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Drabble idea, Bucky has been the winter soldier and he's fine now. But then they find out that Danny has been missing and when they find him he's winter soldier 2.0.

So I was writing this and I was almost done with it but then I went back and read the prompt again and realized I had written something that was sort of right but not really so here’s take two


Bucky had gotten along with Danny from the very first time the boy had awkwardly said hi to him. Sure, he had done most of the talking, but Bucky was an emotionally stunted ex-assassin, so that wasn’t really a surprise. And for Danny it hadn’t really been a problem. Bucky had trouble connecting to people sometimes, and was probably shit for comforting someone, but he was a damn good listener. And he may be bad with words, but he made up for it with his actions. When Danny said he wanted to try a new hair style, he had left a hair magazine on the coffee table. When he casually mentioned the stomach problems he’d been having, Bucky had gotten him food that was supposed to help with that. When Danny said he wanted to get better, Bucky was there to help him train. 

None of that mattered now, though. Because Danny was gone. 

Jazz had called Sam, because he apparently has real friends that don’t dress up for Halloween every night to punch douche bags in the face. She had sounded worried, asking about Danny, if he was still there of not. Sam had told her no, that he had left a couple days prior and had thought he was safely at home. 

Now there was an unspoken, world wide search going on for the kid. Hell, they were even having Thor check the Ghost Zone just in case Danny took a detour and got stuck or something. 

Bucky felt like he was running in circles, and he knew the others did too. But Bucky actually liked Danny as a person, considered him a friend and definitely one of the smartest people he knew. 

But he was just a kid. A fucking teenager. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, he wasn’t going to come out the same way. But that wasn’t going to stop them from looking, and Bucky doubted anything would. 

They searched high and low, even in places he was mostly likely going to be. Like the fucking desert, or Arizona. He also hates Florida, for whatever reason, but says that it’s literal hell one earth (Save for NASA, of course). He wasn’t anywhere. 

But when he was ready he sure let them know it. 

Danny had been missing for almost a month when they finally found him again. Or, rather he found them. Bucky had been searching through the sewers for the third time that week looking for his new friend when he realized they had looked everywhere but one place. 

He was regretting the sewers now. 

He quickly climbed out, running past civilians and cars until he made it back to his bike. He hooked his Stark Phone to the jack and called all of the Avengers, because if Bucky was right then they were fucking screwed. 


Brest was, compared to some of France’s major cities, pretty deserted. The place had 50,000 or so people living there, and there were large castles and other similar looking structures. None of the public seemed to notice or care, but that was the thing about Hydra. They were good at blending in. 

Bucky remembered being held in the basement lab of the smaller building attached to the main section of the  Château de Brest. There was more lab equipment down there than the bank vault he had stayed in in D.C., and in some cases, smarter people. Some always seemed to forget that when Bucky had been captured, it had been by Hydra, and while they had aimed at America first, they were very much an international power. Meaning they had put Bucky wherever they needed him to be. 

Sometimes that meant in the basement of some ancient castle. 

Despite it’s popularity, the castle’s defenses were ridiculously easy to get through. The cameras seemed to be pointed away from windows and doors, and there was a severe lack of guards on the inside. 

“Something is wrong,” he said quietly, looking around for any sign of life. This place was clean. Almost too clean. Usually, with castles, there was a sort of permanent layer of dirt within the rocks. It helped with authenticity, and was an absolute bitch to clean. Nobody was ever able to clean stone. Not all the way, anyway. There was always some speck of something left behind. Hopefully there would be a piece of Danny somewhere that could show them the way to their beloved child Avenger. 

Steve was close to Bucky as he led them down to the labs. He knew more from muscle than actual recollection that this was the direction to go. Bucky knew Steve was worried about his mental state, what with coming back to one of the many places that held him against his will, but he wasn’t too close. Not enough to make Bucky uncomfortable, but if he needed support, his friend was there. Bucky really appreciated that, because he didn’t know how he would respond when he walked through those doors. 

He sighed, looking at the walls as they descended the stairs, trailing his fingers against the wall until he felt it. 

He stopped dead in his tracks and traced a crack in the stone, his finger coming back with a spec of green on it. He examined it further, noticing the dent in it. It wasn’t just some crack in the wall. There had been a struggle here. 

“We’re on the right track,” Bucky told them. 

“How did you know to even come to this one?” Clint asked him from behind Steve. Bucky shrugged. 

