White Sands

Blonde mice and white lizards blend into the background in a desert of milk-white dunes.

Shimmering white dunes, shaped and contoured by the wind into smoothly rounded crescents, stretch endlessly before the eyes of wanderers in the White Sands. But this is unusual sand – not the usual quartz, but gypsum. White Sands is the world’s most impressive gypsum desert, about 300sq miles (780km2) in extent; it lies in the flat-floored Tularosa Valley in New Mexico, and much of it has been a US National Monument since 1933. No one ever exploited its gypsum; the area was too remote and gypsum was plentiful elsewhere.

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Bisti Badlands, by cecilwhitt

Welcome to my world. No…not the world of being there…the world at my computer. I had so much fun processing this image, and of course it is a rough draft. I have been in ICU for a month. Not for myself of course; more like a visitor. Mostly in that time what I have processed looks a bit anemic, creepy color schemes and the rest. Thanks so much for the photo community support in these troubled times, C.

College student has been harassed by her administrator, Dr. Fidel Trujillo for too long. She filed for a restraining order on him but he knows the judge, Abigail Aragon who let him continue to harass her. This judge also let a women get away with murder because she was friends with his mother. The courts are so controlled by connected families in Northern New Mexico who do political favors for each other, specifically in Las Vegas, NM and Mora, NM. So Please reblog and spread the word so something gets done about all the corruption!

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