“ Steve Rogers plays cello for one of the top orchestra’s in New York. Life has been pretty normal since his honorable discharge from the army two years before. He goes to rehearsal, he goes to the Howling Commandos Bar and Grill, he sleeps, he repeats. At least thats until the orchestra gets a concert pianist from Russia to headline their next concert.” Happy Endings Are Hardest to Fake by @bisexualyoungavenger


An interesting footage captured scene on 23rd Street in New York City, 1901.


FC: Rachel Taylor Age: 25 Year: Theater Arts/Communications Instructor Traits: Driven, Honest, Loyal, Positive 

When most people see Trish Walker, they think Patsy Walker the child star and the glitz and glam that follow.  With a TV show and comic, Patsy became a household name. What they don’t know is how abusive a childhood it was for Trish. When she finally broke away from the environment–thanks in part to jessica Jones– Trish moved out to New York.  As a result of the rough New York life, Trish began training herself for self-defense. She wasn’t going to be the weak Patsy a moment longer.  Agreeing to join the Titanian Voyage, Trish became what S.H.I.E.L.D labels as enhanced. While she and Jessica’s friendship had only grown stronger over their journey together, the two sought different paths with careers. While Jessica tried–and failed–her hands the superhero business, Trish went into talk radio. When it proved the two of them were destined to meet the Purple Man again, Trish and Jessica devised a plan. Feeling as though she let Jessica down by allowing him to escape, Trish dived deeper into her training. Taking note of her abilities and perseverance, S.H.I.E.l.D offered Trish an opportunity to teach–while still doing her show–other supers and enhanced like herself. agreeing, if not to keep her eye on Jessica, Trish flew out to Iowa. Who’s to say campus won’t ever be the same.



Beautiful Ballet Portrait Of Performers Claiming The Streets Of NYC

Ballet is an intimately physical art that has been merged with the beauty of music, photography and dance, captured by Puerto Rico born, NYC-based photographer Omar Robles’ camera on the streets of New York city. 

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New York Life Insurance manager fired for death threat against Black Lives Matter communication director.

Corey Multer, a longtime manager for New York Life Insurance, has been fired for writing a violent death threat to a prominent activist in the Movement for Black Lives.

For that activist, Shanelle Matthews, death threats are something of a way of life. Matthews works as the director of communications for the Black Lives Matter Network. But Multer’s message stopped her in her tracks and moved her to write the above Facebook post (abbreviated above, full version here).

Now, New York Life Insurance has severed ties with Multer — and offered a well-intended statement along with it.

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Elegant Cityscape Rings by Ola Shekhtman

Jewelry designer Ola Shekhtman (previously featured here) began her professional career as a goldsmith student in St. Petersburg, Russia. Shekhtman’s exceptional talent allows her to hand make every process in the creation of her contemporary designs. She manually melts metal and is responsible for rolling, sawing, soldering and polishing every detail by hand.

An avid traveler, the Serbian-born artist habitually relocates with her family every couple of years to a different city. Inspired by different cityscapes, sceneries and aesthetics, Shekhtman’s creations are a direct reflection of her personal life. In addition to being an expert with working with metal, she is trained in 3D modeling. Her collection of rings features major cities, including New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London and Dubai among others. You can find the entire series in her Etsy shop.

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