Slow Dancing - Pietro Maximoff oneshot

Just a random short i wrote about slow dancing with Pietro.

               You were sat cross legged on the balcony of the avengers tower, just watching the city and how it lit up at night. It really was quite peaceful, especially when Pietro was away on a mission. He had been gone for three months, and god were you missing him. You closed your eyes and sighed, everything was peaceful, the hum of life on the streets below had become comforting, making you feel less alone. A wind whipped your hair around your face and you brushed it away, pulling it over one shoulder and combing you fingers through it gently.  A strange feeling came across your exposed cheek, you opened your eyes as your hand naturally went to the feeling - you knew that feeling. It was a kiss, but it couldn’t be, he wasn’t here and you were starting to think he never would never be again. You sighed and slouched but you were swiftly picked up, making you scream but a kiss sealed your lips, shutting you up. “Hello” you pulled back to see Pietro smiling at you like the dork he is, “miss me?”

               "Pietro?“ you whispered, your hand cupping his face in disbelief, your eyes searching his, almost asking if he was really here.

               "you’re home” you smiled, your hand finding its way into his hair as he pulled you into another kiss.

               "Yes baby I’m home"  he said back, making you laugh as you wrapped your arms around him and snuggled into his neck, breathing in his sent. You felt his hands on your waist and you smiled at the contact. Your darling was home safe and that was all that mattered. You finally looked up at him and into his piercing blue eyes, he smirked at you and started moving, just slightly at first and soon you were dancing.  He started drawing small circles with his fingers on your waist before he took your hand and span you round before pressing his  forehead against yours, pulling you back into his chest for more close contact.

               "This is so cliché" you mumble laughing.

               "Yea I guess it is" he smirked, looking down at you, “see I can go slow sometimes”  you laughed and he kissed you again, picking you up and spinning you around before placing you down and pulling you into a tight hug again. “You know, the only thing that got me through that mission was thinking of coming home to you.” he murmured, “I missed you so much” he whispered,

               "I missed you too dork"

I’ve been in New York since Thursday night; I taught and held what felt like an unending string of student meetings and then we drove up. This morning we will drive back. The best friend and I had planned this trip months before Hedwig was announced, mostly because we travel well together and needed a break.

In the intervening days we:
+ ate so much food, which last year I just couldn’t have done
+ walked miles and miles each day, which last WEEK I couldn’t have done - I’m still replacing a lot of muscle tone I lost while I was really sick and there’s been some intense wonkiness with my right foot, and it’s not gone but I think all the walking will help
+ yeah, we saw Hedwig. Idk what to say that hasn’t been: he was great and he looks fantastic. If you haven’t gone yet and it’s your first trip to Hedwig: make an effort to grab one of the Hurt Locker playbills littering the theater because they are truly silly and wonderful.
+ saw friends, some familiar faces and some that were just a gift of putting faces to familiar names.
+ bought comics and then read the first trade of Rat Queens, which I loved. (Also, comics friends: Midtown online still has copies of 1-3 of Bitch Planet as well as 3 of the 5 issues of Young Avengers vol 2 I was looking for, so I ordered those last night and am going to wait to look for the last two at SDCC, so I am set for now. Thanks for your help!)
+ put on Star Trek 2009 (almost) every night for bedtime music. Because we could.
+ went to the Strand and looked at books. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and looked at people. Ate a lot of cheese curds in various forms. Saw the Avengers movie from the 3rd row because we could not be bothered to show up early. Napped at least once a day, for hours. (Yeah I buried the lede. Those naps were in hotel beds with the a/c cranked up. They were each epic in their own way.) Laughed a lot and talked so much that we are agreed not to really speak for 2 weeks, because we understand each other.

It was so good. It felt like actual vacation. Last night I started to get antsy about reentry and prepped slides for my lecture on Tuesday while K took another long walk and then we ordered Vietnamese food and ate chocolates she bought on her walk and put on Into Darkness to mix it up a little bit. This morning we will get a bagel with lox and I will probably go buy buttons at the place around the corner because I have 2 new summer weight cardigans that could use some sprucing up. And then we will go home.

Look, the last year has been hard. So hard. I’m still not really over it; I’m still healing in ways that are now mostly not visible, and I have mostly stopped talking about it because it’s boring and I’m trying not to perseverate. It’s still there, though.

Maybe a tiny bit less this morning.

Pretty sure these girls won’t want anything more to do with me when they become aware of how high maintenance I actually am. Like I will not be leaving without my hair straight or my makeup on. 

I will actually try and get everything done before they even get up because nobody needs to see my face without makeup. I wouldn’t subject them to the horror. That and it’s a confidence thing. 

It takes an effort to make me feel somewhat good about my face.

Apologies in advance to mypatronusisklaine, yanks02, itza322, oraclewendybird and even to missbeizy since I know there’s talk of her staying a night.

Small leave of absence.

I’m going to be away from tumblr for the next week, as I’m going on holiday to New York!

We arrive tomorrow night (flights permitting), and because we’ll be tired from travelling we’ll obviously need to veg out in front of the TV for the first night.

So….. I like Gotham so I’m going to watch the Gotham finale in Gotham so I can Gotham while I Gotham! \o/

New York City at night. St.Mark’s Place. East Village.

When the days concede to night in the winter, there is a certain comfort in the glow of neon city lights.

This particular view is of St. Mark’s Place in the East Village. The giant cow on the right belongs to the restaurant Mark (“We grind our own beef”) and the colorful neon signs belong to Andromeda - a tattoo and piercing establishment that merged with the West Village’s Cassioppia a few years back.

The sign that is partially concealed on the left under the tree branches (with shoes hanging off of them!) is Rockit Scientist Records which was a great records store that dated back to the mid 1990s when the East Village was home to far more records stores and had a more eclectic vibe.

There is a coldness to neon that is eclipsed by a peculiar sort of warmth when the windchill dips into the single digits. It’s a sign of life. People tend to huddle under the glow of the lights in the winter with a frequency that isn’t seen as much in warmer months as if they are city moths drawn to the glowing promise of warmth.

Since people have asked, I am going to include the camera/lens combos I used for each photo on this blog from this point on (or at least I will try!). This was taken with the Sony a99 and my 35mm lens.

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Times Square. New York City.

Times Square is its own universe.

It’s New York City filtered through cinematic dreams and commercially-tinged aspirations wrapped up in flashing lights and colorful billboards. There is a familiarity to it that is tinged with a wild-eyed estranged quality that makes it all the more alluring.

And when a yellow New York City taxi cab drives by at the speed of light under all the flashing lights, it’s hard not to smile.

Taken with a Sony a99 using the Miniature setting creative style. The Sony a99 has around twenty different creative styles and while I usually shoot in RAW format and do my editing after the fact, I have to say that the Miniature setting was just way too fun to play with especially in Times Square! The results are similar to a Tilt Shift Lens (or I suppose a Lens Baby as well) and you can adjust where you want the focus and blur to end up.

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