I hate "New Age" Travellers/Gypsies with all my heart

“By looking at what other ethnics and cultures do, we have invented our own [culture]”

White, radical (not in the good way) dirty drug-addled wannabe thieving drop-outs. They took our way of life and twisted it to their own ends. They were violent and confrontational. Stonehenge Free Festival, Battle of the Beanfield, Castlemorton, Greenham Common, … The Convoy… all of these things made OUR lives harder. We have nothing in common with these white, empty-headed vandals. 

New Age Travellers/Gyspies destroyed and vandalized properties. They squatted. They were violent towards police and landowners.

They didn’t (and don’t) give a damn about REAL Romani and Travellers.

Romani are NOT a counter culture or sub culture.


We are not a social experiment. 

We are a recognized ethnic minority who led or still lead a life of forced nomadism and poverty. It is not a choice we made. It is not a lifestyle, a fashion, or a weekend hobby. The mid-1980s totally trashed any hope that Romani and Travellers had in the UK of ever being able to pitch freely.

There were already laws against us, but in the early 1980s several more came into existence, specifically because of New Age Travellers.

In 1982 The Ciminal Justice Act made changes to the “Vagrancy Act of 1824” in which they imposed fines for “wandering abroad, placing oneself in any public places, street, highway, court, or passage to beg or gather alms, or of wandering abroad and lodging in any barn our outhouse, or in any deserted building, open air, or under a tent, or in any cart or waggon, and not giving a good account of himself. In short, it  meant that Romani and Travellers would no longer face court (or "be deemed an incorrigble rogue”), instead they would just be fined (up to £5,000).

Following the Beanfield and Stonehenge, the 1986 the “Public Order Act” was passed [section 39 stated that: “If the senior police officer reasonably believes that two or more persons have entered land as trespassers and are present there with the common purpose of residing there for any period, or that any of those persons has caused damage to property on the land or used threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour towards the occupier, member of his family, agent, or that they have brought twelve or more vehicles, he can direct ANY OF THEM to leave the land. If a person knowing that such a direction has been given fails to leave the land as soon as possible, or having left re-enters the land within three months, he commits and offence and is liable on summary conviction (without the right to trail) to imprisonment for a term of three months or a fine (of £2,500 - £5,000) or both. A constable in uniform who reasonably suspects that a person is committing and offence under this section may arrest him WITHOUT WARRANT. {Note: vehicle includes a caravan as defined in section 29(1) of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act, 1960)].

[This law was superceded by the 1994 Public Order Act. However, articles relating to trespass remained virtually the same - except trespass on common land was added as an offense and they amended their description of a vehicle to include "any vehicle whether or not it is in a fit state for use on roads and any load or anything attached to such a vehicle”]

These poor hard-done by people claim such oppression and discrimination because of THEIR OWN ACTIONS. No one forced them into nomadism. No one forced them to tear down fences, take drugs, organize illegal festivals. All these white people feeling hurt. All these white people rallying for freedom…. all of these white people’s actions taking away even MORE of our lifestyle.

The Romani and Travellers of Europe have always been subjected to harsh and unfair laws - but no one ever discusses the effect New (Age) Travellers and Gypsies have had on OUR lifestyle. They lump us together, they take photoshoots with Kate Moss and suddenly everyone forgives them and wants to run off and join them… they decide they’re bored and go home and no one says a thing. It was a phase, a bad life decision…

meanwhile, Travellers and Romani are dying from preventable diseases, suffering poor educational and economic opportunities and being evicted time and again… we can’t just “give up” our cultural and ethnic heritage. Those New Age folks never had a separate cultural legacy. They never spoke another language, they never had their own music, food, history. They never had their own traditional dress or anything… 

So no, don’t come at me at tell me you understand my struggle because you’re a drop-out wannabe ex-punk living in someone else’s field fighting “The System, man”…

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