“Low surveillance, best lab equipment, quiet town, and the fact that this place has been closed for a month for no reason at all. It’s a perfect hiding spot for a kidnapped superhero.”

Clint nodded, looking around with his bow at the ready as he followed the super soldiers all the way down, being stopped only by a large, metal door with a scanner next to it. 

“The dust has been wiped away,” Clint said, looking at the floor and the scanner. “Someone’s been here recently.”

“Or are already inside,” Natasha added. 

Bucky sighed, starring at his metal fingers as they whirred in harmony before looking back to the team that had accepted him as their own.

“It would be rude not to knock, right?” He asked. That was the only warning they got as Bucky swung his arm as hard as he could at the door, prying it open with the metal appendage. Once he got a little bit of it open, Steve forced his fingers through as well and started pulling. From there it didn’t take long for the door to come open, and the alarm on the other side to start blaring in their ears. 

“We have to move-” Bucky started saying to them, but was cut off by the thundering footsteps behind him. He turned around, only to see dozens, maybe even hundreds of guards, all armed to the teeth and fully loaded. It was like a small army, all centered in this one room. This only proved that Danny, or something or someone equally as powerful was behind the mass of bodies. 

Bucky was the first to strike, and once he started, he didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop, really. He saw red, and let his mind go blank. His heart felt void of emotion as he pounded into breakable faces with his metal arm, dropping bodies left and right with the other Avengers right behind him, fighting their way through all of this. 

Bucky knew the way. He just needed an opening. He looked around, trying to find anything he could use to get passed them. And then it hit him. 

Or, almost did, at least. 

Thor’s hammer, whose name Bucky still couldn’t pronounce, barreled through Hydra agents like they were bowling pins, and while Bucky had always been skeptical of the actual magic that the hammer held, it was probably his best option. 

“Thor!” He called, just as he was catching his hammer again. The blonde’s head snapped his way. “Throw it over there!” He pointed to a corridor behind Bucky where the chair was. 

Thor didn’t nod or hesitate in any way. No, he just chucked it straight to Bucky, who dodged in a split second, and grabbed onto the handle in the next. It all happened so fast that even as he was letting go of the hammer, he was still processing the fact that he had just been dragged through a hoard of evil fuckfaces by it. But a path had cleared and he was where he needed to be, and that was all that mattered. The others could handle the hoards, he was sure of it. But he needed to get down there. 

The minute the corridor opened up, he didn’t waste any time killing the scientists. There was probably a better moral way to do that, but they’re Nazi’s and therefore not people. He was sure Steve and the others could live with that reasoning. Plus they took the kid, so that already made the braniacs on their shitlist. 

He moved like as swift as water, knocking down the other door where the chair and his cryochamber were at. 

His stomach dropped when he saw who was residing in his old chair that he had long since abandoned. 

The screams that filled the room were unearthly, and thankfully stopped when Bucky snapped the one scientist’s neck and sent his metal fist through the control panels. The small of ozone was thick in the air and was almost enough to give him a panic attack. He grabbed his head, trying to block out all of the painful memories as they rose to the surface. 

After doing that weird breathing routine Sam had showed him he stumbled over to Danny. His eyes were closed and he was held down with heavy straps that were built to hold him.  

He peeled away the locks on the restraints and freed Danny, who, unfortunately for Bucky, was a light sleeper. 

In a flash he was on his back, Danny’s hand at his throat and gleaming green eyes. Bucky gasped for air, prying at the fingers squeezing his windpipe.

“D…Danny,” he choked out. “I…It’s…us.” 

The fingers loosened slightly, Danny looking at him, confused. After a few moments he stood up, leaving Bucky’s throat all together. Bucky shakily stood up after him, slowly and steadily. 

“Come on, Danny, let’s take you home,” Bucky said. Danny turned to him, toxic eyes now desperate for answers.

“Who’s Danny?”

I am constantly torn...

… between this:

(Shiro just being Shiro in s3 and just having a new hair-style because the undercut was too cold sometimes)

and this:

(Shiro actually being Kuron, the clone, but not knowing that he’s a clone at all. And Keith finding out about it, because he offered to shave his head for him.)

Can’t decide whether season 3 provided me with a lot of fluffy… or with a lot of angsty feelings for sheith. This is so stressing.

… You know what else’s stressing? Drawing quick sketches in the basement, because my computer is still there. xD This shit is so creepy. I bet my basement is haunted as fuck.