Fallout: Crusade

2 years after Fallout: New Vegas, the Tunnelers of the Divide started becoming a problem. A big problem.

At first it was fine, even great. The Tunnelers kept to themselves underground, only periodically coming to the surface to eat the occasional Deathclaw or pack of Radscorpions. But as their numbers grew, they began spreading further into the Mojave, Arizona, Zion Canyon and even California and Colorado. They began eating cattle and eventually, also people and even super-mutants.

By the time people woke up to the epidemic, it seemed like it was too late. The Tunnelers would soon take over the Wasteland and the era of humanity would be over. But just then, a voice of hope was heard on the radio waves.

Lady Urban, the influential singer and radio host of the Mordino drug cartel, rallied up people from all over the wasteland, even as far as the Commonwealth, to come up west and fight for the fate of humanity and liberate the Wasteland from the Tunneler threat.

Thus began the Tunneler Crusade. Tens of thousands of volunteers and recruits, with the support of national and local leaders, started travelling to Utah, New Vegas and Arizona to fight the Tunnelers and establish a containment zone.

10 years later, though the threat appears to be largely over, the Crusade is still going strong.

You are a new crusader on your way to Salt Hollow (in the ruins of the former Salt Lake City) to help man the perimeter. But as you arrive at your encampment, your unit is attacked and captured by slavers. You manage to escape, but gets trapped inside the containment zone.

You must now find your way out of the containment zone alive, and find out what’s really going on with the Tunneler Crusade, including the identity of the mysterious Lady Urban.

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Thank you to my dear friends on whatsapp for letting me know about Harry new tattoo (I’m already rolling my eyes at theories) , about Louis cute beige cashmere (he’s the cutest ting ever okay) , also about this new crusade about Houis fics (I ROLLED MY EYES SO HARD I ACTUALLY WENT BLIND FOR ONE HOUR)(WTF PEOPLE), and about how @melmanpur is the greatest person ever and how I’ll fight for her if needed.

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As it seems Polnareff is my favorite cosplay to wear ever and I did not see that coming. :‘3 Can’t wait to wear it again!
Photos by @the-red-cataclysm