This week, the Supreme Court will debate whether anti-choice protesters should have the right to get up close to harass women outside abortion clinics. 

This graphic from the New York Times shows an example of a current buffer zone (the orange area on the map) designed to protect patients.  Seems pretty reasonable to us. #ProtectTheZone

Flower barely clinging to the peeling paint inside a patient room above a disassembled bedframe, Glen Gardner Sanatorium.  This mountaintop hospital in western New Jersey treated pulmonary tuberculosis into the 60s, when most of it was converted for use as a psychiatric hospital.  The infirmary building - pictured here - was left abandoned.

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moon signs

aries moon: vibrant, surrounds themselves with many people, want to leave an impression on people, passionate, feel like they need to be praised, live for the moment, get bored easily, stubborn, impatient, craves something new.

taurus moon: patient, give a peaceful presence, avoid anger, great manners, set in their ways, enjoy routine, materialistic, sentimental, stick to their goals, like to help others, supportive.

gemini moon: great at communication, witty, enjoys being at home, active imagination, ambitious, restless, moody, fast learners, charming, a leader, enjoys being in love, worry about being bored.

cancer moon: empathetic, surprisingly romantic, make you feel comfortable, creative, vulnerable, can lack motivation, clingy, loving, can act irrationally, good at making others smile.

leo moon: confident, needs to preserve their pride, great sense of humour, love to be admired, entertaining, organized, generous, like to control a situation, jealous, defensive.

virgo moon: observant, a high achiever, chilled, live in the moment, productive, enjoy detail, like to run errands, trustworthy, appreciate simplicity, laid-back, they really listen.

libra moon: has a brilliance with words, very social, like to keep things light-hearted, avoid confrontation, enjoy having the last word, need intellectual stimulation, see flaws in things, strong.

scorpio moon: has a terrific presence, good at solving problems, enigmatic, intelligent, emotional drama is fulfilling, go after what they want, prone to mood swings, has a lot of love.

sagittarius moon: honest, a dreamer, a good sense of humour, upbeat, open-minded, impatient, impulsive, need time to escape, bright, independent, enjoys tackling new things.

capricorn moon: mature, a philosopher, deep, enjoy a challenge, strong-willed, avoids emotions by being productive, like to get their own way, concentrate well, does well under pressure, great with friendship.

aquarius moon: stands out, good-humoured, straight-forward, down to earth, strong ego, need freedom, take criticism badly, likes to observe, have a cool aura, good at cheering you up.

pisces moon: compassionate, intuitive, fun to be around, push-over, they avoid important matters, become overwhelmed by emotions, sweet, soft-hearted, not in touch with reality, non-judgemental.

Patient dormitory at sundown at Buffalo State Hospital.  People have this dismal misconception that insane asylums were “snake pits” - places where patients were treated like animals, if even that well.  Perhaps they eventually became that, but the Kirkbride buildings of the 19th century were anything but.  Here, patients would enjoy sunlight from three of four directions, in a room whose 16’ ceilings were supported by ornate columns.  Certainly not the view of the asylum you’d get if you bought into “American Horror Story”!

One of the great arches that line the halls of Greystone Park State Hospital, photographed at sunrise.  Perhaps the most recognizable feature of the wards of this grand asylum, the largest continuous-foundation building in America until the construction of the Pentagon, these arches provided patients both with an ample dose of sunlight and a place to socialize.  Just about every ward in the building had an arch such as this at its midpoint; Woody Guthrie likely hung out in one when he spent years on the wards here.  Sadly, the arches will fall with the rest of the building soon; Greystone has been slated for demolition by the Powers That Be in New Jersey.

We get a TON of questions from our amazing and fabulous new patients in our Planned Parenthood transgender hormone therapy and preventive health service program about what and when they can expect hormones to start making changes happen in their body. We turned to the info from our colleagues at WPATH – that’s the World Professional Association for Transgender Health – and put it all together in a sweet little handout. Information is power.