so the new album is

A MASTER PIECE, all in all I think they did an amazing job. It’s better than I expected after hearing the new single. I love the intense guitar riffs and Brian’s solos, the vocals are laid back but still killer. In my opinion it’s a fantastic, mature album. They found themselves musically and I think Brooks had a big part in that, cause they are finally with someone who completes them. The drums blew me away, he is a perfect fit, really ‘Sevenfoldish’. I’m more than happy after the first hearing, I think I’ll play it two more times in a row cause I’m in trouble with the song titles haha OH AND JOHNNY! I’m so glad that I could clearly hear the bass more often. YES! 

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My favorite songs so far: God Damn, Angels and Fermi Paradox
(I think that’s gonna change after a few listens)


ANIMALS OF LEADERS - “ARITHMOPHOBIA” (The Madness Of Many - November 2016)

New Animals As Leaders coming!  Here’s a taste.  A tasty taste!  But were you expecting anything less?

Also on a North American tour very soon… details here.  And Plini is opening for them (Big bonus!).

The Musicians:   Tosin Abasi / guitars; Javier Reyes / guitars; Matthew Garstka / drums


Solange drops 21-track epic A Seat at the Table — listen now

When it’s all said and done, 2016 may go down as the year the Knowles sisters transcended pop and became legend. Thursday, just before midnight, Solange Knowles released her third studio LP, A Seat At the Table, her first full-length in eight years — and it’s an instant masterpiece. But we’ll let you listen and be the judge.

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