living in a desert memes
  • lizards everywhere
  • vultures circling the acres of sand next to your school
  • living the sunset aesthetic
  • horses everywhere ?? how do they survive
  • farm and tractors
  • cactus at super random places (its illegal to kill them but expensive to safely move them)
  • coyotes in your backyard
  • no clouds ever
  • when it rains you have to board your windows and bring everything inside or else itll blow away (your dogs too)
  • the RED SAND
  • you find crystals and geodes practically up your butt
  • pottery?? just ?? in pieces everywhere? should i give this to a museum??
  • cool names for mountains 
  • the Mines
  • more lizards
  • (in the us) Sedona
  • (in the us) the Grand Canyon 
  • when you go anywhere else, you’re blinded by green

feel free to add more

New Mexico Bill Requiring Abortionists to Care for Babies Born Alive Dies in Committee

New Mexico Bill Requiring Abortionists to Care for Babies Born Alive Dies in Committee

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SANTA FE, N.M. — A proposed bill in New Mexico that would have required abortionists to care for babies that survive abortion attempts has died in committee.

H.B. 275 had been introduced by Reps. Rod Montoya, R-Farmington, and Yvette Herrell, R-Alamogordo, and would make it a felony punishable with life imprisonment for abortionists to fail to care for a child who shows signs of life.


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NM Artist Feature #4: Shelby Criswell  -  ShelbyLynnsCardShop   

This shop run from Santa Fe, NM. Done in the fun and quirky style of the artist, there’s a range of things for purchase in this store. There are mini-comics about sexual education and gender identity, skateboarding, and more. You can commission a cute picture of you and the bae, or a custom event card for a loved one!

Full of fun options brought to you from a talented artist, this shop is definitely a recommended stop if you’re looking for a card for a special even, or just a fun bit of reading and comic art.

Go check it out, and hopefully you’ll find something you like!


The Dulce Papers

The Dulce Papers was a package comprised of 25 black and white photos, video tapes, and information papers about a jointy occupied (US and Alien) facility located in Dulce, New Mexico. Several people were given copies of this to hold for safe keeping.

Text from the papers state that the US attempted to take over the base but were unsuccessful. 66 humans were killed in the attempt. Of the few that escaped, one took notes of the base and tried to get his hands on any other material he could find.

The content of the Dulce Papers include

  • discussion of copper & molybdenum
  • discussion of magnesium & potassium (electrolytes??)
  • lots of medical terminology
  • discussion of ultraviolet light & gamma rays
  • discussion of true purpose of the EBE’s
  • discussion of usage of cow blood
  • discussion of DNA manipulation
  • discussion of “almost human beings”
  • discussion of “creation of non gender being”
  • discussion of DNA manipulation
  • discussion of “almost human beings”
  • sketches of the photos 

The last picture is supposedly one of the black and white pictures taken at the base.


Indigenous Book & Authors Festival 2016, Beyond Stereotype, Prejudice, & Racism

“Arigon Starr is coming back to Albuquerque for the Read Indigenous/IFAIR Book Festival at the University of New Mexico.”

March 3 & 4, 2016. The University of New Mexico Student Union Building

Albuquerque, New Mexico

More info at

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Whoa! Two cloud-to-ground lightning bolts strike down over the mountains near White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. The Milky Way shines above and moon rays streak out from behind the clouds – creating even more drama in this spectacular shot. Photo courtesy of Mike Mezeul II. ⚡️