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Uhmm how about iwaoi, iwaoi, IWAOI??! omg. I'm dying for this <33

Uhm …. I’m still workin on con stuff so D: no big new art for now. But how about this? (can you tell i love fighting fish?)

Another art in new format, now it is Enjolras, gloving in all his glory. He’s just so passionate, I always want do draw him in some epic posture. Can’t resist it. And I think someday I’ll run out of words I can describe his awesomeness with. Maybe I’ll start writing poetry.

And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

you read right baby.

Long story short I see nsfw stuff everyday and Ive wanted to try it out…like officially. its always piqued  my interest but i feel i never tackled it because of a fear of getting caught and more or less feeling embarrassed. 

Also i dont just mean doodle a titty here and there. i mean showing intimate moments between characters whether on the vanilla or kinkier side. 

ive got a new found motivation for art now that ive recently picked up drawing and id like to keep this ball rolling. Plus i wanna see some waifus getting it on. 

Thank you both! Yeah, Patreon is like a lifeline (Mercy’s healing stream? ^^) for me right now…without the support from patrons I wouldn’t be able to create new art like I am now at all. So I’m really grateful…I hesitated going into detail about it because it’s quite a serious and private matter but I am counting on Patreon’s help for important things I need in real life. Even my health/well-being is impacted by these pledges. Every single dollar matters to me. :’)

Hahaha to make things a bit more lighthearted: supporting my Patreon also pretty much makes you a patron of Graffiti Tracer too! ^^

I mean, I am working on an AU about her and several others as well~ Her story and the other AUs will continue with the support I receive from Patreon and Ko-Fi! ^^

Support Graffiti Tracer so she can get a real suit instead of wearing the tux hoodie and also so that she can take Amélie somewhere nicer than a Chip Butty date! :D