At least 13 indigenous candidates running between NDP, Liberals in Manitoba election
7 indigenous candidates running for Liberals, 6 running for NDP, parties say

At least 13 indigenous candidates will run between the Manitoba New Democratic and Liberal parties in the upcoming provincial election — a number up slightly from the 2011 election.

The NDP intend to field at least six indigenous candidates (up two from the last election), while the Liberals aim to run a minimum of seven (up one from 2011).

On Tuesday, University of Winnipeg associate vice-president of indigenous affairs Wab Kinew threw his hat in the ring for the NDP. Kinew, who is also a former CBC journalist, is running uncontested in the Fort Rouge constituency in Winnipeg.

A few days later Nahanni Fontaine, the Manitoba government special advisor on aboriginal women’s issues, announced she, too, would be stepping up to the plate for the NDP. Fontaine is hoping to take over for Gord Mackintosh in the St. Johns constituency, following the justice minister’s announcement last week that he would be pulling out of the race.

​Kinew and Fontaine join Assiniboia candidate Joe McKellep, finance minister and Selkirk MLA Greg Dewar, The Pas representative Amanda Lathlin and Kevin Chief, who is the current jobs and economy minister and MLA for Point Douglas.

Chief is up against indigenous candidate Althea Guiboche. Guiboche, who is also known as the bannock lady, is running for the Liberals in Point Douglas.

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Dear tumblr friends, a momentous thing has occurred which you may not be aware of.

The Province of Alberta has officially ushered in its first non-conservative government in 44 years, and it’s first New Democratic Party (NDP) government in history, dramatically shifting the Canadian political landscape.

Previously believed to be a stalwart right-wing conservative province, Alberta has, overnight, changed allegiances to the most viable left-wing political party on the horizon, with a stunning majority.

This is huge. This is a massive turnabout. This is Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas all voting democrat.

This is the start of some big, big changes. It’s an exciting day. The National Post called it a ‘Miracle on the Prairies’, and I’m inclined to agree.

NDP would take from corporate executives, give to working poor, kids

Tom Mulcair issued a rallying cry to progressive voters Friday as he unveiled a proposal aimed at taking tax benefits from the rich and transferring them to the poor.

The NDP leader promised that a New Democrat government would scrap the employee stock options deduction, a benefit enjoyed primarily by corporate executives that’s worth more than $700 million each year.

That money would be redirected to low-income families by enhancing the working income tax benefit and the national child benefit supplement.

“This will be a dollar-for-dollar transfer in benefits from those who need it the least to those who need it the most,” Mulcair told some 800 participants at the annual progress summit organized by the Broadbent Institute, a social democratic think-tank.

Mulcair cast the proposal as a “substantial measure” to reduce the gap between rich and poor Canadians and “a major step forward to take millions of Canadians, particularly children, out of poverty and into the middle class.”

“The tremendous wealth that is being generated in this country today is landing into fewer and fewer hands,” he said, calling the income gap “fundamentally un-Canadian.”

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petition to make “nice hair though” a meme 2k15

This is legit something that a Canadian political party posted on their social media accounts. Vote accordingly, Canadians - the NDP will be ready for First Contact Day. ;)


A pretty big thing is happening tomorrow (October 19th, 2015)

We have our federal election. This has been the longest federal campaign and it’s nearing its end. Tomorrow we can make a change. Tomorrow we can tell Stephen Harper that enough is enough. That we’re tired of the scandals, of the racism, of the job loss, of the cuts, of the human rights violations. We’re sick and tired of it.

Right now in the Harper senate, 1/3rd of the senate is under investigation. Harpers own “ethics” person was sent to jail. He completely and continuously disregards First Nations people. He has refused to help Syrian refugees. He’s destroying our environment and what makes Canada great. He has called homosexuality “unnatural.” He has been using the Niqab as a distraction from the important things. He’s taking something that was never an issue and making it a HUGE deal so he doesn’t have to answer questions about our economy and environment and human rights issues.There are so many more things he has done that are just plain awful.

On the 19th we can change that. has all the info you need to vote!






please, take time out of your day and vote. do what people around the world wish they could do. Scare Harper. Show him young people care.

“In a recent year-end interview, the Prime Minister once again closed the door on an inquiry into the 1,200 Indigenous women that have gone missing or been murdered over the last 30 years. In doing so, he also sent a clear message to Aboriginal people that their concerns are not a priority for this government.

“The Prime Minister’s comment, that an inquiry "isn’t high on our radar to be honest”, was callous. What will it take to convince this government that something must be done? What is their reason for ignoring the voices of thousands, including Rinelle Harper, the young victim of a brutal attack this fall?“

“In Canada, Aboriginal women are seven times more likely to be murdered than non-Aboriginal women. This is unacceptable, and the Prime Minister needs to accept that this violence is systemic and we need to deal with the root causes.

