When you’re trying to be cool and not drag your BFF ( @tobors ) into total drama hell but you draw him in the art style anyways….

So i’ve been reading some REALLY GOOD FANFICTION and it sort of rekindled all my love for otp and jumpstarted my long-lost creative drive so I dug this old picture up because I still really like it, and finally finished it. 

So. team switch. Please consider…White Knight Sena…Devil linebacker Shin…2nd year sena vs 1st year shin. Sena inspiring Shin this time around…THe possibilities r ENDLESS!!

I was about to go to bed but my mind said Lucy is so nice and then I doodled Lucy???

Anyway I may or may not have a small hc that Lucy loves to wear high waisted flower print anything and will kick anybody in the teeth who tells her not to wear them because they make her butt look saggy(You can hear Erza’s proud tears in the bg rip)