous, and they get tiring.  On top of that, some of them are just really dickish in their design, with some nasty moments that send you rocketing into the red orbs that are nearly impossible to avoid without prior knowledge.  I do wish these weren’t brought back to be honest, I don’t feel they really fit in with the game’s overall design.  Best case scenario I’d have liked to see the checkpoints get their own brand new special stages as well, but maybe that wasn’t doable.  The hidden Chaos Emerald special stages, however, are hands-down the best in the series.  They’re difficult and fairly slippery to control, but they’re a ton of fun and full of joyful visuals, which made me smile like a goofy kid upon first entering one.

On the whole I want to say this is the best Sonic game ever made, but I’m a bit conflicted considering a good chunk of it directly carries levels over from previous games.  But upon further consideration, I decided that the new versions of these levels are more fun than the originals, and the brand new levels are incredibly fun as well.  All this adds up to the most consistently fun game in the series, with very few low points, unlike the originals.  So when I get right down to it, yep - Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game.

Book Reviews : Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Even a few days after reading this book, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I thought that Safi was a bit too impulsive that bordered on dramatic but I liked Iseult very much. I think that this first book built up a good range of characters with their own strengths and weaknesses. A good start to what I hope will be a new favorite series.