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New Girl cast interview + first look at Season 4 premiere

New Girl 5 Teasers from “The Last Wedding”

This episode is awesome - it’s super fun and I laughed a lot. You guys might remember that I didn’t love season three - this episode feels much more season one/season two and I’m really happy with it.

1. Four months have passed since Nick & Jess broke up and the gang has spent their summer going to a ton of weddings.

2. One of the guys has his hands full at the latest (and last) wedding - with ladies from previous weddings.

3. Someone literally turns and runs away from a sexual proposition.

4. CeCe gives Jess advice on how to land a guy (Veep’s Reid Scott - I love him. If you don’t watch Veep, remedy your life), but it’s someone else’s advice that she takes. Let’s just say it involves a political figure (there’s a clue here).

5. Yes, there is a moment where Nick and Jess are alone (I know you guys are wondering).

how to be a new girl fan (according to tumblr)

  • ship nick & jess
  • cry a lot when ‘cooler’ happens
  • dying cause they uncalled it
  • look forward to season three all summer
  • oh god they are together everything is amazing
  • complain about schmidt being a douche
  • complain about winston not having a story
  • complain that ness have too many moments
  • complain when ness doesn’t have a moment
  • complain that season 3 isn’t as funny
  • complain that it’s not as funny because of nick & jess
  • complain when there is a ness centered episode
  • complain when an episode isn’t ness centered
  • complain about coach coming back
  • complain that nick & jess should break up
  • complain when nick & jess break up
  • complain that season 2 was way better
  • complain when the writers say season 4 will be like season 2
  • complain you will stop watching because of ness
  • complain you will stop watching because ness broke up

'New Girl' Preview: 5 Teasers from 'Landline'

I liked this episode a lot more than last week’s. As the picture above shows, the loft mates start to have issues with their cell phone reception due to construction on a neighboring building so they make the decision to get a landline phone.

1. The initial reactions to the old fashioned phone are pretty hilarious and lead to a revelation about one character’s skills.

2. While Jess is having a discussion with Coach and the school nurse about their sexual relationship, she finds out something else about her roommate that makes things worse.

3. The introduction of Julian Morris’ new character is pretty awesome and Coach takes the opportunity to make things awkward for Jess.

4. Nick has way too much fun playing secretary for Schmidt and Winston. They don’t appreciate it, but the audience will because their conference call is one of the highlights of the episode.

5. There’s a deeper meaning behind Nick’s desire to be their secretary and it’s really nice to see a less shallow level to these characters again (at least for me).