“I would ask that the Prime Minister to listen to the families of the Missing and Murdered, to First Nations and Aboriginal leaders, to provincial and municipal governments and do right by announcing an Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women.

“Too many lives have already been lost, and too many continue to be at stake. It’s time for action and that includes an Inquiry.”

This past week was one of the worst in Canada’s economic history. It was so bad that in one 24-hour period Canada lost 20,000 jobs. Between Wednesday evening and Thursday evening Sony announced it was closing 14 stores and eliminating 100 positions, energy companies Shell and Suncor announced 300 and 1,000 job cuts respectively, clothing retailer MEXX announced the closing of all of its Canadian stores causing another 1,800 job losses, and mega-retailer Target announced that it was closing its 133 stores and throwing 17,700 Canadians out of work. One economist noted that the Target announcement alone represented the second largest number of job losses caused by a single event behind the collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery in 1992.

So how on earth did we get here? From the start of Confederation until the last decade Canadians gradually built up a balanced national economy. Our Atlantic provinces developed the fishing, tourism, and shipbuilding industries. Quebec and Ontario were built upon the manufacturing, forestry, and financial services industries. Manitoba and Saskatchewan relied on agriculture, energy, and tourism. British Columbia’s economy grew primarily through forestry, mining, finance and trade. And then there is Alberta. Since the 1950’s Alberta has been dependent almost solely upon the prospects of the oil industry. These diverse regional economies made our national economy strong and stable since a decline in one or more industries or regions were usually offset by gains in others. This was the case for more than a century until Stephen Harper came to power.

—  NDP MP, John RaffertyConservative Policies Damaging Canada
I’ve been talking to a lot of NDP supporters lately

And there’s a bunch of them who, even though they voted NDP in the last election, even though they plan to vote NDP again, when you ask them who they think is going to win, they say they think it will be the Liberals.

This is a problem. There are too many of us who are stuck in a third-place mentality, who have no faith in the voting masses, or in what working people can do when we come together.

Who’s the official opposition? Who was leading in the polls a couple of weeks ago? Who unseated 40+ years of Conservative rule in Alberta? Not the fucking Liberals.

The election is still a few months away, so I’m probably going to be saying this a lot more as we get closer to the date, but the attitude that we need to be taking towards the Liberal Party is fuck them. They have lost their status as the ruling party of Canada, and more than that, they are no longer relevant. With the country sliding into recession, the issues of the day are going to be focused on the struggle between bosses and the bankers, vs. the people. The Liberals may not be as aggressively awful as the Conservatives, but in the end they’ll be just as hard on average Canadians - it was the Liberals who implemented the harshest austerity the country had see under Chretien. There is only one party that was founded by labour, that has any kind of organic link to ordinary people, and that’s the NDP. We need to make that clear.

The Liberals have shown themselves to be weak-willed in their opposition to the Harper government, and Trudeau is inspiring no one. The only hope they have is convincing people that the NDP still isn’t a realistic option. The will push for people to vote strategically, and may even try to make deals with the NDP to not run against each other in certain ridings.

We can’t buy in to that kind of thinking. No good will come of propping them up. It’s entirely possible to decimate the Liberals and beat the Conservatives. The NDP can win this election on it’s own terms.


• Matching Canadian politicians leaders phone wallpapers •

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Use them if you want, I didn’t post them as decoration
If you know well Canadian politics you’ll probably notice that I tried to match the color themes of my edits for each party lol
Mulcair Promises Proportional Representation If NDP Wins Next Election

If the NDP forms Canada’s next government, Thomas Mulcair says he’ll put an end to majority governments elected by a minority of the population.

In an op-ed published in Common Ground magazine this week, Mulcair promises that if the NDP has its way the next election will be the last in Canada’s history conducted with a first-past-the-post system.

“In the last election, Conservatives formed a majority government with only 39% of the vote,” Mulcair writes. “In our current first-past-the-post system, they govern as if they have the support of all Canadians, but the fact is 61% of voters wanted someone else in government.”

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Photo gallery: NDP leader Jack Layton loses battle with cancer
Jack Layton has lost his battle with cancer, dying Monday morning at his home, surrounded by those closest to him, his family said.

Layton had recently stepped down as federal NDP leader, but had expressed hope that he would return when Parliament resumed next month.

Photo: NDP leader Jack Layton serenades the media on the campaign plane, April 2, 2011. (Tobi Cohen/Postmedia News)