To help in their competition against the Xbox and PS2, Nintendo teamed up with Panasonic in December of 2001 to include a DVD player to the GameCube.

This new version of the GameCube was called the Panasonic Q. It has a mirrored front, a small text display screen, and controller ports that light up. Like most unique Nintendo product that you want, it was only released in Japan. When it was still for sale, the Panasonic Q retailed for $440. Given the original high price of the system, and the fact that these were only made for 3 years almost to the day, the Panasonic Q is one of the most expensive and hard to find GameCubes out there.

Mario Maker Comes in 4 Delicious Flavors

Of level design, that is.

Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. level elements will be at your finger tips when Mario Maker hits Wii U next year.

Check out Mario Maker in action here, along with plenty of other great upcoming Nintendo titles here. [❤]

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The Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo’s lesser known systems. In short, it was a gaming system that released right before the N64 did. It is similar to a virtual reality head set. The only color it could produce onscreen was red. It was created by the same person that invented the Gameboy, Yokoi Gunpey. There are very few games for it and even fewer that are worth playing.

Part of the problem in the design of the Virtual Boy is that it had to played while hunched over at a table making it awkward and uncomfortable to play. Tighe Lory decided to do something about that. He custom built, and wired his own Virtual Boy arcade cabinet! It has the head unit on an adjustable fixture and has replaced the controller with buttons that you’d expect on an arcade cabinet. Over all it looks very well built and more convenient to play.