Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to see something! For example, this moment presented itself to me at a New York wedding

Ironically, the resulting photograph (Titled: “Mohawk”) has gone on to become one of my most recognized images.

A story about this photograph and how it became part of an international collaboration with Archan Nair is featured in Making Ideas Happen


We brought a cornucopia of colorful flowers into the ballroom of the New York Palace Hotel last month and we’re excited to show off the photos! Bright pink and orange blooms burst from vases wrapped with greenery mirroring the candelabras with climbing ivy. Mercury gold votive candles, vases and table numbers tied the celebration’s colors to the golden trim and details of the ornate venue.  

The wedding arch, created from white flowers and greenery, was designed to be simple but stunning against the opulent backdrop of the salon.


Travis and Ashley got married. They are professional models in New York, and my roommates. We are all very poor and they desperately wanted to be together forever, so they took it to the court house. Ashley wore a white dress from H&M, Travis his favorite blazer. Our three closest friend came to witness the celebration and we went to our favorite burger joint afterwards. I got to sign the papers as a witness and take their wedding photos on my camera. It was a low budget, New York wedding, but it was a day completely about the love that two people have for each other. No flashy ceremony, no asking for gifts, just devotion to each other. Congratulations, models!